Wednesday, March 22, 2017

‘Visit a Mosque Day’ in Dunwoody brings cultures together at Masjid Uthman

Members of Masjid Uthman welcomed approximately 20 visitors on March 11 as part of “Visit a Mosque Day.” (Dyana Bagby)

Members of a Dunwoody mosque say the city’s elected officials and leaders have welcomed them warmly into the community and say they feel safe despite threats to other metro Atlanta mosques in recent weeks.

Several local residents, including Councilmembers Lynn Deutsch and John Heneghan, took advantage of “Visit a Mosque Day” on March 11 to check out the Masjid Uthman mosque located in the Dunwoody Park office complex and learn more about Islam.

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Jason Mayberry said...

Kudos for going John. I like to see our elected officials engaging with our entire community and building bridges.

GaryRayBetz said...

This was very good to see. Thank all who participated in this event, which promoted cultural understanding and religious tolerance, for being role-models of character for the community and our children.