Friday, August 4, 2017

DeKalb County School District sends Leadership Survey to Dunwoody High Parents to help find new principal.

Dear John Heneghan,

As a valued member in your local school community, the DeKalb County School District invites you to participate in a Leadership Attributes Survey for Dunwoody High School. We seek your input to assist us in making important decisions that affect our students and schools. Please respond to the web-based Leadership Attributes Survey in the link provided below. We sincerely value your input. The results of this survey will provide valuable information to school district leaders regarding the selection of leadership personnel for your school.

Please access the on-line survey shown below:

Thank you in advance for your time and response to this survey.


Mr. Everett F. Patrick
Interim Chief Human Capital Management Officer

Please rate each Leadership Attribute in the order of importance:

Leadership Attribute Descriptions Assessment: Manages a system for collecting and analyzing student performance data to identify patterns of achievement and underachievement in order to design and implement appropriate instructional interventions
Curriculum: Develops a system for managing and facilitating student achievement and learning based upon consensus-driven content and performance standards
Leading Change: Possesses the ability to develop and implement an organizational vision and strategies that motivate others to take actions to improve processes, staff performance, and student learning
Oral and Written Communication: Promotes effective communications between the school and community to create a positive learning environment
Organization Culture: Values the norms, values, standards, and practices associated with the system or school as a learning community committed to ensuring student and adult achievement and organizational productivity in an effective learning environment
Performance Management and Process Improvement: Implements a process of developing strategies aligning resources, monitoring progress, and overcoming barriers to achieve system, school, staff, and student goals
Relationship Development: Implements a process of developing and enhancing internal and external relationships which advance the goals of the system, school, staff and students; Involves students, staff, community and parents in the decision-making process
Standards-Based Instruction: Values designing and implementing teaching-learning assessment tasks and activities to ensure that all students achieve proficiency relative to the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS/QCC)
Visionary: Develops a plan for the future and focuses on what could and what should be versus what is. Shares and promotes new ideas and initiatives
Integrity & Fairness: Implements moral and ethical practices while creating an environment that is trustworthy while making consistent and sound decisions

What are some challenges in your school/community that the leader will need to address?

 What focus should the school leader have that will improve operational efficiency?

 What strengths must a leader possess in order to be successful at your school?

 How should this leader build trust in the success of the school with stakeholders?

In the next five years, where should the leader have taken the school? What improvements should be evident?

What strategies should this leader use to prioritize student achievement and career readiness, and strengthen parental/guardian involvement?


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Mike Koval said...

It's a shame to lose Principal McFerrin. DHS did really well under his leadership and with enrollment at an all time high a new principal will have some real challenges to face. It would be nice to have more consistency with the DHS Principal position which seemed to be a revolving door of late before Principal McFerrin stepped in. I guess the door revolves again.