Monday, March 4, 2013

Dunwoody Meeting on Education - Recap

Dunwoody Parents Concerned about Quality Education, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Mission: Explore options for improving public education in Dunwoody and to educate the residents of Dunwoody on these options.

Steering Committee: Claire Botsch, Deb Cameron, Gil Hearn, Allegra Johnson, Donna Cannady Nall, Rick Otness, Heyward Wescott, and Robert Wittenstein.

Dunwoody Farmer Bob, aka Bob Lundsten shot some nice video of Tom Taylor explaining his bill for creating new school systems in GA.

As a Director on the DHA, Farmer Bob stayed for the final board only discussions (I departed as I am not a formal board member) where he reports that the DHA voted unanimously to donate $5,000 to the 501c3 that is raising money to gather the information and fund the CVI study to examine the subject.

Look for a quick discussion and vote thereafter by the Dunwoody City Council also funding a portion of the study for the possibility of a different school governance model than we currently have in place.

 Tom Taylor presentation at DHA
Turn up the speakers.


Hire_A_Veteran said...

When my wife and I moved here nearly 30 years ago from Texas, what drew us to the Dunwoody / DeKalb County area was the diversity of the public schools, much like what we had experienced in our military base communities. And we readily opted for Dunwoody over Forsyth County because of this progressive factor.

Now it appears that all this societal progress will be lost if Dunwoody is allowed to establish its own lily-white school board and staff it with racists similar to the one right-wing Republican Dunwoody blogger who mercilessly dogged a Dunwoody public school teacher for presenting "too ethnic and racial" of a music program, which he felt irked Dunwoody's white residents who were in attendance and the Dunwoody's white community at-large.

I view the establishment of a Dunwoody School District as a setback for the Dunwoody community, which will probably eventually lead to the federal government having to once again monitor the area school district because of a backslide to a "wink-wink" unofficial Jim Crow policy of segregation.

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