Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dunwoody Police Daily Bulletin shows traffic stop locations and who is being ticketed / arrested for what. Possible Murder investigation is on going.

The City of Dunwoody has worked very hard from day one to be transparent in everything we do and that includes telling the community what our police department is doing on a daily basis.   Yesterday Dunwoody residents told social media that they wanted more visibility on the roads, more enforcement and this public page could be a gauge as to what the department is doing to be responsive to the communities desires.  I believe the department has heard the residents concerns about traffic safety but lets understand that there are more important responsibilities that the department has. The data provided by Dunwoody in this tool probably gives just a snapshot of what our department is doing at any one time but it doesn't include the numerous hours of a possible murder investigation, a child molestation case or a prostitution ring being broken up - all of which happened in the last few days.  

You will note that I blacked out the names in the photo above but the Dunwoody site does not do this.  Juveniles age 16 and below are protected by not having their names in the database and the same goes for being the victim of specific crimes, but after your seventeenth birthday it is a different story for all offenders.  So if little Johnny is 17 and he gets arrested for shoplifting or gets a ticket for speeding, it will show up here for all to see.

In case you are not aware, below is the link to our daily bulletin.

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SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Commentary on other priorities duly noted.

Hitting the link to the daily blotter shows some additional traffic enforcement around N Peachtree / Peeler today. Thank you!

The daily blotter is showing a list of Dunwoodians with lead feet as well as commuters.