Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Dunwoody High School Parents organize outdoor Homecoming Dance for Sat October 30th at Brook Run Amphitheater & Pavilion

DHS Homecoming Event - Oct 30th, 7:00 pm
Brook Run Amphitheater

The Dunwoody City Council was contacted by a group of concerned Dunwoody High School Parents let by Ms. Elma Orr that the DeKalb School System canceled any and all plans to support a traditional homecoming celebration on school property.  The DHS Homecoming game is on the 23rd but the best outdoor location being the new Brook Run Amphitheater and Pavilion was booked for another event that evening therefore the parents decided to rent (at a highly discounted rate) the Brook Run Amphitheater & Pavilion for Saturday October 30th.  

A GoFundMe site was started and DHS parents quickly covered the basic needs to make this event a reality with no additional costs to the students.  Additional funds if received would go towards extras like drinks and refreshments.

The committee is reviewing various aspects of the event including security coverage to ensure the event runs smoothly and the kids have a great time.

The committee would now like to spread the word to the Parents and Students at Dunwoody High School to please support this event if interested in doing so and the committee would kindly like your RSPV on the evite system.   Thanks


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  1. Hi everyone,
    The event time has changed to 6pm-9m.
    Thanks for all the support to the Homecoming!
    Elma Orr