Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dunwoody Hotel Motel Tax Public Information Meeting to discuss new parks & trails - Tonight

The City of Dunwoody will hold a Hotel Motel Tax Public Information meeting at 6:00 pm on November 15, 2017 at Dunwoody City Hall, 41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 103, Dunwoody, GA 30346.

Staff Recommends creating a Tourism Facility fund where 15% of Hotel Motel Tax increase would go to other tourism related projects not listed below and then 85% to funding Parks, Trails and Greenspace listed below in the proposed Priority List of Parks and Trail Projects.  Once the revenue stream is confirmed stable (in about a year) there is a chance that the City could obtain a revenue bond whereby 10 years of funds could be received at once to fund the improvements listed and then the bonds would be paid via the new tax revenue stream.

• Perimeter Center East Park
• Ashford Dunwoody Trail – Phase I (Hammond Dr. to Perimeter Center West)
• Flyover Bridge Park
• Westside Connector Trail (MARTA Station to Ashford Dunwoody Rd.)
• Perimeter Park @ Dunwoody MARTA Station – North Phase
• Ashford Dunwoody Trail – Phase II (Perimeter Center West to Mount Vernon Rd.)
• Georgetown to Perimeter Trail (Perimeter Center East Park to Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.)
• Highstreet Trail (Central Parkway to Perimeter Center Parkway)
• Perimeter Mall Trail (Hammond Dr. to Perimeter Center West)
• Georgetown Gateway Trail (Georgetown Park to Cotillion Dr.)
• Ravinia Trail (Perimeter Center East Park to Ashford Dunwoody Road)
• Northfork Nancy Creek Trail – Phase I (Perimeter Center East Park to Valley View Road)
• Perimeter Park @ Dunwoody MARTA Station – South Phase I
• Northfork Nancy Creek Trail – Phase II (Valley View Rd. to Ashford Center Parkway)
• Winters Chapel Road Trail (Dunwoody Club Dr. to Peeler Road)
• Cotillion Trail (Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. to North Shallowford Rd.)
• Windwood Hollow Trail (Brookrun Park to Winters Chapel Road)
• Perimeter Park @ Dunwoody MARTA Station – South Phase II

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dunwoody Tree & Shrub Planting Plans for N Peachtree, Peeler & Tilly Mill intersection.

As construction of the Tilly Mill Road and North Peachtree Road intersection project is nearing completion, the city developed landscape plans to replant open right of way and easement areas. The planting plan includes over 150 trees and 400 shrubs and I wanted to make sure the affected neighbors are aware of the plans therefore I am posting them here as the City Council packet from this evenings meeting was missing the details.

 8.22.17  Arogeti Residence Sht.T-3.pdf
 8.22.17  Kingswood UMC Sht.T-1.pdf
 8.22.17  Kingswood UMC Sht.T-2.pdf
 8.22.17 Peeler and N. Peachtree Landscape Sht. T-1.pdf
 8.22.17 Peeler and N. Peachtree Landscape Sht. T-2.pdf

Friday, November 10, 2017

Saturday Dunwoody Community Events

Dunwoody City Council Agenda - Mon Nov 13, 2017

Monday, November 13th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m. - Watch Live


DeKalb County Sanitary Sewer Update.

Recognition of Municipal Court Bailiffs Who Earned the 2016 Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Financial Report for the YTD through September 30, 2017.

Updates on City Hall, North Shallowford Building & Future Parks Programs

FIRST READ: MA17-02: Dennis J. Webb, Jr., attorney for the applicant, Prado Perimeter Center, LLC, owner of 121 Perimeter Center West, Dunwoody, GA 30346 (tax parcel ID 18 349 05 029) seeks to amend conditions of zoning of RZ10-041 for the development of a hotel, restaurant, and a parking deck.

FIRST READ: SLUP17-04: Prado Perimeter Center, LLC owner of 121 Perimeter Center West, tax parcel number 18-349-05-029, by Dennis J. Webb, Jr., attorney for the owner, seeks a Special Land Use Permit to: A) Section 27-23(b) to vary maximum building height in an OCR (Office, Commercial, Residential) District from 2 stories/35 feet to a 7-story hotel and five-story parking structure; B) Section 27-98(b)(6) to vary the Minor Parkway Street Type requirement (Perimeter Center Place); and C) Section 27-98(b)(7) to vary the Primary Street Type requirement

Resolution to Adopt the 2018 Georgia General Assembly Legislative Priorities.

Approval of Agreement with ConnectSouth - Legislative Support.

Approval of a Contract for Signal, Sign and Streetlight Maintenance.

Approval of a Contract for Landscaping at the Tilly Mill Road and North Peachtree Road Intersection. 150 Trees & 400 shrubs.

Approval of Purchase of Workstations for City Hall.

Approval of Contract with Comprehensive Program Solutions for Program Management for Parks

Contract Approval for the Dunwoody Nature Center North Woods Pavilion.

FIRST READ: Ordinance Amending Chapter 28, Article III, §28-56 Hotel Tax increase imposed.

FIRST READ: Ordinance Granting a Permanent Construction Easement Agreement for Georgia Power Company at Brook Run Park Baseball Fields.

Discussion of a Paving Plan Update.

City of Dunwoody plans to spend $3.3 Million on Paving in 2018

In the past 8 years the city has resurfaced over 140 lane miles which is just under half of the total lane mileage that the city maintains. Beginning in 2017 the city increased funding for paving to further reduce the backlog of neighborhood streets in poor condition. This higher funding level has been projected through 2021 in the plan presented herein primarily to offset expected higher paving costs. For the last two years the city’s paving bids have reflected increasing prices and it is anticipated that prices will continue to rise due to the strong demand created as a result of substantially more funding flowing to transportation projects at the state and local levels.

In the updated plan Tilly Mill Road and Valley View Road have been pushed back to 2019. The Tilly Mill Road paving needs to be done when the planned sidewalk is constructed between North Peachtree Road and Womack and that project is not expected to be fully funded for construction until 2019. On Valley View Road the city recently learned that the county plans to replace the sanitary sewer in addition to the water main and that the sewer work may not be completed until later in 2018. With the deferral of these two roads several neighborhood streets were moved from 2019 to 2018 as noted on the attached paving list. In prioritizing neighborhood streets, the plan continues to group streets by proximity and rank groups by their composite pavement condition index (PCI) and maintenance history.

In early 2018 the city will obtain new pavement condition ratings for all of the roads in the city to replace the 2013 ratings. Because some roads deteriorate faster than others as reflected in the condition rating, it is advisable to wait until the new assessment is completed to set paving priorities beyond the plan that has already been developed through 2021. Therefore a fifth year has not been added to the plan as it has been in previous years.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

J. Tom Morgan Seminar at Dunwoody High – Thursday, November 30, 2017 - Ignorance is No Defense

J. Tom Morgan, author of the book Ignorance is No Defense, is coming to speak to students at Dunwoody High School to offer valuable information about the laws that govern underage drinking, drug use, driving, and more. In his seminar, he will discuss information about Georgia laws and consequences for violating those laws as they specifically affect teens, their decisions and consequences.

J.Tom Morgan is a nationally recognized expert on the prosecution of crimes against children and served as the District Attorney of DeKalb County for twelve years. His book has sold thousands of copies and has been newly revised to reflect updated laws in Georgia. He has presented many times in Dunwoody schools over the years, and we are happy to have him back again. More information can be found on his website:

On Thursday, November 30, students will attend one of two 50 minute seminars in the DHS gym -- at 8:30 am or 10:00 am. Parents are welcome to attend either session!

Parents, if you prefer that your child not attend the session with J. Tom Morgan, please email Mr. Jameson at

Through real-life examples, Ignorance is No Defense explains Georgia laws to teenagers in easy-to-understand language. With a primary focus on criminal laws, Ignorance is No Defense not only describes what the law requires but also teenagers’ rights under the law. Author J. Tom Morgan, a highly respected former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer, provides straightforward information and valuable insights to help teenagers avoid violating the law and avoid being victims of crime.

“There are only four states in the country that treat our teenagers as adults when they’re 17, and Georgia’s one of those four states,” said Morgan, who has spoken to many thousands of teenagers, was on the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, and chaired Georgia’s Child Abuse Prevention Panel.

“I testified before the Georgia legislature last year about raising that age to 18 to fit with the rest of the country, and I’ll never forget what the legislator said: ‘Oh Mr. Morgan, we can’t do that because we don’t want our constituents in Georgia to think we’re soft on crime.”

Morgan said he represented two girls—one 16, one 17—who together shoplifted less than $100 worth of CDs and DVDs from Target. Because one was lawfully an adult at the time, the crime was on her permanent record, while the 16-year-old didn’t have it on hers.

“You’re criminal history starts on your 17th birthday and stays with you until the day you die,” he said. “Don’t screw it up.” (WestCobb Patch - March 2011)

PTSO will be selling Mr. Morgan’s book, Ignorance is No Defense, at both presentations and in the front office after the presentation through December. Books are $10 each and we will accept cash or check made out DHS PTSO. If you cannot attend the seminar, please pick up a copy of this book. It offers invaluable information about helping your teen navigate Georgia law as it applies to them!

Note to all parents of teenagers, no matter what school - I highly recommend this book and then conversations must be had with your teen!  I am a big fan of this presentation as I have posted about it every time time it comes up and am very happy that this information is available to you once again - please take advantage of it.   John

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tom Lambert, Pam Tallmadge & Jim Riticher win Dunwoody City Council Seats - SPLOST sales tax passes

Tom Lambert wins big in District Three local election.

Bike Walk Dunwoody Fall Meeting & Transportation Plan Update - Thursday night at Dunwoody Nature Center

Bike Walk Dunwoody Fall Meeting & Transportation Plan Update

Socialize with your friends & neighbors. Learn about upcoming projects and plans in Dunwoody & our region that support safe human-powered movement. Provide input and collaborate on our upcoming initiatives and what is planned by the city, our neighbors and the Perimeter Community Improvement District.

Thursday, November 9, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Dunwoody Nature Center
5343 Roberts Drive
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Appetizers graciously provided by Village Burger (Chicken nuggets & seasoned fries)
BYO Beverages

Social / Mixer: 6:30 pm until 7 pm

Meeting thereafter - Meeting Topics include

* Hello from new Community Development Director, Richard McLeod

* Dunwoody Public Works: Update on Master Transportation Plan, Update on Bike/Ped/Trails: Budgeted & approved and potential in 2018 and beyond. Regional Connectivity.

* Perimeter Community Improvement District Trail Plan Update

* Bike Walk Dunwoody Organizational Meeting, Volunteer roles.

Our Social/Meeting is open to the public. Please invite your friends & neighbors.

Small donations are greatly appreciated to help defray operational costs.

To RSVP & for further details, please go here.

Many thanks,

Joe Seconder

Monday, November 6, 2017

Chesnut & entire Dunwoody Community mourns the loss of Ms. Lee Ann Brunson, Art Teacher / ArtLab

The Chesnut community is in mourning this evening as we try to explain to our children the passing of their beloved art teacher Ms. Lee Ann Brunson.  A superb teacher who instilled the love of art into her students, whereby many students, including my son and many of his friends pictured below took summer classes at her ArtLab.

Lee Ann your students loved you and we appreciated the love you showed for each and every one of them.  Rest in Peace Lee Ann.

Services and other details will be posted in the comments as they become available.