Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dunwoody calls for Special Called City Council Meeting on Wednesday October 5th, 8 am for Real Estate item.

The Dunwoody City Council was going to hold a special called meeting on Tuesday the 7th but that has been changed because of a holiday to now Wednesday morning at 8 am.  A special called early morning City Council meeting followed by a yet to be named "Action Item" doesn't happen very often therefore I wanted to bring it to your attention in case you are interested.

Agenda (same as above) & watch live on Wednesday can be found on the link.  The video will break for executive session but it will restart if we present a business item immediately following.

I am not allowed to say much else on an executive session item until it is publicly announced but if this meeting is about purchasing real estate, there is policy that will be followed.
  • Policy states that "City staff will negotiate for “Letters of Intent” with land owners on properties the City Council has provided direction staff with direction on “terms and price”.
  • City staff will make the “Letter of Intent” public on the city website and through a press release within 48 hours of the city receiving a fully executed copy of the “Letter of Intent”. 
  • City staff will present the “Letter of Intent” at a public meeting, and at that time request a Resolution from the City Council authorizing the City Manager to execute a sales contract to purchase the property using the Letter of Intent as the guidelines for a contract. (PUBLIC HEARING REQUIRED) 
  • City staff will publish the executed sales contract on the city website. 
  • City staff will conduct due diligence on the property including at a minimum but not limited to: i. Environmental testing (Phase I required, Phase II and specialized testing if warranted) ii. Production of an ALTA survey of the property iii. Production of a MAI appraisal of the property iv. Complete title work on the property v. Other reasonable due diligence activities as warranted 
  • City staff will present the findings of the due diligence on the property at a public meeting and request a Resolution from the City Council authorizing the City Manager to execute any and all closing documents to complete the purchase of the property. (PUBLIC HEARING REQUIRED)
Looking at the City meeting schedule, I see an odd "Other Public Meeting" added to the schedule for Wednesday October 12th at City Hall at 6 pm?   I wonder if these things are related?

Another crazy thing (besides me talking in code on what is probably a very open secret to some), if this is a real estate deal honed and moved forward by the City Council it was probably done in the best interest of most residents but because there are Public Hearings, the City Council members can not lobby heavily for or against the item until which time the public process is complete and the public hearings are over.   That being said Council wouldn't push forward an item from executive session unless a majority of Council were in favor.  If the City of Dunwoody announces a "Letter of Intent" on Wednesday we would like you to fully review all aspects of what ever is announced, study the details and to provide feedback when appropriate.  Thanks

If I have confused a few readers, I apologize but I need to walk the tightrope of confidentiality as a City Council member, yet as a blogger disseminate public information to have you informed of public meetings and involved on what we are doing.  Long story short, everything will be fully apparent soon.

We live in interesting times!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Best GIS Maps of DeKalb and Dunwoody with linked Parcel & Zoning Information.

 Above was once the Best Map of Dunwoody - but much has changed!

Ten years ago when I was on the committee to help form the City of Dunwoody, I created an interactive map of all the County tax parcel maps and had them linked into one easy to find location.   Since then GIS has come a long way and I wanted to share some new tools for you.

I really like the new DeKalb County Map below as it is easy to use and will quickly zoom down to the parcel level to show you the tax information on each house.

Below is just one of many views within the City of Dunwoody's GIS system as it is very robust with complete Tax Bills linked into every property, flood maps, Council Districts, ect.   For more detailed information I use the Dunwoody site but if I want quick basic information I use the DeKalb site.

Dunwoody Community Garden & Orchard - Fall Plant Sale the weekend in Brook Run

The Dunwoody Community Garden & Orchard is holding its annual Fall Vegetable & Plant Sale, October 1-2, 9am-5pm each day, at the DCGO greenhouse complex at Brook Run Park. A great selection of organic vegetables for fall planting will be offered, including many varieties of lettuce, arugula, kale, broccoli and greens. Perennials for fall planting include dahlia, ferns, forsythia, hosta, iris and passionflower vine. For a complete list of plants on sale visit The DCGO greenhouse complex is located across from the skate park at Brook Run Park, 4770 No. Peachtree Rd., Dunwoody, 30338.


Taste of Chamblee on Saturday from 5 to 9 pm

The 10th Annual Taste of Chamblee returns with cuisines that range from Mexican to Italian and celebrate the diverse restaurant community in Chamblee. In addition to amazing food, the event will have live music and a family friendly kid zone.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Downtown Chamblee, at the corner of Peachtree and Broad

Admission to the event is free, and tickets for tastings will be sold for $1. Tickets may be redeemed at participating restaurant booths for a wide selection of tastings that will range from 1 - 5 tickets per sample.
​ ​
Parking is available at Chamblee Plaza, with a trolly running from the Plaza to the Festival entrance off of Broad Street. Street parking is also available nearby.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wanted - Georgia high school student to produce a distracted driving video public service announcement.

How would you like to produce a public service announcement that airs on television? GPB Sports is looking for a Georgia high school student to produce a distracted driving prevention message that will run during their live coverage of GHSA state football championship games in December. Get all the details here:

All Saints Youth Basketball - Dunwoody's competitive youth league

Registration for the All Saints 2016-2017 youth basketball season will end on Friday, October 7, 2016.  When you register, please make sure you indicate which days you cannot practice.  It is very difficult to switch teams once they have been drafted. We cannot guarantee carpool or friend requests.

Important Upcoming 2016/2017 Dates & Deadlines:

  • October 7 – registration closes
  • October 17-20– Evaluations and Drafts beginning at 6pm each night
    • October 17 – 7/8 yr. olds
    • October 18 - 9/10 yr. olds (7/8 yr. draft – coaches only)
    • October 19 – 11/12 yr. olds (9/10 yr. draft – coaches only)
    • October 20 – 13/14 yr. olds  (11/12 yr. draft – coaches only)
  • October 24 – First Week of Practice
Practices are held on Sunday-Friday beginning at 5pm (4pm on Sunday).  Each team will have one practice per week.  Practices for all age groups are one hour and half court.

**Please note that practices are held SUNDAY-FRIDAY.  If there's a particular day that DOES NOT work for you, please include that on your notes when you register.  It is very hard to rearrange teams once they have been drafted.**

Who's Eligible?

Our program is open to boys in our parish and community ages 7-17**.  Age cut-off is September 1.

**This year we are adding a league for boys ages 15-17.  This age group will have 4-6 teams.  There will be no weekly practices.  Games will be played mostly on Friday evenings, with some Sundays.

Each team will have one game per week with the possibility of one bye week.  Games will be on Saturdays (beginning at 8AM) or Sundays (beginning at 12PM).  Most games are held on Saturdays.  There will be two weeks during the season where some teams may have a weeknight game, but it is still TBD.

Request Policy

We will take ONE request based on practice conflicts. We cannot take requests based on carpooling, coaches, or friends.  Siblings are the only guarantee to be placed on the same team unless otherwise noted. Also, each team is allowed two official coaches, one head coach, and one assistant coach, who are guaranteed to have their kids on their team. Our goal is to have balance among teams so that each team is competitive.

Evaluation Policy

Mandatory evaluations will be held for all players. Players must be evaluated before they are allowed to participate.  Everyone will be placed on a team. Evaluations are to ensure that teams are as balanced as possible. 


Need to improve your sports skills? All Around Athletics, led by Stephen Melville is available to train individuals or groups. Contact him

For additional information please call Danielle Miller at 770-393-3255 ext. 24 or email to

More information, schedules, and the registration link can be found here:  

Only 5 more Dunwoody Food Truck Thursday's this season.

Brook Run Park
4770 North Peachtree Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338

In 2016, Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays will be held every Thursday (from 5PM until dark) at Brook Run Park from April 7th through October 27th. This week we have another awesome line up for you this week for you Dunwoody!

We want to thank Jim Ellis Volkswagen Atlanta for sponsoring another Thursday and Ralph Roddenberry for providing entertainment for us! We can't wait to see you there!

Blaxican Food Truck
Cousins Maine Lobster
Flatbread Bistro
Grubbin' Out
Spiedie Zone
King of Pops
Vintage Frozen Custard

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DeKalb County School System recommends additions to Dunwoody High & Peachtree Charter Middle School

Click on the following link to view the entire presentation:

Click the following link to view the Facility Data:

2 slides that outline the recommended solutions:

The above was obtained by Dunwoody Mom, aka Paula of the Dunwoody School Daze Blog who has been a steadfast supporter of DeKalb Public Schools. "Mom" has been publishing this invaluable blog for many years even though her children are gone away to college, her dedication remains. Mom, in case your other children don't say thank you enough; we your extended children really appreciate all you do for us the community. Thank you.

The "Bases are Juiced" for Tom Bass Indoor Baseball at Dunwoody High School

Tom Bass Indoor Baseball

Take part in the fun and productive way of preparing for the upcoming spring season!
Get 5 or more at bats per game, hit homeruns, and stay sharp even if it’s snowing outside!

— New this Year! —
8 Week FREE Baseball Clinic!
  • Complimentary to every registered player.
  • Coach Bass will instruct after the final indoor game each Sunday for 30 minutes addressing ALL aspects of baseball. (5:00 – 5:30 pm)
  • This $300 value will be free to every athlete in the program.

Indoor Baseball Details
  • Season runs from Sunday, Nov. 6th to Sunday, Jan. 15th.
  • No games played during the holidays.
  • Games begin on the hour on Sundays running from 1:00 pm -5:00 pm.
  • Start times vary from week to week.
  • All games are played at Dunwoody High School in the gym!
  • For ages 6-12+
  • Cost is $175