Sunday, November 27, 2022

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday November 28, 2022 (Report of Citizen Capital Planning - Parks, Transportation & Paths)


November 28, 2022 - 6:00 PM

Agenda 6 pm  - City Site Agenda 

City Council meetings are live-streamed on the City of Dunwoody’s Facebook page

They are also available for viewing (no two way communication) on Zoom,  or 
phone +14702509358,,85175664383#

You can access the video after the meeting on the City of Dunwoody’s YouTube page.


Administration of Oath of Office to Officer Jared Bradley

Award Presentation to DPD's Officer and Employee of the Third Quarter, Christopher Irwin and Lynndora Anderson

Public comments - in person 3 min each / 30 min max with additional at end of meeting if needed.

Report from Citizen Capital Committee

Capital Project Closeout and Reallocate Funding

Funding Authorization for 1240 Dunwoody Knoll Drive Storm Repairs

Funding Authorization for 5617 Woodsong Trail Storm Repairs

Funding Authorization for 2389 Welton Place Storm Repairs

SECOND READ: Consideration of a Text Amendment to Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages, to Adjust Alcohol Licensing Requirements

Funding Authorization for 124 Perimeter Center West (Phase I) Storm Repairs

Contract with Ogletree Enterprises for Landscaping at Spalding Drive and Chamblee Dunwoody Road

Friday, November 25, 2022

U.S. Senate Runoff Advance Voting starts Saturday at Dunwoody Library 7 a.m., continues Sunday and all next week.

I hope your Thanksgiving was spent with those you love as my family reflected upon all that is good in our lives, the people we hold dear, the people we miss and the many blessings we need to appreciate every day.

Vote - For the next week, we are given an opportunity to vote for the US Senate Runoff race and starting Saturday early voting will take place at the Dunwoody Library and it will continue there through Friday Dec 2nd.  Actual election day is December 6th at your regular polling place.

Saturday, November 26, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.: Advance voting at Dunwoody Library
Sunday, November 27, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.: Advance voting at all locations
Monday, November 28 - Friday, December 2, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.: Advance voting at all locations

Printable version: English | Spanish | Korean

Wait Times and Counts

GIS Election Dashboard

Before You Go

If you are a voter with a physical disability or are 75 years of age and older, you do not need to wait in line. Just walk to the entrance and a poll worker will assist you in casting your ballot.

Restrooms are available, if needed, at many of our Advance Voting locations.

Please be sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times. We encourage you to be a good neighbor while waiting in line.

What to bring with you for in-person voting:

  • A valid ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or voter identification card
  • A mask to help ensure your safety and the safety of the poll workers and voters around you.
  • Chair, water, and snacks if the location has a long wait line
  • Your absentee ballot if you are wanting to vote in-person instead. If you do not have your absentee ballot, you will need to sign an affidavit stating that you are instead casting your ballot in-person.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Light Up Dunwoody is a Community Tradition that continues on Sunday

Free photos with Santa start Sunday afternoon at 2pm in Dunwoody Village! Come early and beat the lines! Light Up Dunwoody will be running from 2pm - 6pm     5468 Chamblee Dunwoody Road!


Saturday, November 12, 2022

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022 - 6:00 PM

Agenda 6 pm  - City Site Agenda 

City Council meetings are live-streamed on the City of Dunwoody’s Facebook page

They are also available for viewing (no two way communication) on Zoom,  or 
phone 14702509358,,81098228615#

You can access the video after the meeting on the City of Dunwoody’s YouTube page.


Administration of Oaths of Office to Officer AbuBakarr Savage.

Public comments - in person 3 min each / 30 min max with additional at end of meeting if needed. 

City Manager's Report (Eric Linton)

Code Enforcement Introduction and Overview (Shane Peeples)

Approval of Establishing a Sinking Fund Reserve for Artificial Turf Fields

Approval of CARES 2 Budget Amendment

Approval of Proposed Legislative Agenda (Ted Burdo, Terminus Strategies, LLC)

Approval of a Project Agreement with the Perimeter Community Improvement District for the Ashford Dunwoody Path Phase 1 Construction

Approval of Funding Authorization for Construction of Ashford Dunwoody Commuter Trail Phase I

Approval of Lighting Agreement with Georgia Power for Ashford Dunwoody Path Phase 1 Streetlights

Approval of Facility Usage Agreements with the Athletic Association Partners

Adoption of Technology Policy (Ginger LePage)

Approval of Second Round of Qualified Grant Recipients - American Rescue Plan

FIRST READ: Consideration of a Text Amendment to Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages, to Adjust Alcohol Licensing Requirements  (Paul Leonhardt)

Approval of Funding Authorization for 5252 Trowbridge Drive Storm Repairs (Carl Thomas)

Capital Project Closeout and Reallocate Funding

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Bingo tonight (Thursday) at All Saints Church in Dunwoody

Bingo is back at All Saints with dinner (Pasta Fagioli) and refreshments available.  Doors open at 6:30 with limited seats going fast, have some dinner and then the games start at 7:30.

All Saints Social Hall, 2443 Mt. Vernon Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Holiday Festival at Dunwoody United Methodist Church scheduled for Saturday November 12th

Dunwoody United Methodist Church
1548 Mt. Vernon Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338

If you are new to Dunwoody, this is a special event that you don't want to miss as there is something for everybody here!  Photos with Santa slots are available for walk up and I suggest you get there early for the best Attic Treasures and Casseroles as they always sell out!  John

The Dunwoody United Methodist Church Holiday Festival is a one-day, indoor event that features a juried show of beautiful arts and crafts items by talented artisans, in addition to a wide variety of other venues. We offer Attic Treasures, Book Nook, Casseroles to Go, Children’s Activities, Gourmet Shop, Photos with Santa and more. Our 80+ talented participating artists have been carefully selected from a long list of applicants.

With our growing reputation as one of the best indoor holiday festivals in the area, we are fortunate enough to attract vendors from all over Georgia and even as far away as South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Booths are located in the Fellowship Hall and Gym. This is a great opportunity to shop for “one of a kind” handmade items.

All proceeds from the festival benefit Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. The money raised will support DUMC’s 32nd Habitat build, which will benefit another deserving family in 2023.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Dunwoody Homeowners Association to meet Sunday Night to discuss Light Up Event, Dunwoody Nature Center, possible development proposals and the Tilly Mill Path.

The monthly Dunwoody Homeowners Association is this Sunday evening at 7:30 in the main meeting room at 4470 N. Shallowford (near Peachford Rd and next to the storage facility).   

There are a number of interesting items on the agenda & I sorry I'm going to miss it but maybe they will be live streaming it to Facebook for later viewing.

The DHA hosts Light Up Dunwoody scheduled for Sunday November 20th from 2 to 6 pm with Santa Photos, Live Reindeer, Holiday Dancers, Choral and Musical Performances, Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting!  NEW LOCATION - Across the Street!  Shops of Dunwoody, 4537 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Dunwoody Nature Center reps are coming to talk to the DHA on Sunday and I'm unsure of the topic but looking at their calender it could be a discussion on Yoga, Night Hikes, Bird Walks, Fall Family Overnight Campout, or the one that peeks my interest, Forest Bathing with a certified Forest Therapy guide.  It might not be a discussion on any of those topics but hey, you now know some events happening at the Nature Center.

It appears that there are community discussions regarding several developments, one looks to be the demolition & possible redevelopment of a house on Mt. Vernon and the other is the proposed Grubb Condo / Office tower project proposed for the old city hall site that now wants to add a medical building. It also appears that the Grubb matter will be coming in front of the Planning Commission on Tuesday for their review.

The last item on the agenda is a conversation requested by the Briers North Community to discuss possible plans to put a 12 ft concrete path on Tilly Mill and as they have an open public petition against that path; I am guessing they are looking for support from the DHA?  Just a guess.

City of Dunwoody releases 2023 Paving Bid. (Oxford Chase, Renfroe Lake, Dunwoody North, North Springs, Delverton, Fontainbleau, Georgetown, Winters Chapel)

Link to Full Size Map of 2022 & 2023 Paving

2023 Street Resurfacing Project

  • Category:Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Finance, Purchasing, City Manager, Human Resources, Information Technology, Community Development, Communications, Police, Economic Development, Courts
  • RFP Number:ITB 22-09
  • Start Date:11/03/2022 2:00 p.m.
  • Close Date:12/08/2022 2:00 p.m.

The City of Dunwoody is soliciting competitive sealed bids from qualified contractors for the 2023 STREET RESURFACING PROJECT for the Department of Public Works.

To review the ITB, click on the link below.

ITB 22-09 2023 Street Resurfacing Project

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Dunwoody's "ugly baby" of a budget passed but I am still not sure our capital priorities are in order. Video Recap of October 24, 2022 City Council Meeting.


After 13 years on the Dunwoody City Council, I think I do a pretty good job of raising issues and explaining what is coming up on the next City Council agenda. What I believe is inconsistent on my part is the explanation of what happens after the meeting, the discussions between council members, and the decisions made.   On the positive side the city has taken over video recording all council meetings and making them available on Facebook which is huge improvement over me doing it on my own eleven years ago.

In the past, reporters (and Dick Williams in particular), would document in detail what the Council was doing, would add historical perspective, quote Council members and would even write opinion pieces to provide perspective on what was transpiring at City Hall. The Crier, the Neighbor, the Reporter and even the AJC would have dedicated stories on the actions of the Council. There were numerous bloggers who would analyze, report, ridicule, and possibly exaggerate but also give blow by blow recaps of the actions of the Council. Today there is only one Dunwoody centric blogger left who analyzes what is happening in local government, so let me acknowledge. Because these various outlets reported what they saw, I rarely needed to provide a recap. 

The news business is always changing, and as much as I am thankful for all the reporting that is being done, sometimes I think the details are missing from some of the media outlets. As a City Councilman, it is my job to know the reporters and I bend over backward to get to know them, I share my cell phone number and encourage them to ask questions. Cathy Cobbs of the Dunwoody Reporter has covered our community for many years and I am especially thankful to her dedication and coverage of the Council meeting, as I will be quoting her stories a few times in this blog.

Last Monday, we were scheduled to vote on the 2023 budget that eats into our reserves by 2 million dollars in order to be balanced; therefore, I met with the Mayor and staff for two hours to find ways to balance the budget without cutting into Police or Parks operating funds. After two hours of staff discussion going line by line, and me proposing to cut Capital (project) funds that I thought were excessive and/or items that the community doesn't want; I was informed that those cuts were not operational therefore wouldn't assist in balancing the budget in the eyes of the auditors. 


If you would like to watch the City presentation on the 2023 Budget here is the start of that video segment.  In the end I argued for cuts, especially on the proposed 12-foot trails in front of single-family homes that I don't believe a majority of the citizens want but I couldn't get traction for the other Council members to remove the expenditures.  

Last Monday, we approved the budget as presented but if you review the video of the Council Meeting, you can see my ugly baby comments where I propose changes to capital expenses as I believe the community would rather have other projects vs the proposed 12 foot paths.

Dunwoody dips into reserve funds for 2023 ‘hold-the-line’ budget, - Cathy Cobbs / Dunwoody Reporter

"Councilman John Heneghan likened the 2023 budget picture to “an ugly baby.”

“The baby picture is ugly, and the toddler picture doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better,” Heneghan said. “This structural deficit has me concerned.”

Heneghan said he met with key members of the budgeting team, including Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch, before the council session “trying to find $2 million” so the reserve wouldn’t have to be touched, but conceded that the meeting did not produce any viable alternatives.

“I’m just concerned that we are funding things that the public doesn’t want and not funding things that they do want,” he said. “I’m particularly concerned that we have sidewalk projects in this budget when we have heard from citizens that they want to slow down on them.”

Vinicki reminded the Council that the budget can, and will, be modified throughout the year to reflect changes in revenues and expenditures.

We also had on the agenda the final plan approval of our two newest parks, Roberts Drive & Vermack Rd  as they were deferred from a previous meeting as there was controversy over Roberts new turf field being shown as only a soccer field and Vermack Park having a last second connecting trail from the park into the neighborhoods behind them. Staff quickly changed the drawings of the multi-use turf field to remove the soccer overlay to include only tic spots for all sports (Soccer, Lacrosse & Football) and I was personally lobbying for all three sport lines to be over laid into the final design but I lost that argument. 


If you review the Council Meeting Video, you can listen to our discussions on the field markings, our desire for the field at Peachtree Middle School to be converted to a turf field for dedicated Lacrosse & Football and my desire for all three sport markings to be permanent on the new Roberts field.

For Vermack, we listened to numerous public comments regarding the connecting trail directly behind residents homes and then when it was time to discuss the matter the item was tabled by district representatives without ability to comment or discuss; therefore the residents who attended the meeting were forced to sit there on a Monday evening for almost two hours were not given the opportunity to hear from their elected representatives. I was disappointed at the move and said so at final Council comment of the meeting. My hope is that this tabling procedure without Council comment never happens again.

Dunwoody Council passes park plan for Austin property, tables Vermack - Cathy Cobbs / Dunwoody Reporter

During council comments at the end of the meeting, Heneghan said he was disappointed that the Vermack issue was not discussed.

“[At the last meeting], we took the word ‘transparency’ out of our mission statement and I’m not sure that was the right decision,” he said. “I really wish we would have had the chance to comment among Council the item that was tabled. I think we could have had some worthwhile discussion, and we could have been transparent to the 50 people who were in the room listening.”

The 2023 parks budget does not include any funds for construction, which have been estimated to be $10.5 million for the Roberts property and about $4 million for the Vermack property. The Council had discussed funding Vermack, Roberts and other parks improvements with a $30 million parks bond, but in September decided not to put a parks bond referendum on the ballot in November.

Discussions about putting a parks bond referendum on the ballot in 2023 are ongoing.