Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dunwoody 4th of July Parade Needs Marshals!!!

Volunteers Needed

The parade is too large to operate with a few volunteers – grab your neighbors and have fun working together! You can watch and enjoy the parade while volunteering at the same time!!!!!

Parade Meeting on Sunday June 26th
Asbury Room 3:00 PM

If you can’t make the meeting – we still need you to volunteer!

If you miss the meeting please come to the parade registration table (NY Butcher Shoppe parking lot), the morning of the 4th 8:00 AM– to pick up your parade t-shirt – assignment, whistle and badge….

Please contact Stacey Harris to sign-up: Staceyharris70@hotmail.com

New Doraville Mayor to be elected today, running again in November.

 Carol Gilman, Tom Hart & Donna Pitman

Neighbor Newspaper

Three candidates are running in the special election for Doraville mayor, set for June 21.
Carol Gilman, former councilman Thomas Hart and current councilwoman Donna Pittman want their names on the ballot.

“[A candidate] will be elected to finish the current term that was vacated by Mayor Jenkins’ death,” said City Clerk Melissa McCain. “That term will expire on Dec. 31.”
Jenkins died in February.

In order to qualify for the position of Doraville mayor, candidates had to be both a registered voter and a resident of the city for at least a year preceding the election date, according to the city charter.
Gilman, a Doraville resident since 2007, is the only new face.

Gilman has served in leadership roles throughout the metro Atlanta area and was also a member of the 2010 Livable Centers Initiative core study to revitalize the Doraville General Motors plant.  “I believe that Doraville faces a most crucial time in our city’s history: major budget issues, staffing issues, the GM plant, property values plummeting,” she said. “The position of mayor has to have someone that has serious training and leadership to take the job.”

Pittman, who was elected to the council in 2005, stepped down as acting mayor to run. Councilwoman Maria Alexander will fill the role until the election. She said her decision to run was backed by her love and passion for the city.  “Being a native of DeKalb County— raising a family and living in this city for the past 30 years—I respect our past but know what it will take to move us forward into the future,” Pittman said in an email to the Neighbor.  Pittman highlighted balancing the budget and recovering outstanding revenue as issues that needed to be tackled.

Hart represented District 2 from 2006 to 2008.
Hart said the economic state of the city is due to poor management. “The citizens are quite upset,” he said. “They are grasping at straws trying to generate some business and they think they can do it by lowering the standards of the city or upping the taxes, which is a recipe for disaster.”

McCain encouraged residents to exercise their right to vote.
“Every vote counts,” McCain said.Since the term expires in December, another election for mayor will be held in November.  The winner of that election will serve a four year term.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Video from the June 20th Dunwoody City Council Meeting.

Quiet night, little or no public comments made for a relatively short meeting of under 80 minutes. 

Meeting recap: Sunday Sales is now on the ballot for November, Dunwoody Tax rate will be the same for 2011 as it has been for 2009 & 2010, we amended the budget, the redevelopment powers referendum is now on the ballot for November, a $50,000 grant was accepted on a study reviewing the number of access points (curb cuts) on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. in both the Village and the Georgetown areas.  Other than those topics, we had a Bond Referendum discussion whereby the numbers and projections in setting several aspects of the bond will be recalculated to be more conservative in nature.  An interesting aspect of the conversation was the legal advice given to members of the City Council to not be an advocate either for, or against, any referendum placed in front of the citizens. 

The Bond Referendum link will take you to that specific discussion and if you would like to see the whole meeting click the photo or the link below.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday June 20, 2011

Monday, June 20th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 pm - Work Session
7:00 pm - Watch Live

Agenda - City Packet

Oath of Office to New Municipal Court Judges.

SECOND READ: Ordinance to Amend Fiscal Year 2011 Budget.

PUBLIC HEARING & SECOND READ - Ordinance Establishing the 2011 Ad Valorem Tax Rate.

SECOND READ: Ordinance to Amend Chapter 26, Section 26-269 (e), Regarding City Sponsorship of Special Events. 

PUBLIC HEARING & SECOND READ: Ordinance to Amend Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages, re Sunday Alcohol

PUBLIC HEARING and RESOLUTION to Place Redevelopment Powers Law Referendum on the November Ballot.

Discussion of Bond Referendum.

Resolution of Support - Atlanta Regional Commission Livable Centers Initiative - Supplemental Study.

First Read: Revisions and Readoption of the City of Dunwoody City Code Chapter 20 (Signs) and all Previous Amendments.

Dunwoody tidbits and other items that have crossed my desk.

I read most of my news on line and am excited to see some upgrades to the Dunwoody Crier webpage. It has rss feeds, twitter & Facebook sections along with much more, including an e-edition just for tablets like the I-Pad. It looks like a work in progress but I really look forward to the changes.

During a recent walk through Brook Run with the family, I stopped by Skate Park to check out the conversion from a pay facility to a use at your own risk - free facility. I talked to Mr. John Kurg the former Manager who took over the concession contract and moved his Woody's Halfpipe Skateboard Shop into the facility. Everything is going smoothly, but the biggest news is that he has a full snack bar in the facility available to anyone in the park. He has coffee in the morning for the parents at the playground, 40 types of bottled drinks for the joggers running by, 8 different ice cream bars for the kids on a hot summer day, as well as candy bars, pizza and hotdogs for you junk food junkies. Tuesday June 21st is "Go Skateboarding Day" with a contest for those who know what they are doing, as well as an excuse for me get back on my long board to try not to kill myself.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that Dunwoody was the most expensive home market in Georgia with an average price of $379,866.  The data was pulled from a Coldwell Banker site and when you scroll down to the bottom of the second page of the list, there is a link for listings.  Upon clicking that, then removing the price limits, I see flaws in the information as there are houses are outside our city boundaries.

Public comment is actually one of my favorite segments of a City Council meeting as we have a few colorful regulars, surprises that no one expects and it allows everyone the opportunity to communicate freely and openly to your elected officials. My friends over at the DeKalb Officers Speak blog posted a doozie of a comment showing a citizen communicating freely and openly to the DeKalb Board of Commissioners.

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon officially shut its doors on Sunday after 15 years. The museum will return some items in its 31,000-piece collection to donors who want the items back and return other artifacts that were on long-term loan to the hall. Other items will be loaned to other museums to put on display before the hall's staff will begin taking inventory to put the items in storage in archives at three universities.

Kudos to Brian and Page Olson the owners of Cafe Intermezzo who will now be opening their fifth European coffee house in the Atlanta area, as well as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int'l.

Tuesday must have been a slow news day because Peach Pundit pulled a Georgia Gang trick out of the bag and had a special DeKalb County Segment.

I hear Georgetown Kroger redevelopment is starting soon.

Save Our Skin 5K race in Dunwoody on Sat June 25th

Could this work here?  The City of Decatur has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to upgrade, operate and maintain the city’s existing municipal WiFi network. The network currently serves educational, residential, commercial, and municipal customers within the City of Decatur boundaries.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

DeKalb County BOE public comment highlights several problems facing systematic & educational reform.

My friends over at the DeKalb County School Watch Blog asked for a little help on processing some video showing former DeKalb County School board member, Ms. Zepora Roberts giving public comment on a subject that is suppose to be held in strict confidence by the sitting school board members. Due to these types of leaks, good candidates for School Superintendent are fleeing contention. Hopefully our school board finds the right person willing to take the job and then that person is able to guide the education of our children vs being the ringmaster of the three ring circus called DeKalb.

Following Ms. Roberts on the video is a topic that hits very close to home. Mr. John Evans reported that his 3rd grade grandson cannot read. He was very upset and went to the teachers and administrators to talk about it. Their response was to challenge the CRCT results and then move into 4th grade. He was livid - his point - why would I send him on if he can't read? Mr. Evans doesn't want his grandson pushed along - he wants him to be truly educated! If a child can't read, then support teachers need to be put into action. Third grade is a critical point in a child's education. If they are not reading well, there is no chance of being successful in any subject in the future. Kudos, Mr. Evans!

For further background read the following articles.

Is DeKalb radioactive? Is the problem the school system’s size or its management?

Four DeKalb school board members ask public to support Texas candidate for school chief

Superintendent Search - Setting the record straight

Another board member trips the superintendent search (again?)

Commerce Chamber Tells DeKalb To Wait On New Superintendent Hire

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Business Attorney Bob Dallas announces bid for Dunwoody Mayor

Bob Dallas candidate for Dunwoody Mayor

Like many Dunwoody citizens, I was both surprised and saddened to learn Mayor Ken Wright decided not to run for reelection. Mayor Wright represented the Dunwoody spirit of cooperation, consideration of all views and collegial interaction with all who came before the City. Mayor Wright will not only be known as Dunwoody’s first mayor, but as a gentleman who made our new City work. The Dunwoody spirit he demonstrated will serve as a legacy for many generations to come. It is that legacy I look to embody as a candidate for Dunwoody’s second mayor.

The creation of the City of Dunwoody in 2008 was Priority #1 for the betterment of our community. After serving as DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer’s planning commissioner for over twelve years, I knew we had to become an independent city to achieve our collective vision. That vision included effective public safety, zoning and land use, code enforcement, parks, and transportation—all without raising taxes. This vision was simply not possible under DeKalb County control. There was a fundamental difference in perspective between DeKalb County government and Dunwoody citizens that played out in virtually every public arena.

The need for cityhood was first brought home to me when I co-chaired Citizens for DeKalb County Property Tax Relief. Our group fought to give homeowners the Homestead Option Sales Tax (HOST) property tax exemption. What to most citizens appeared to be an easy vote was blocked by those in DeKalb who wanted more control over homeowner assets, rather than homeowner tax relief. Because we won and big government interests lost, all Dunwoody homeowners continue to this day to pay less in property taxes.

The second class treatment of Dunwoody citizens by DeKalb County interests was evident in issues large and small. While I was president of the Spruill Center for the Arts, I witnessed as DeKalb County forced payment of rent for use of county-owned property, while other arts centers around DeKalb County did not. Dunwoody residents were seen as cash cows, rather than citizens with rights and voices equal to those elsewhere in the County.

Worse yet, the very look and character of Dunwoody suffered. As a Dunwoody Homeowners Association Board member who chaired the sign committee, I saw how DeKalb’s sign ordinance was inadequate and too often unenforced. Moreover, under DeKalb County control inappropriate zonings under archaic zoning rules allowed apartments to be built without citizen input. Code enforcement was absent. Transportation improvements were sporadic, when they took place at all. While we were fortunate to have Brookrun turned into a park, we soon learned real control and funds for improvement remained in Decatur, not Dunwoody.

The last straw was a law enforcement presence which was spread too thin. There were simply too few officers in Dunwoody to keep our community safe.

Faced with these challenges, the Dunwoody spirit kicked in. Many citizens worked all facets needed to become a city. Along with four others, including City Councilmembers Adrian Bonser and Denny Shortal, I served as a member of the Dunwoody YES! Board. Our job was to educate the voter and encourage a vote of YES! to cityhood. And Dunwoody did: by a mandate of over 80%!

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Local citizens stepped forth from all over Dunwoody to contribute to its governance. I was honored to be appointed by Mayor Wright to serve on the Dunwoody Planning Commission, where I was elected chair. There I worked with many of Dunwoody’s citizens to revise its zoning and land use plans to reflect Dunwoody citizens’ vision. We created business character area plans to manage the growth of Dunwoody’s commercial districts. We have in place effective law enforcement and code enforcement. Many of us worked on Dunwoody’s transportation plan, which is now complete.

Local control has yielded local results: long-neglected Dunwoody roads are being repaved, sidewalks built and bike lane and multiuse trails connecting our parks planned. We own Brookrun, bought the “PVC pipe-farm” and continue work on a parks master plan. I also advocated for Dunwoody’s private sector hotels, not government, to manage the Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau. As a member of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce where I serve on the executive committee and board, I have worked to maintain a business-friendly environment needed to bring more businesses to Dunwoody.

Mayor Wright and the entire first city Council members deserve credit for laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow. But the work must continue—this is why I am asking for your vote for mayor. I am, of course, a longstanding resident of Dunwoody, with a firm belief in the values of this community. I also have the managerial, legal, political and economic experience to implement our common goals. I worked in the private sector for BellSouth and as a business attorney in one of Atlanta’s largest law firms. I served as Governor Sonny Perdue’s Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, where with many partners—including Dunwoody police—we made Georgia safer, and significantly reduced Georgia crash deaths with fewer state dollars. I know how government should operate and know the State of Georgia legislative leaders who we must call upon to improve the State laws which impact Dunwoody.

But most importantly, I understand that the City of Dunwoody is not just about politics, infrastructure and economics. The schools, synagogues and churches of Dunwoody form the nucleus of the volunteer spirit of Dunwoody. I am so proud of my wife Liz, who serves alongside a large and tireless group of Dunwoody citizens to benefit this community that we call home. Liz serves at our church, Kingswood United Methodist. She volunteers at our children’s schools, and in our community. Like so many Dunwoody citizens, the Dallas family believes that in giving our time, we contribute to our community—and that is what makes Dunwoody work for families. Liz and I share a common dream for tomorrow, a dream that is firmly rooted in family—both ours and yours.

The City of Dunwoody must continue to aspire to be as good as its people. For the past 27 years, I have lived in Dunwoody and worked together with many of you to make it better. I would be honored to serve you today as mayor for a better Dunwoody tomorrow. I ask every citizen of Dunwoody to look at my common sense, conservative civic record of service to know my pledge to you is more than campaign words. For every commitment I make to you, I have backed it up with years of dedicated civic experience and my commitments reflect what Dunwoody citizens have worked so hard to achieve. With my record of public service, I commit to Dunwoody citizens:

Taxes, Economic Development and City Service:
  • I will not increase the property tax millage rate.
  • I will be frugal with every taxpayer penny.
  • I will continue to serve the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce’s economic development efforts to bring new businesses to Dunwoody.
  • I will ensure that the City of Dunwoody attracts the top-notch employees who are committed to provide excellent customer service to Dunwoody citizens.

Public Safety and Code Enforcement:
  • I will ensure that public safety is paramount and adequately funded.
  • I will ensure that code enforcement is conduced fairly and completely.

Land Use and Zoning:
  • I will ensure that the land use, zoning and business character area plans reflect Dunwoody citizen’s values and vision.
  • I will ensure that new development adheres to the adopted land use, zoning and business character area plans.

Transportation and Parks:
  • I will ensure that Dunwoody’s existing transportation infrastructure is maintained to the highest level.
  • I will ensure that Dunwoody’s parks serve the needs of its citizens and infrastructure is in place to provide sidewalks, paths and routes to reach Dunwoody’s parks and business character areas.
  • I will place the quality of Dunwoody citizens’ lives first and I will not widen Dunwoody roads.

To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, Dunwoody is a beacon of light atop a hill in a land we call metro-Atlanta. As we thank the tireless efforts of so many who worked so hard to make Dunwoody a great City, we can work toward our future and I believe our best days lie ahead. In sum, I will continue Mayor Wright’s Dunwoody spirit of cooperation, consideration of all views and collegial interaction with all who came before the City with the singular goal to make Dunwoody the great City we call home.

Bob Dallas, Candidate for Dunwoody Mayor

The Dallas record of public service:



  • BUSINESS ATTORNEY, CASEY & GILSON, P.C., Atlanta, GA, 2011-present
  • BELLSOUTH,1980-1989
    Project Manager. Atlanta, Georgia, 1986-1989.
    Project Staff Manager. Atlanta, Georgia, 1983-1986.
    Assistant Staff Manager. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1982-1983.
    Assistant Manager. Stuart, Florida, 1980-1982.
  • Century 21 Real Estate Agent. Gainesville, Florida, 1978.



1445 Valley View Road, Dunwoody, Georgia 30338, 770-913-0303(h), 770-331-4040(c), rdallas@bellsouth.net

Rep. Tom Taylor of Dunwoody honored as Freshman Legislator of the Year

Georgia Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark, Rep. Tom Taylor, Perimeter Center Improvement
District, President & CEO Ms. Yvonne Williams and House Speaker David Ralston

Representative Tom Taylor currently sits on the House Economic Development and Tourism, Regulated Industries, and MARTA Oversight committees. Taylor is a former Dunwoody city councilman which oversaw the new city’s startup organization and expanded services over its first 3 years without raising any taxes or fees. Taylor has previously held multiple leadership positions in Dunwoody and DeKalb County and enjoyed a successful career in the private sector. He also served a total of 21 years of active and reserve service with the U.S. Navy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Video of the June 13, 2011 Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Parks and Parks Bond

Bond Referendum Discussion 00:34:20 - 01.19.00
Parks Plan Discussion and Ratification 01.19.01 - 02:07:00

Truck Routes Start of Video 2 -09.50
PCID Livable Centers Initiative 10 year update 11:50
       Council Questions to LCI plan 31:00 - 37:40

I am sure others will be reporting on this meeting but here is my 2 second recap.  I have marked some of the time stamps above if you are interested in watching the video for specific topics or discussions.

Bond Referendum proposal still at 1.5 mils (.75 acquisition and .75 development) with a public hearing and council vote next week on June 20th.  Parks plan was ratified as proposed with the addition of a 100 yd x 50 yd multi-use field in the back of Brook Run with baseball staying at Dunwoody Park until a better location can be found.  PCID LCI document has a residential goal to match (to a specific ratio) housing units to jobs in the Perimeter Center area.  Shade may be coming to Brook Run playgrounds by end of Summer. Voting districts to be redistricted as proposed by City Attorney.  2011 ad valorem tax rate for the City of Dunwoody stays exactly the same as the day of incorporation.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The City of Grand Rapids Rocks in the largest and longest LipDub video filmed to date.

It was filmed on May 22nd, 2011 and involved 5000 people, marching bands, parades, weddings, motorcades, bridges on fire, helicopter take offs, and shutting down a major portion of the city. Roger Ebert calls this “The Greatest Music Video Ever Made” and since it uses “American Pie,” written by Don McLean as the soundtrack I might just agree. The music video was created as an official response to the Newsweek article calling Grand Rapids a “dying city” with the $40,000 production cost being entirely financed by the generosity of local sponsors.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dunwoody Park Plan Changes - Meeting 7 pm Monday @ City Hall

Brook Run could easily hold full size Soccer or Football fields.

Thank you to everybody who wrote me emails on the parks plan, I received quite a few on both sides of the issue and wanted to publicly explain my positions on the matter.

We are developing a 20 year parks master plan that may be implemented faster if the residents approve a parks bond referendum in November for land acquisition and development; but if that isn't approved this parks plan will be implemented slowly in stages, over time, as the city finances allow.   I personally am in favor of some sort of modest bond referendum as I believe now is the time to invest in purchasing park land and developing recreational services, but I am also keenly aware that mandatory tax rates will be raised by the County and others for general operations, but the City of Dunwoody will be asking to raise taxes for the nice to do items as outlined in the parks and transportation plans.  Even if we had the perfect park plan that a great many residents supported, support for the parks bond will be a very tough sell in these economic conditions.  That being said the plan still tries to look at the long term development of a park system so that there is something for everyone in the community and useable green space is accessible to all.

Brook Run as the City's biggest park needs to serve many functions, both passive and active recreation.  It saves the theater and the dorm building in the back, both of which could serve community purposes like a Sr. Center or an annex to the Spruill Center for the Arts.  It provides Dunwoody's first public basketball and sand volleyball courts as well as provides four tennis courts that could handle ALTA play.  It expands the Community Garden and installs numerous walking biking trails through the trees and around the park.  This week we will be discussing the cost / benefit of shade structures over the playground which will allow the playground to be used more comfortably by everyone in the summer. 

I was fully in support of the baseball fields being moved from Dunwoody Park to Brook Run to allow a new north side playground, picnic pavilion and green space area as well as expanded space for the growth of the Dunwoody Nature Center, but it was shown that the old growth tree line would have to be cut into near the stream buffer.  The Lakeview Oaks community below the park was built in a flood plain and has a problem with flooding, therefore that community pleaded with council to change the park plan to save the tree line in order to reduce water runoff.  Several members of council refused to subject these residents to further flooding problems, therefore a compromise plan was drafted to save the tree line but to also flatten back area and terrace the area near the road which would overlook the large playfields that could then be used for numerous recreational activities.

As you see from the drawing above, I have laid a full size football field overtop the right hand side of the field, therefore this area could easily be marked off for various sports activities including soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, ect.  My suggestions that this be an active area of the park for large group activities has not been well received by all on council but I believe that a compromise of open playable fields may be acceptable in the final version.  With a separate back entrance to this area of the park for easy in and out access, I see this area eventually utilized much like Keswick Park in Chamblee or some of the Dunwoody church fields currently in use on any given Saturday.  Busy and buzzing with league activity, serving everybody from 5 year old biddy soccer, to various city sponsored teen leagues, young adult recreational kickball to adult rugby or other activities that haven't even been thought of yet. 

Dunwoody Park which houses Dunwoody Senior Baseball and the Dunwoody Nature Center would stay exactly like it is until which time as other City park land is brought on line.  The city is close to purchasing 16 acres of park land in Georgetown with knowledge that the Chamblee Middle School and other depressed buildings in the area are prime sites for future park development.

If the bond being proposed for November passes, park development is sped up considerably, if the bond fails, many of the larger plans like moving the ball fields out of Dunwoody Park will be put on hold.  When the current lawsuit against DeKalb County finally is decided in our favor, the money received (approx. $7,000,000) would only be available to be spent at Brook Run, thereby allowing some development of the park master plan at that facility only.

I hope that explains my position on the park plan as it relates to Brook Run and baseball.


Dunwoody City Council Work Session Agenda for Monday June 13th.

Monday, June 13th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 pm - Watch Live

Agenda - City Packet

Authorization for Adjustment to City Attorney Compensation Structure.

Resolution to Authorize a Merit Increase for the City Clerk.

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages, re Sunday Alcohol Sales.

Resolution to Approve the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan.
    Brook Run Pg. 42  activity center at front, while back could hold football or soccer

Discussion of TAD Referendum.

Discussion of Bond Referendum.

Update of City Status on Emergency Warning Sirens.

Public Hearing and Ordinance to Amend City of Dunwoody Charter for Reapportionment of Electoral Districts Pursuant to the 2010 Census.

Public Hearing and resolution to Establish an Enhanced 9-1-1 Charge on Wireless Communications, Wireline Communications, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Connections, and Pre-Paid Wireless Services.

Discussion of Parks 2011 Capital Improvement Plan. (Shade at Brook Run Playground)

Discussion of Designated Truck Routes.

Perimeter Center Improvement Districts 10-Year Update Plan by Sizemore Group.

Impact Fee Kick-Off Briefing, (Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta)

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 26, Section 26-269 (e), Regarding City Sponsorship of Special Events.

Ordinance to Amend Fiscal Year 2011 Budget.

Ordinance Establishing the 2011 Ad Valorem Tax Rate. (Same tax rate since the city started.)

Discussion of Illegal Signs.

EXECUTIVE SESSION for the Purposes of Legal, Real Estate, and Personnel Discussions.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mike Davis announces candidacy for Mayor of Dunwoody and Thursday Night meet and greet at Village Burger

Mike Davis, Candidate for Dunwoody Mayor

Mike Davis (57) has announced that he is running for Mayor of Dunwoody. Mike is a 22 year resident of Dunwoody and has served in a number of community volunteer roles including board member of Dunwoody Yes, a group that advocated for the formation of the City of Dunwoody. Through his 30 year working career he’s been a business owner and has served in a number of leadership roles in the chemical sales and financial services industries. Currently, Davis is the owner of Asset Preservation Group, an insurance brokerage that specializes in life and long term care insurance,

“Mike is a smart business person who has given his time and talents to many community initiatives,” said Heyward Wescott, Davis’ campaign manager. “He’s an active participant in the business of the city and has a strong understanding of the issues facing our young city.”

In addition to his service during the cityhood movement, Davis led two successful local political campaigns: Denny Shortal’s bid for Dunwoody City Council and Tom Taylor’s campaign for State Representative for the Dunwoody area. Additionally, Davis has served or currently serves as a member of Dunwoody’s Georgetown sounding board, member of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development committee, and past president of Mill Glen Swim and Tennis Club. Davis is a former board member of the Murphey Candler Girls Softball League where he coached numerous teams.

He and his wife, Mary Pat have four children, one grandchild and one on the way. They are members of St. Jude where he sings in the choir, is past president of the men’s club, and has served in a number of leadership roles including the church’s financial council and the pastoral council. Davis earned an undergraduate degree from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

The Davis for Dunwoody Mayor Campaign will launch on Thursday, June 9th at 7:30pm at Village Burger in Dunwoody (1426 Dunwoody Village Parkway, Dunwoody, GA 30338). Please join your Dunwoody neighbors for complimentary frozen custard with Mike.     RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124624644285816

Website: http://www.DunwoodyDavis.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DunwoodyDavis

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DunwoodyDavis

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mgdavis3

Contact info:

Wal-Mart is looking at Winters Chapel & Peeler, Dunwoody Mayoral Race and other things that have crossed my desk.

At Sunday's DHA meeting the topic of a proposed Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market was discussed anchoring the intersection of Winters Chapel and Peeler Rd.  I have been aware of this proposal for a while and though the actual store will be located in Gwinnett County, (the possible City of Peachtree Corners if approved by referendum in November) as the County Line runs though the parking lot, I believe it is a positive addition to the east side of the city and am looking forward to hearing more details.  The City of Dunwoody will be working closely with the developer and Gwinnett County in the coming weeks to work out the logistical issues of developing a property that straddles the county line.

Dunwoody Mayoral Race
Also at the DHA meeting, Bob Dallas an attorney and Chairman of the Dunwoody Planning Commission informed the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Sunday night that he hopes to become Dunwoody’s next mayor, though it appears that he is planing a formal announcement next week. Mr. Jamie Sibold, also an attorney and the former DeKalb County Republican Party chairman, also announced his intentions to form an exploratory committee to seek the office of Mayor of Dunwoody. Today's Dunwoody Crier shows that a third candidate has entered the Mayoral race, Mr. Mike Davis.

I plan on devoting a single posting to every candidate who officially announces that they are a candidate for elected office in Dunwoody with all relevant information as it becomes available. Look for my Mike Davis page soon.

Other News crossing my Desk
Spruill Gallery Garden - Grand Opening Thursday Evening
Dunwoody celebrates different approach
DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis unveiled a tax hike of 4.5 mills (expect this to be reduced in shell game.)
N. Fulton cities run deficit in 911 center (Dunwoody has fixed price)
26 new 4 x 8 foot plots open at Dunwoody Community Garden
Video of Armed Robbery at Burger King from Tuesday
Another Dunwoody Bank Robbery and my suggestion on issue.
Atlanta Colts Football Registration ends Saturday - great for all ages and sizes.
City releases RFP to Update City Zoning and Land Development Ordinance
City releases RFP on repaving - lists streets and specs.
Watch Dunwoody's Jennifer Leslie and her boys play with butterflies
Happy Sumo on Mt. Vernon didn't score so well - details.   Fulton Search
Dunwoody High School Scores
New school for Austin? Resolution, page 15, #9, DeKalb School Watch, Dunwoody Talk, Patch

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An uplifting weekend in Dunwoody and I'm still looking forward to Sunday.

Dunwoody Soapbox Derby

The last week was crazy at work and coming home on Friday riding the Marta train; I was exhausted and beat. Instead of staring out the window, I jumped on the blackberry and read the most amazing story between two people whom I and many in the community know.  It immediately picked me up and put me on cloud Nine that has literally carried me for days. What happens on Facebook is not for me to share publicly therefore all I can say is Amy you are AMAZING and a true inspiration to all that know you.

When I finally get home on Friday night we travel way up to Cumming to attend a bbq at an old friend's house where there is a house full of people with kids everywhere. Walking around talking to a few people, a gentleman comes up to me as says, "excuse me John, what was your last name?" I said "Heneghan" and he started laughing at me with a huge goofy smile. He said "hello John, I'm Chris North, an avid reader of your blog, a reporter and would you believe, that just today, I wrote a newspaper article on you."  We laughed, talked a bit of city politics and then our wives rightfully made fun of us for talking shop.  (Here you go Chris, I enjoyed meeting you, as well as now being able to turn the tables writing about you.)

At our house, Saturday morning is dedicated father / son bonding time, (i.e. my wife has declared it to be her time to do whatever she wants to do as long as it has nothing to do with testosterone or parenting).  The Brunswick Zone bowling alley on Spalding had a special, offering the boys and I, two free hours of entertainment, so we took advantage of that and had a great time. (If your kids enjoy the sport, there are great specials and opportunities available.)

Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the Dunwoody Soapbox Derby to see if the Knight's of Columbus needed any help cooking & serving food.  Since they had everything well under control, I watched a few races and mingled with those in attendance.   I talked to lot of people, Dick Williams of the Dunwoody Crier, Mayor Eric Clarkson of Chamblee, Bill Grant, and many others but the conversation I really enjoyed was with a group of three, 16 year old young men serving with the Dunwoody Police Explorers regarding the positive impact that it has already had on their lives.  Awesome program!

While I was doing the soapbox, my wife was able to do something that I wasn't and was to visit "Alex's Lemonade Stand" being put on by a number of Dunwoody families and a bunch of great kids.  My friend Bob Lundsten made it over and gave a nice recap of him meeting the best salesperson he has ever met and her only being 7.

Saturday night, my wife and I attended a friends 40th birthday party here in Dunwoody and the theme was "Senior Prom" where everyone was suppose to dress the same as they did at their prom, oh so many years ago.  For giggles here is a photo from the evening but letting loose, living in an age of digital cameras and social media is a whole lot scarier then when I was in high school and the only equivalent was the yearbook.  Let me tell you, Facebook is not the friend of a guy who can't dance but does it anyway.  Long story, short - we had a great time.

Sunday is shaping up to be a fun day at the neighborhood pool as my 5 yr old has come out of his shell as he is now jumping in and diving down for coins in the big pool where just a week ago he was afraid to leave the comfort of the baby pool.  (Might be that cute redhead Casey he has his eye on?)  Besides time with my kids, playing water volleyball with other adults is really enjoyable and a great way for me to blow off some steam.

Sunday night, I will be attending the Dunwoody Homeowners Association monthly meeting, the last before the 4th of July parade, where the agenda is light but I am guessing someone (not me) will be announcing their candidacy for Mayor and/or other council candidates may be stepping forward for the four positions up for election

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Soapbox Saturday in Dunwoody - races begin at 9:00 am. Great family event.

The 2011 Dunwoody Soap Box Derby will be held June 4, 2011 at the First Baptist Church Atlanta located at 4400 North Peachtree Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338, just outside Interstate 285.




Never pass a children's lemonade stand and other miscellaneous items that have crossed my desk.

Saturday from 11 - 2 pm
  • My kids love my never pass a children's lemonade stand rule because they know it's guaranteed liquid refreshment and if their lucky it also provides a cookie, but on top of everything it is also a life lesson for both my kids as well as the proprietor of the lemonade stand.

    Four Dunwoody families are proud to be hosting the second annual Alex's Lemonade Stand this coming Saturday, June 4 from 11-2pm to raise funds for childhood cancer. The stand will be at 5218 Forest Springs Drive off Mt Vernon Road (Dunwoody Club Forest subdivision). The kids will be selling fresh squeezed lemonade and baked goods. Any donation amount is welcome......all to benefit this great organization.

  • Blogs come and blogs go.  Ms. Sustainable Pattie Baker has shuttered her Sustainable Pattie blog to focus on her upcoming best seller, Food for my Daughters

  • Dunwoody Mom over at the Dunwoody School Daze blog did a nice breakout of the Dunwoody numbers in the DeKalb County School System 2020 Vision, 10 Year Master Facilities Plan and SPLOST IV Projects, the DeKalb County School Watch blog elaborated and Rick Callihan on the Dunwoody Talk blog then put his spin on what the numbers mean to him.

  • If I had the option to change the setup of the Dunwoody City Council, I wouldn't.  Every Dunwoody resident elects four of the seven seats (Mayor and three at large seats) with the other three elected locally but hopefully always governing for the greater good of the city as a whole.  This November is a big election and it allows sweeping change by clearing house of all four at large candidates, changing individual members or reelecting those who have proven themselves worthy.

  • At the last City Council meeting Mayor Wright mentioned this article regarding municipalities breaking out individual service contracts to various companies for contracted city services.  This model has served the City of Dunwoody well, but if memory serves me correctly the sole service bidder for Dunwoody backed out because there were other options being publicized and publicly reviewed.   Kudos again to Dan Weber & Don Boyken.

  • The City of Sandy Springs has 20 job openings mostly related to city planning, building inspection, code enforcement, public relations, arborist, and administrative assistant. Another link which may work better.
  • This Saturday from Noon to 5 is the PDK Good Neighbor airshow, free admission with $5 parking.