Saturday, April 27, 2024

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday April 29, 2024

Monday April 29, 2024 - 6:00 PM


Agenda 6 pm  - City Site Agenda 

City Council meetings are live-streamed on the City of Dunwoody’s Facebook page

They are also available for viewing (no two way communication) on Zoom, or  phone +14703812552,86390235645#

You can access the video after the meeting on the City of Dunwoody’s YouTube page.

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance 

Public comments - in person 3 min each / 30 min max with additional at end of meeting if needed.

Sustainability Hero Award to Jason Metzger and Sustainability Committee Update

Girl Scout Troop 19443 Bronze Award Project
- Bird Houses Vermack Swim via "The Crier"

Economic Development Update

Safe Streets Program Update (Jonathan DiGioia)

Approval of a Contract with AECOM for the Concept Design Phase of the North Shallowford Road Path Project

Contract with Practical Design Partners, LLC for Winters Chapel Path Phase 2 Design

Renewal of Property & Liability Insurance with GIRMA

First Quarter 2024 Budget Amendment

Purchase of 57 Computer Toughbooks Laptops for PD, Price Increase

Authorization to Provide Local Matching Funds for Local Maintenance and Infrastructure Grant Safety Improvements

Approval of a Resolution of Commitment to Provide Local Matching Funds for a Federal Funding Request for the Village Crossroads and Winters Chapel Path Phase II Projects

Contract with TSW for Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code

Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Peachtree Corners for the Winters Chapel Path Phase 2 Project

Happy Hollow Sidewalk Concept Design

Request for Additional Personnel: Public Safety Ambassadors

Thursday, April 18, 2024

House numbers painted on curb at $25.00 per set by Dunwoody's Roman's Numerals

If you have ever thought you might need your house numerals painted on your curb, I highly recommend Roman's Numerals service.  At $25.00 per set, this is a great deal and arrangements can be made via text or call to 470-939-5705.

Monday, April 15, 2024

2024 Dunwoody Lemonade Days Festival kicks off Wednesday - suggestions for your visit. @LemonadeDays

Lemonade Days Festival is held at Brook Run Park in Dunwoody (4770 North Peachtree Road) starting Wednesday and here is the current weather forecast as I see it Monday evening.

Dunwoody's Annual Spring Festival, Lemonade Day's presented by the Dunwoody Preservation Trust remembering the tornado of 1998 that flattened sections of our community, snapped trees like twigs and took a mans life has returned to the typical April timeframe this year and it looks like the weather will be great all weekend!  We are once again making Lemonade from Lemons and am hopeful for a sweet event.  A personal thank you to Hope Follmer and all the volunteers & sponsors who assist in making this a fabulous event.

Based on past experience, I can tell you that Wednesday & Thursday are the best days to purchase a wristband for unlimited rides as the crowds are light and the lines extremely short. The cost of wristbands on Wednesday & Thursday is $20.00 but the cost jumps to $30 starting Friday.  If your children don't have after school commitments on these days you may want to visit these days to maximize your ride per dollar ratio as the numbers will typically drop significantly come the weekend.  

A large number Middle School Students will make a bee line to Brook Run after school on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday as there is a secure book bag check in area at the festival to ensure those Chromebooks do not get lost.  Middle Schooler's running in packs at Lemonade Day's without direct parental oversight is a right of passage for many as the park is safe because the crowd is all local until about 7 pm on Friday when the carnival area is taken over by teenagers & college kids with cars.  Friday night usually gets busy and then on Saturday and Sunday the park is over run with visitors from near & far.  

Parents, please note that there is now a dedicated drop off / pick up point in the new parking lot as you enter Brook Run on Peeler Rd and take a left immediately after crossing the walking / bike trail as this location has easy access into the park, a well lit parking lot with a pavilion and a restroom.

Besides the carnival rides, the food choices for festival goers will include everything from hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and BBQ to foods with a tropical, Italian, Greek and/or Hispanic flair. For those just wanting a snack, there will be popcorn, funnel cakes and pretzels and for a cool treat yogurt, Italian ice and ice cream. Cold craft and domestic beer and delicious wine are also available. 

Food venders include:  Chick-fil-A Dunwoody     Coco Bongo Tropical Delights     Country Cabin Sweets & Treats     Greek Tavern     Mexican Fiesta     King of Pops     The Mad Italian     Midway Munchies     Bid Daddy Dane’s BBQ     PTR Concessions     Repicci’s Italian Ice     Roy’s Royal Dogs     Shock Top, Lemon Shandy & Bud Light     Soul Truckin Good     Top Job Wine

The 2024 Dunwoody Authors Bookstore at Lemonade Days (open Saturday & Sunday) is delighted to bring you local authors and friends! Each of the featured authors will have their fabulous works for purchase at the booth and will be available to sign your copy.  Check the schedule here.

Another highlight of the festival is the Children's Petting Zoo & Pony Rides which is only available on Saturday & Sunday; the weekend also brings various vendors at the County Store selling arts & crafts, there is music everyday starting Thursday and then there is the Dunwoody Idol music competition happening on Saturday.   Finally, on Sunday there will be a number of Dance performances available for entertainment.

Parking for Lemonade Days is available at:

  • St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church (directly across from entrance)
  • Kingswood United Methodist Church
  • St. Barnabas Church
  • Peachtree Middle School (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only)
  • Back of Brook Run Park - new back entrance available on Barclay next to Fire Station.

Some Parking Areas Are Paid Parking

Please be conscious of NO Parking signs during Sunday Church schedules and nearby neighborhoods.

Uber/Lyft/Parent Drop-off & Pick-up will be located in the 90 spot parking area in front of the small pavilion across from the Great Lawn. Look for the sign.

Brook Run Dog Park: If you’re planning on using the Dog Park at Brook Run, we won’t get in your way at all. Just please use the Peeler Road entrance to the Park, and a friendly volunteer will point you in the right direction from there.  SORRY, NO PETS ALLOWED in the Festival Area.

I will be at the festival the first couple of days so if you see me at the event, please pull me aside to introduce yourself as I would love to chat to hear what is on your mind.  Thanks    John Heneghan

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Dunwoody City Council Meeting for Monday April 8, 2024 (Clean Air / Smoking Regulations, Winter Chapel 12 ft Path, State Farm complex apartments, Chief Grogan)

Agenda 6 pm  - City Site Agenda 

City Council meetings are live-streamed on the City of Dunwoody’s Facebook page

They are also available for viewing (no two way communication) on Zoom, or  phone +14703812552,,84919972403#

You can access the video after the meeting on the City of Dunwoody’s YouTube page.

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance 

Public comments - in person 3 min each / 30 min max with additional at end of meeting if needed.

City of Dunwoody Proclamation for Chief Billy Grogan

City Manager's Monthly Report

First Read & Public Hearing: RZ 23-03, 245 Perimeter Center Parkway: Rezone from PDc to PDc to amend the zoning conditions of case RZ 15-072 to allow the development of a mixed use project including office, hotel, and multifamily residential with associated retail, restaurant, amenity space, and structured parking

Approval of Conversion of Contracted Positions and Creation of New City Position for the Technology Department

Approval of Amendment of Position Allocation and Compensation Chart and Market Adjustment for City Employees

Agreement for Managed Networking Service Provider

Funding Authorization for 5695 Trowbridge Drive Storm Repairs

Contract Award for Parks and Recreation Sign Package

Contract Award for North Shallowford Annex Maintenance Repairs

First Read: Review and Consideration of a Text Amendment to Update the Clean Indoor Air Regulations, Chapter 24

I am not a smoker but I have attended "late night business meetings" in an establishment that focused on Bourbon and Cigars. The place of business I visited had a negative pressure air filtration system whereby my clothes didn't smell of smoke when I left.  I believe this proposed ordinance brought to us from the American Heart Association and placed on the agenda by staff or council is an overstep of regulations and I am unsure what we are fixing.  I would like to know the complete impact of the proposal prior to voting on it especially when it may limit a niche business model that could bring a successful establishment to our city.  I understand the intent of protecting all employees from second-hand smoke but when the establishment (or private club) can protect employees an exception needs to be explored.  I will be asking staff to review Gwinnett, Houston and other jurisdictions looking for best practices allowing exceptions.  A cigar bar exception could include the following ...

“Cigar Bar means an establishment operated by a holder of an On Premise Beer and Wine
Permit or other Alcohol Beverage Licensing Permit that:
1. Does not sell food;
2. In addition to selling beer and wine, annually receives 15 percent or more of
its gross revenue from the sale of cigars, and tobacco-related products, except from the sale of
cigarettes. A cigar bar shall not discount alcohol if sold in combination with
cigars or other tobacco products and tobacco-related products;
3. Has a walk-in humidor on the premises;
4. Has a high capacity, negative pressure air cleaning ventilation system, located in such a manner to control second hand smoke exposure to non-smokers.
5. Only permits the smoking of cigars, and does not permit the smoking of cigarettes; and
6. Does not include any establishment which is primarily a bar or restaurant and
which undertakes to make retail offerings of tobacco products as a means of
circumventing the purposes of this article.”

Contract with AECOM for North Shallowford Road Path Project Concept Design

Contract with Practical Design Partners, LLC for Winters Chapel Path Phase 2 Design

On November 7th, the Citizens of Dunwoody voted down a bond referendum for Parks & Paths development and on November 8th an RFP was released for the Winters Chapel Path design which mandates that the path will be 12 feet wide, even in front of the single family residential properties.  This item is now on the agenda for discussion.

Description: Winter Chapel Road Path Phase II. The project consists of a 12-foot shared-use path (SUP) along the west side only of Winters Chapel Road between Charmant Place and Peeler Road in the cities of Dunwoody and Peachtree Corners. In addition to the shared-use path, the project will add lighting and street trees along the corridor. The project connects residential areas on the north end of the project to a MARTA bus route and commercial node at the south end of the project.

Request for Pre-Construction Funding for Real Time Crime Center