Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Dunwoody Budget Committee Meeting - Thursday June 29, 8:30 am

JUNE 29, 2023 - 8:30:00 AM

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  My boys are busy with various work & Boy Scout activities so my bride and I are trying to squeeze in a few trips without them.  (Dreaming of empty nesting but we have awhile to go.)

The next City Council meeting is several weeks away but Staff has called for a special Budget Committee meeting this Thursday morning at 8:30 to discuss Police Compensation & Staffing Levels.   The packet for the meeting is nothing more than the agenda which states that the topic is "Discussion of Amendments to the City's Position Allocation and Compensation Chart and Budgetary Impact".

Here is the latest City's Position Allocation and Compensation Chart for your reading pleasure whereby the Police Department comprises a very large percentage of City Staff, as most other employees are contracted.

Also released in the last week is the FY2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Statements which will be presented at the July 10th meeting by representative from our external auditor, Mauldin & Jenkins.

A big change in 2023 budget vs the 2022 budget is that in 2022 the City utilized $10,000,000 of revenue replacement funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to free up General Fund funding for the creation a fund called ARP2 which removed the federal strings from the original funding.   This was done by charging public safety salaries in 2023 to the grant, taking the funding that was to be used for those salaries to create the ARP2 fund.  Some cities used ARP funding to keep existing operations afloat, Dunwoody did not have to do that - managing its finances accordingly. 

I'm not sure how this ARPA revenue replacement will affect the 2023 budget but we will know more once the draft is released, we will all know more soon.

If you want to listen in to the meeting or visit in person, the information is below.

JUNE 29, 2023 - 8:30:00 AM
Dunwoody City Hall - City Manager Conference Room
4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Agenda 8:30 am  - City Site Agenda 

The meeting will be available on Zoom (no two way communication and it may be just audio)
https://dunwoodyga-gov.zoom.us/j/86076780449  or  phone +14702509358,,86076780449#

City Council meetings are usually live-streamed on the City of Dunwoody’s Facebook page but guessing this small committee meeting arranged in the City Manager's conference room does not have those capabilities.

Food Truck Thursday looks like a nice evening and as always I am looking forward to the Fourth of July Parade; hope to see y'all there.      John

Saturday, June 10, 2023

City of Dunwoody to hold public hearing Monday at 8 am & 6 pm for Tax Rate discussions.


 Link to Millage Rate Explanation



JUNE 12, 2023 - 8:00:00 AM




Agenda 8 am  - City Site Agenda 

Please click this URL to join. https://dunwoodyga-gov.zoom.us/j/81306520136

Monday morning at 8 am the Dunwoody City Council (and again at 6 pm), will be holding public hearings regarding our plan to maintain the current (and I believe maximum without citizen vote) millage tax rate of 3.040 mills.  Because commercial and non-homestead properties went up in value but most owner occupied homes did not, the city is projected to collect a few extra dollars even at the same tax rate, therefore we need to have hearings to tell you that.   

What is not yet calculated by staff is what is the City of Dunwoody's cost of doing business but I can tell you the expenses are going up and the slight increase in revenue will be stretched thin to cover those expenses.

One thing I know for sure, the Dunwoody Police Officers compensation will be thoroughly scrutinized by the administration, and Council and then possibly raised to match or at least be comparable to our neighbors.

Staff proposed to keep the city’s millage rate frozen this year at 3.040 mills. About one third of city’s General Fund budget is funded through property taxes. Now that the draft city digest figures are in, the Council must adopt the millage rate. There needs to be three public hearings per state law. The selected dates were those on which the city already had a scheduled Council meeting: June 12 (8 a.m. and 6 p.m.) and one on July 10 (6 p.m.)

State law also requires the city to advertise a 1.57% increase in taxes, despite the city having a law on its books where all homesteaded properties home values are frozen for city tax purposes. Approximately 85% of all residential properties have their values frozen, meaning unless the rate goes up, their city taxes will not go up. The rate is being held constant this year.

Also, all homestead properties receive an additional one mill reduction, so their effective tax from the city is 2.040.

If the other governments with taxing jurisdiction keep their rates the same, the 2023 bill for a typical Dunwoody home ($500K value frozen at $400k) will look as follows.

Based on staff calculations, the typical City of Dunwoody residence will be paying $296 a year (or .81 cents a day) for city services.

Dunwoody City Council agenda for Monday June 12th (Peeler Path, City Mgr Report, Rezonings, Roberts Park name, Georgetown Storage, vehicle parking on streets).

June 12, 2023 - 6:00 PM

Agenda 6 pm  - City Site Agenda 

City Council meetings are live-streamed on the City of Dunwoody’s Facebook page

They are also available for viewing (no two way communication) on Zoom,
https://dunwoodyga-gov.zoom.us/j/83571238287  or  phone +14702509358,,83571238287#

You can access the video after the meeting on the City of Dunwoody’s YouTube page.


Public comments - in person 3 min each / 30 min max with additional at end of meeting if needed.

City Manager's Report

Public Hearing for Establishing 2023 Millage Rate

FIRST READ: RZ 23-01 & SLUP 23-01: Request to Rezone 4470 Chamblee Dunwoody Road From O-I to O-D, with a Special Land Use Permit Request to Increase the Maximum Allowed Height to 4-Stories.

FIRST READ: RZ 23-02 & SLUP 23-03: Modification of the Zoning and Special Land Use Permit Conditions of Cases RZ 20-03 & SLUP 20-02, to Remove Condition of Approval #25 time of construction.

Resolution Requesting that DeKalb County Voter Registration & Elections Conduct the City of Dunwoody General Election on November 7, 2023

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on the Dunwoody Alcohol License Review Board

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on the Dunwoody Board of Zoning Appeals

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on the Sustainability Committee

SECOND READ Review and Consideration of Text Amendments to the Code of the City of Dunwoody for Chapter 27 Article V, to reflect changes to the state Zoning Procedures Law

SECOND READ Review and Consideration of Text Amendments to the Code of the City of Dunwoody for Chapter 8, Article IV, to reflect changes to the water efficiency regulations

Vietnam War Memorial Donation

Drive Lane Paving for Two Bridges Park

Funding Authorization for Nature Center Eco Classroom Storm Water Improvements

SECOND READ SLUP 23-02: Special Land Use Permit for 5342 Tilly Mill Road, to Allow an Existing Neighborhood Recreation Club and for the Construction of New Sport Courts

SECOND READ Review and Consideration of Text Amendments to the Code of the City of Dunwoody for Chapter 27, Article III, Division 3, to Update Commercial Vehicle Parking Regulations for Home Occupations

SECOND READ Review and Consideration of Text Amendments to the Code of the City of Dunwoody for Chapter 27, Article VI, Division 4, to Update the Requirements for Nonconforming Uses

Park Naming Campaign for the Roberts Drive Park Property

Authorization to Enter Into Agreement with Central Square for Community Development Software Application

Amending the City Position Allocation and Compensation Chart

Concept Design for Peeler Road Path Between Winters Chapel Road and Windwood Hollow Park

Edge City 2.0 Update

Dunwoody Police deploy BolaWrap to secure uncooperative suspect after attempting to bite police officers.

At Monday's 6 p.m. Dunwoody City Council meeting the City Manager, Eric Linton will present his City Manager report with highlights from all departments, including police.   In the police section, I noted an incident where Dunwoody Police deployed new technology in order to safely de-escalate the situation ensuring the officers and the suspect were not harmed any further from that point.  Kudos to the Department for initializing this new tool.

Officers responded to a Shoplifting at Nordstroms. The suspect was located on the MARTA platform and was uncooperative. The suspect resisted arrest, which included him trying to bite Officers and banging his head on the concrete. Officers deployed the WRAP to secure the suspect. Three Officers suffered mild injuries during the arrest.

Below is a video clip showing the new tool (BolaWrap) in action.

 BolaWrap Video

Friday, June 9, 2023

Dunwoody hosts "Groovin’ on the Green" concert series - Saturday Night 6 p.m. at the Brook Run Park amphitheater

The Groovin' on the Green 2023 Series begins TOMORROW - Saturday (6/10)! Join us at the Brook Run Park amphitheater from 6-9pm for @SATELLITE BLVD BAND, food trucks, drinks and giveaways!  Bring your own picnics or pick up dinner from a featured food truck. Dogs (on a leash!) are also welcome.

See you there!

Below is a press release / list of the other concert dates.

Dunwoody celebrates summer with free concerts and outdoor movies

Groovin’ on the Green and Pics in the Park are back with free monthly concerts and outdoor movies.

Dunwoody, GA – May 30, 2023 Dunwoody Parks and Recreation will kick off the summer season with Pics in the Park featuring Shang-Chi (PG-13) on June 2 at Pernoshal Park. The 2023 Groovin’ on the Green Summer Concert Series will begin the following weekend on Saturday, June 10 with SATELLITE BLVD BAND at the Brook Run Park Amphitheater. Both events are free and open to all.

“Summer is our favorite time to gather and show off Dunwoody parks. We’re particularly proud of Groovin’ on the Green, which is becoming more popular and recognizable every year,” said Dunwoody Parks and Recreation Director Brent Walker. “Our concerts are quintessential community events, where you can bring your family, meet your friends and kick back to enjoy music in a beautiful, natural setting.”

The free concerts will be held at the Brook Run Park Amphitheater on the second Saturday of every month through October. All concerts begin at 6 p.m. and are family friendly. Guests are encouraged to walk or ride bikes to the concerts since the Amphitheater is located along the Dunwoody Trailway. Bring picnics or pick up dinner from a featured food truck. Dogs (on a leash!) are welcome.

Groovin’ on the Green 2023 will feature the following bands (find details about the food trucks and bands here: www.dunwoodyga.gov/parkevents):

  • July 8: Corporate Therapy plus Dunwoody Music Student Showcase
  • August 12: Deep Velvet
  • September 9: Singer-Songwriter Showcase – Kate and Corey, Highbeams, Run Katie Run
  • October 14: DEPARTURE: The Journey Tribute Band with After School Special

In addition to Shang-Chi, Pics in the Park will feature Wonder Woman (PG-13) on July 7 and Ready Player One (PG-13) on August 4. The movies under the stars at Pernoshal Park begin at dusk. Free popcorn and candy are served from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. Pics is sponsored in part by Top Job Beverage & Events.