Thursday, February 25, 2021

City of Dunwoody resident Willie Spence looks to be a future star on @AmericanIdol @RyanSeacrest please watch over this talented crooner.

A contestant from Georgia has the chance to become the next American Idol. Willie Spence, 21, earned his golden ticket to Hollywood.

Spence was the last performer of the night and he was shinning bright like a diamond as he blew away Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie with his performance of “Diamonds” by Rihanna on Sunday night.

Spence earned a yes from all three judges. Spence grew up in Douglas, Georgia and stated that he now lives in Dunwoody. I now know who I am rooting for on Sunday nights and I wish Willie much success. 

Moondog Growlers hosts food drive, artist market, live music, food truck & great beer this Suturday from 2pm to 6pm

Saturday afternoon starting at 2 pm, Moondog Growlers will be hosting a small gathering at their location & parking lot. They will have live music and local art from several artists including Huelani Mei Fogleman.  Food truck Frita Kale-O will be there serving up delicious tacos. Project Love Light will be helping collect canned goods and other pantry items to benefit 'Solidarity Sandy Springs' food pantry. Scofflaw Brewing will also be hanging out with us and pouring $5 Scofflaw pints all night.

The event is scheduled for Saturday February 27th from 2pm - 6pm so please stop by and drop off some caned goods and other items that are needed. Here is a complete list of needs.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Georgia Power reports that most Dunwoody power interruptions ocurr because of weather events, fallen trees & squirrels.

Based on the repeated number of power outages in the City, specifically in the Kingsley and Dunwoody North subdivisions; I raised concerns with Michael Smith our Director of Public Works who met with Georgia Power to discuss the matter.  Below is the feedback that was given to the City Council.

  • Dunwoody has 12 circuits supplied from 4 substations
  • Kingsley is supplied from the Tilly Mill substation, Dunwoody North from the North Shallowford substation and Redfield from the Spalding substation
  • Most of the outages that have occurred in the area over the last year have been tree or weather related
    • 81% of the total minutes of outage in 2020 were attributed to weather events (In the city’s own experience the number of trees that fell in the right of way in 2020 was unusually high)
    • Damage from trees unrelated to a storm were the next most common cause of outages followed by cars running into poles causing 7% of outage minutes.  An older developed area like Dunwoody has more trees near the power lines and a lot of the poles are close to the road.   
    • Equipment failure accounted for 3% of the total outage minutes
  • The causes of the specific outages in Kingsley and Dunwoody North, reported recently on social media were:
    • 11/13- squirrel damage
    • 12/31- squirrel damage
    • 1/26- Tree fell
    • 2/6- squirrel damage
  • Squirrels chewing on lines and equipment are a common problem. Georgia Power has mitigation strategies but can’t completely eliminate the problem. 
  • Georgia Power has an asset management program for replacement of poles and other components.  It is unusual for a pole-mounted transformer to fail and therefore Georgia Power does not replace them on a regular basis but keeps them in service until failure.  The loud explosion that people associate with a transformer blowing is actually a fuse in most cases.  The fuse is a safety feature that protects the public, Georgia Power and its equipment. 
  • Georgia Power typically performs tree trimming on a 3-year cycle.  Trimming is occurring now in the Dunwoody North area and is scheduled for April in the Kingsley area.  Georgia Power data shows that outages typically decrease after tree trimming and then gradually increase until the next tree trimming. 
  • The pilot tree trimming program planned in Peachtree Corners involves more aggressive trimming in an attempt to reduce the number of tree related outages.  Normally Georgia Power just removes limbs immediately around the lines.  In the pilot program they are possibly looking to clear a 15-foot distance on either side of the lines from the ground to the sky.
  • The Kingsley interruption time has been average compared to other circuits in the region.  Dunwoody North is experiencing more interruptions than other circuits in the area.  In addition to the typical interruptions caused by weather, trees, vehicles and wildlife, the Dunwoody North circuit is experiencing interruptions due to failures of the old underground lines in Dunwoody Crossing.  They are currently working on a project to replace those lines. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Dunwoody City Council Meeting of Monday Feb 22, 2021 (DeKalb School Board Member Anna Hill, GDOT 285 update, Senior Living, speed limits)


FEBRUARY 22, 2021


Or join by phone: +1 929 205 6099 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799   Webinar ID: 839 2570 5232

Agenda - City Site Agenda

To take part in public comment, please send an email to Include your name, your email address, and phone number. You will be placed on a first-come, first-served list for public comment. The first public comment section has a 30-minute time limit. Each speaker is allowed up to three minutes. If time runs out, pre-registered speakers will be called on during the second public comment section toward the end of the meeting. If you don't pre-register, you can use the "raise hand" feature on zoom during the meeting to be added to the public comment list.

DeKalb School Reopening Plan Website & latest announcement

Educate Dunwoody Facebook & DCSD Parents who want F2F Option

DeKalb / Dunwoody School Parents are upset that a Face 2Face educational model is not contemplated by the DeKalb County School System.

GDOT answers City of Dunwoody's questions on top end express lanes.

Funding Authorization for 1493 Old Springhouse Lane Stormwater Repairs

SECOND READ: RZ20-03: 84 Perimeter Center East Rezoning from the Current C-1 Conditional (Commercial) District to the PC-2 (Perimeter Center) District  

SECOND READ: SLUP 20-02 A): 84 Perimeter Center East Special Land Use Permit to Allow an Exception to Section 27-104(c), Figure 27-104-3, for an Increase in the Maximum Impervious Coverage From 65% (or 75% with Semi-pervious Cover) to a Total of 85% Coverage of Both
Impervious and Semi-pervious Coverage  

SECOND READ: SLUP 20-02 B): 84 Perimeter Center East Special Land Use Permit From Chapter 27, Section 27-104(f)(2) to Allow Residential Use of Age-restricted Multi-family Housing. Section 27-104(f)(2)

SECOND READ: SLUP 20-02 C): 84 Perimeter Center East to allow an exception to Section 27-105(b)(2) to reduce the required Interior Side Yard Setback From 15 feet to 0 feet and to Reduce the Rear Yard Setback of 30 Feet to 10 Feet  

SECOND READ: SLUP 20-2 D): 84 Perimeter Center East to Allow an Exception to Section 27-105(b)(2) to Allow Both Residential and Commercial Uses at the Street Facing Ground Floor Level for a Horizontal Length of 100 Feet From the Eastern Façade of the Multi-family Building That Will not be Service or Lobbies for Lodging. The Street Facing Ground Level of the Remainder of Multi-family Buildings Shall Contain Active Uses for a Minimum Depth of 10 Feet. 

Resolution of Support for an Application to ARC's Community Development Assistance Program 

Discussion of Speed Limit Policy