Sunday, February 27, 2022

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday February 28th, Paving Contract for 2022, Womack / Chamblee Dunwoody intersection starts a slow process of improvement with construction easements, new park at Perimeter Center East.

February 28, 2022

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Agenda - City Site Agenda


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Request for Spruill Center for the Kiln Room Expansion

Approval of Resolution for Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2021

Approval of Contract Amendment with Blount Construction for 2022 Pavement Resurfacing

Approval of Additional Funding for the Mount Vernon Place Sidewalk Project

SECOND READ: RZ 21-03: Rezoning for 600 Ashwood Parkway to Amend the Conditions of the Current C-1c District to Allow a Retail/Restaurant Building

Contract Award for the Construction of Perimeter Center East Park

Right of Way Dedication for Chamblee Dunwoody Road at Womack Road Intersection Improvement

Permanent Maintenance Easement Agreement for Georgia Power at 5439 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

Contract Amendment with Lowe Engineers for a Part-Time Stormwater Capital Project Manager

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Volunteers needed saturday morning to assist with childhood cancer prevention project, Dunwoody Village will be Rocking Saturday Night and Sunday is the Annual DHA Meeting

There are many worthwhile charitable causes in which to support and childhood cancer research is one that is close to my heart. My friends and Dunwoody residents Donal & Karen Flemming are the main facilitators of St. Baldrick's in Atlanta having hosted numerous events, including the St. Baldrick's Float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade every year. Today, Saturday morning the Flemming's could use your assistance with rolling t-shirts to be thrown from the float during the parade. I will be at All Saints Catholic Church, gym in the lower parking lot to assist and maybe I will see you there for a short shift between 8 and 1 pm.

Volunteer opportunity this morning -  St Baldrick’s T-shirt repacking.

As some of my long time blog readers may remember I have shaved my head for St. Baldrick's a number of times, each time with one of my boys and lately my youngest who is now 16 is asking to join me to shave my head once again because he too wants to participate.

I hate fundraising and my bride might not like the idea (I think she used the words Uncle Fester as a term of endearment?), but it might happen again. Until then I help with t-shirts.

Below is documentation of a prior shave if you wanted proof & FYI that little boy sitting next to me is now 6 foot 4, 22 years old and is about to graduate from college.

Bald is beautiful on St. Baldrick's day

Dunwoody Village will be Rocking Saturday Night as the Dunwoody Tavern celebrates 25 years

Starting at 8 pm there will be a live band (Family Truckster from Dunwoody) playing, a few funds will be collected for Camp Twin Lakes and neighbors will be talking to neighbors they haven't seen in several years. Come join us.

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association is holding its annual meeting at 2pm, Sunday, February 27.  The meeting will take place at the City of Dunwoody annex at 4470 N. Shallowford Rd.   Maybe I'll see you there and I think it will also be available streamed on Facebook too.

Part of the DHA meeting will be a review of the proposed expansion of the Spruill Center Art Building to add more class rooms and art classes to the community.  Here is the request from Spruill to the City Council which includes the full plans of the expansion.

On Monday the Dunwoody City Council will be finalizing a construction contract for the new park on Perimeter Center East located within close walking distance of 1,000's of apartments that have been undeserved of close recreational amenities.  The new park will have a playground, open green space, the city's first splash pad and a walking trail through the woods.  I will post the full plans tomorrow when I post the full Monday night Council agenda.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday Feb 14th (Parks Update, Paving, Rezonings, New City Attorney, GDOT Concerns, Budget items, City Manager Report)

02/14/2022 - 5:15 PM

At 5:15 pm on Monday the Dunwoody Public Facilities Authority comprised of members of the City Council, will be meeting to discuss requests from the Dunwoody Nature Center and the Spruill Center for the Arts as detailed below.  Regular Meeting starts at six pm.

Agenda - City Site Agenda

Request for minor Building Alterations to the Dunwoody Nature Center (Nancy Longacre)

Request for Spruill Center for the Arts Facility Expansion (Alan Mothner)

February 14, 2022

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Agenda - City Site Agenda


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City Manager's Report

FIRST READ: RZ 21-03: Rezoning for 600 Ashwood Parkway to Amend the Conditions of the Current C-1c District to Allow a Retail/Restaurant Building

Resolution Appointing a Member to Serve on the Planning Commission - Debbie Gordon

Approval of Additional Human Resources Position Funded by CARES II

Approval of RZ 21-02: Rezoning for 11 Ravinia Drive to Amend the Conditions of the Current PC-2c District to Allow a Furniture Retail Showroom and Concurrent Variance from Chapter 27, Section 98 of the City Code of Ordinances to allow relief from street frontage requirements on Ravinia Parkway.

Approval of Replacement of Taser X2's with Purchase of Taser 7's

Approval of Create Dunwoody Alliance - Create Dunwoody Arts and Culture Master Plan

Approval of Updated Al Fresco Grant

Approval of CARES 2 Amendment for Arts Seed Funding, Hazard Pay, and City Supplies/Services

Approval of Agreement Between the City of Dunwoody and Sherrod & Bernard, P.C. for Appointment as City Attorney and Professional Legal Services

Resolution for Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2021

Additional Funding for the Mount Vernon Place Sidewalk Project

Updated Park Master Plans for 5435 Roberts Dr. and 4809/4819 Vermack Rd

Contract with Blount Construction for 2022 Pavement Resurfacing - 2021/2023 Paving Plan

Vermack Road Shared-Use Path Adjacent to Dunwoody High School

I-285 Issues - PIB Express Lane Access and Exit 30.    Council was recently notified of a fatal accident on Westbound I285 at North Peachtree Road and I expressed frustration with the PIB exit to 285 and the crossing of cars exiting 285 at exit 30, North Peachtree Road.  I believe this exit entrance needs to be modified and better marked. 

Back in 2020, I raised a concern to GDOT on the lack of the top end express lanes coming from or to PIB a major state road that handles thousands a vehicles a day and the update from GDOT stated that they were not thinking it was needed.   

 • Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Access
Existing general purpose (GP) interchanges are not generally considered for arterial access ramps to and from express lanes (EL) in order to avoid potential operational impacts of combining GP and EL traffic into a single location. Under the build condition, drivers would use the direct merge on I-285 at North Shallowford Road to move from the GP lanes to the EL system in order to reach destinations west of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, such as the Perimeter area and Cobb County. Essentially, drivers could still use northbound or southbound Peachtree Industrial Boulevard as they do today, merge onto I-285 heading west, and then almost immediately enter the EL system at the direct merge to travel westward without using local streets. The reverse commute would be similar for drivers traveling northbound or southbound on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard wanting to go in the eastbound direction of I-285.

In February of 2021, Council was briefed by GDOT and this issue was raised once again by numerous Council members with a statement from GDOT that this issue would be revisited for possible addition.  Not hearing back from GDOT, now a year later, on Monday the Dunwoody City Council will once again discuss this and other issues to make sure the State is aware of our long term concerns also request a review of short term tweaks if appropriate.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Thank you State Rep. Mike Wilensky for serving this Dunwoody community with honor and distinction. Mr. Long X Tran announces State Representative run.

 Representative Mike Wilensky, Mayor Lynn Deutsch & Council-member John Heneghan

Serving in an elected public capacity at any level is a difficult but rewarding task that takes dedication and effort which then usually sacrifices precious time away from your family and daytime profession that typically pays the bills.  Today State Representative Mike Wilensky who has served the Dunwoody Community for the last four years has announced that he will not be running for re-election.  I was surprised by the decision but immediately reached out (both privately & publicly) to thank him for his service.

Four years ago Mike (whom I did not know at the time) beat out my friend and former Mayor of Dunwoody, Ken Wright for the State Rep position.  The evening of the first election, I showed up at Mike's election watch party to congratulate him and I think he was very surprised to see me.  As an elected official with now twelve years of service, I personally know the strains of public office therefore I thanked him for running and the sacrifices that will be made, both personal for him & his family as well as professional because of the necessary time away from the regular day time job.  Now, on every election night where Dunwoody candidates are waiting on the tallies, I do the same for them as I have deep respect for those putting their name forward.  Politics aside, I honor the service and sacrifice.  

Elected officials don't go to work for love as we can never make everyone happy but we strive to do what is best for the communities we serve, we work for the greater good by making a difference in the quality of lives who live and work here.  We do all these things while always attempting to remain true to our personal ideals and values.  It is not an easy job.

In related news, another friend and neighbor from my Dunwoody North Community, Mr. Long X Tran has announced that he has put his name forward as a Democratic Candidate for the 80th district Georgia House of Representatives where Rep. Wilensky has decided not to run.  Long and his wife Susie have several children and both have been very active in the schools.  Long opened Peachy Corners Cafe a small independent coffee shop at Spalding & Holcomb Bridge, where he serves not only beverages but a sense of community by hiring local teenagers and hosting music nights with local bands looking for an audience.  Mr. Tran is a avid runner, he has dabbled in the movie industry by producing a film, is also deeply entrenched in the Asian Community as well as politics whereby he recently had the privledge of introducing President Biden at a local event.

Here is a link to Long's campaign announcement from his personal Facebook page which allows public viewing. Thank you Long for throwing your hat into the ring of public service.