Monday, December 21, 2020

Huge Apartment Fire displaces Dunwoody Village residents - Gift Card Drive for Impacted Residents requested for Tuesday @ St. Malachi's Food Drop Off

Huge gas explosion at the Dunwoody Village Apartments on Monday Night.

My friend Erika Harris posted this request on Facebook looking to assist those displaced by the apartment fire, please assist them and St. Malachi if you are able.  Thanks John

Dunwoody friends, as many of you might have heard via social media (or perhaps you heard the explosion with your own ears like I did this afternoon), the Villages of Dunwoody Apartments had a gas explosion today that led to a severe fire. One whole building has been destroyed and neighboring buildings also damaged. 
At this point it looks like the residents impacted will be safely housed tonight, but the loss of their personal items is great. In order to help address the immediate financial need to help support those affected in purchasing items to get through the short term recovery, we are holding a gift card drive.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) during our normal Malachi's Storehouse donation drop off, we will also be collecting gift cards to distribute to the affected families. We will be working with the apartment complex manager to distribute the gift cards to these families. Please see the information below for more details and thank you in advance for your caring and generosity. Dunwoody never ceases to amaze me in its support of each other - my heart is full.
When: Tuesday, December 22nd from 4-6pm
Where: Malachi's Storehouse at St. Patrick's Church (Across from the main entrance to Brook Run Park on North Peachtree)
What: Gift Cards in any amount: Target, Walmart, Visa, Krogers

If you are unable to purchase and bring in a gift card, cash donations can be made via Venmo to @Laurence-Harris-1 and gift cards for the families will be purchased from those funds and given to the families.
* We will not be collecting items for the residents. Due to the ranges of ages and needs, we understand that the most impactful help these residents can receive is in the form of gift cards.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dunwoody Cares - Small Business Relief Grant Fund for Dunwoody-based small businesses impacted by COVID-19

The website for the Dunwoody Small Business Relief Grant Fund is now live, and the application process begins on Monday, December 21. The grant program allows Dunwoody-based small businesses impacted by COVID-19 to request rent, lease or mortgage reimbursement with a maximum award of $30,000 for each applicant. 

Dunwoody Small Business Relief Grant website

“We want to give small businesses time to become familiar with the criteria and gather necessary materials before opening the application process,” said Dunwoody Economic Development Director Michael Starling. “Our goal is to provide as much support as possible in these unprecedented times.”

Grant funds can be used to reimburse the cost of rent, lease, or mortgage payments for real property used for business purposes for up to six months, from April through September 2020. To qualify, small businesses, with two to 50 employees, must be able to document financial hardship due to COVID-19.

Each business owner will be required to complete an on-line application. The business must be in good standing with the City and in operation for a minimum of one year prior to March 1, 2020. Funding is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

“This is the most important step we’ve taken so far in support of small businesses in Dunwoody,” said Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch. “We understand the significant struggles they have faced and hope this can provide some relief.”

This is the third program funded through Dunwoody’s portion of DeKalb County’s disbursement of funding through the CARES Act. In October, the Vulnerable Population Program provided $400,000 in grants to eight local not-for-profit organizations serving people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Council has also approved $150,000 in CARES Act funding for the city’s Al Fresco Matching Grant Program, which provides grants to local businesses that want to begin or expand outdoor operations. 


The following are basic eligibility requirements for applicants to be considered for grant funding through the Dunwoody Small Business Relief Grant Program

  • Dunwoody-based businesses (must have a physical address in the corporate limits)
  • Business in good standing (active City-issued business license, all necessary fees paid, no outstanding code violations)
  • In business and operating a minimum of 1 year prior to March 1, 2020
  • At least two (2) full-time or full-time equivalent (FTE), maximum 50 FTE as of March 1, 2020
  • Shall cooperate with appropriate officials for grant auditing purposes


  • Copy of their current City of Dunwoody business license
  • Completed W-9 form for business, DBA, Tax ID Number and Mailing Address for Grant Check must match entries in General Information section
  • Valid state issued photo ID
  • Receipts and/or proof of Rent, Lease or Mortgage payment
  • Signed and executed City of Dunwoody Small Business Grant program application
  • W3 Summary or IRS Form 941 prior to Feb. 15, 2020
  • Statement of hardship: (i) summary of changes in business operations due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, (ii) an explanation of changes in the financial performance of the business due to COVID-19 (e.g., describe how revenue has been impacted), and (iii) a description of any material defaults or notices from existing creditors
  • Provide copies of SAVE and E-Verify affidavits
  • List of other relief assistance sought by business, including rent relief, rent abatement or rent deferral by landlord


  • Companies that are publicly traded, partially owned by a hedge fund, or corporate-owned franchises are not eligible
  • Home based businesses
  • Individuals or organizations who hold real property for passive sale or investment with no active ties to a for- profit business activities at the location
  • Businesses owned or operated by officials or employees of City of Dunwoody Government are not eligible grant recipients
  • Companies with legal actions against or from the City of Dunwoody, including code enforcement liens are not eligible
  • Owner, officer, partner or principal actor of the business involved with financial mismanagement. This includes: “Business Owner(s) with any conviction(s) for financial crimes within the last 3 years, with Business Owner(s) defined as: Managing Members and/or Officers.”
  • Gambling institutions; Convenience Stores; Beer, Wine and Liquor Stores (package stores for off-premise consumption); Multi-level Marketing Organizations; Real Estate Investment Trusts; and Adult Entertainment Operations.
  • Applicants in which any owner is presently involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday December 14, 2020

MONDAY, December 14, 2020
DUNWOODY, GA 30338 and via Zoom

Dunwoody Public Facilities Authority - 5:00 PM

Or join by phone: +1 312 626 6799 or +1 929 205 6099 or +1 301 715 8592
Webinar ID: 870 4657 9120

Agenda - City Site Agenda

Request from the Dunwoody Nature Center to Add Bathrooms to the North Woods Pavilion

Dunwoody City Council Meeting - 6:00 PM

Or join by phone: +1 312 626 6799 or +1 929 205 6099 or +1 301 715 8592
Webinar ID: 824 8353 7361

Agenda - City Site Agenda

To take part in public comment, please send an email to Include your name, your email address, and phone number. You will be placed on a first-come, first-served list for public comment. The first public comment section has a 30-minute time limit. Each speaker is allowed up to three minutes. If time runs out, pre-registered speakers will be called on during the second public comment section toward the end of the meeting. If you don't pre-register, you can use the "raise hand" feature on zoom during the meeting to be added to the public comment list.

Resolution to Adopt the Comprehensive Plan 2020-2040 5-Year Update

FIRST READ: RZ 20-04: 301 & 303 Perimeter Center N rezoning From the Current OCR Conditional (Office-Commercial-Residential) District to a PC-2 (Perimeter Center) District 

FIRST READ: SLUP 20-01: 301 & 303 Perimeter Center N Special Land Use Permit to Allow for a Secondary Education Use From Section 27-104(6)

Resolution to Approve Membership in the Georgia Municipal Association Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund 

Resolution Authorizing Elected Officials of the City of Dunwoody to be Covered under the Georgia Municipal Association Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on Dunwoody Development Authority - Cheryl Strickland

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on the Dunwoody Urban Redevelopment Agency

Resolution Appointing District 1 Member to Serve on Discover Dunwoody Board

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on Sustainability Committee - Fikrat Atalay

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on the Alcohol License Review Board - Andrea Hirsch and Suzanna Melan

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on the Dunwoody Board of Zoning Appeals - Ellen Ethridge, Ryan Esslinger, Ryan Schwartz

SECOND READ: Public Art and Public Art Commission

Approval of Gateway and Wayfinding Plan

Discover Dunwoody 2021 Budget Approval

Approval of a Facility Usage Agreement with Dunwoody Senior Baseball

Approval of a Facility Usage Agreement with Rush Union Soccer

Approval of Contract for Lobbyist Services

Resolution Approving Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2020

Discussion on DeKalb County Schools - Heneghan opinion

Bicycle and Pedestrian Policies

Presentation of North DeKalb Cultural Arts Center Master Plan

CARES Funding Update

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dunwoody are you Struggling in this time of COVID? You are not alone & help is available.

If you or your family is struggling, please know there are important local resources available to you. All of these nonprofits received support from the City of #Dunwoody through the CARES Act.

Rent, mortgage & utility assistance:
Community Assistance Center -
Corners Outreach -
Society of St. Vincent de Paul -
Food assistance:
Malachi’s Storehouse -
Jewish Family & Career Services -
Corners Outreach -
Mental health support:
Summit Counseling Center -
Jewish Family & Career Services -
Educational support:
Corners Outreach -
PS: I would like to personally acknowledge the many generous people who routinely donate their talents, treasures and valuable time to those in this community who need our help.   To everyone who made our Christmas for Kids event a success thank you, as a member of the Dunwoody Dad Club at Dunwoody High School I would like thank those who donated to help brighten the holiday of a few families in need; to those who donate to Giving Grace thank you.  As a community, I routinely see neighbors helping neighbors and for that I thank you.
For those who want to do more, please reach out to any of the organizations listed above as they all need help, be it volunteers, monetary, food donations or gifts for families in need.  Finally if you are looking for a distanced outdoor social event which is also a charity, I see that there is a Toys for Tots event coming up next week at Moondog Growlers.

Does your family have 30 minutes to make some precious seniors happy this holiday season? Saturday 9:45 am the MOMS Club of Dunwoody is doing a Drive - Though Parade for Seniors at Brighton Gardens

Does your family have 30 minutes to make some precious seniors happy this holiday season!
Living in a retirement community during the COVID-19 pandemic has come with many sacrifices, including extremely limited contact with the outside world. Staff members at the Brighton Gardens retirement community have meticulously insulated its residents from the virus. Saturday, those residents will finally able to see their families and visitors like you in the flesh.
The MOMS Club of Dunwoody is putting on "The Great Cookie Drive By PARADE" at Brighton Gardens of Dunwoody a senior living facility December 12th, meet at 9:45 AM at the facility parking lot. Parade will be through the parking lot and will start at 10 AM.
Saturday 9:45 in Parking Lot - Starting at 10 am
1240 Ashford Center Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30338
We need friendly people and smiling kids for the "drive by" parade for these wonderful seniors which really WANT to see people and children. Everything else has been taken care of. 
Please join us for the parade as it's free and safe!  If you are inclined to decorate your vehicles (not required) it would be an added bonus!  

PS: all Moms with young children are invited to join our organization as we have lots of fun and (now distanced) social interaction with our children.

DeKalb / Dunwoody School Parents are upset that a Face 2 Face educational model is not contemplated by the DeKalb County School System.

I like many parents have a child in the DeKalb County School System and we have been hoping that the safety protocols for COVID transmission and/or the infection rate would soon allow for an optional face to face educational model for those students and families who want to return to the class room.  As that has not yet happened, my wife and I continue to oversee our DHS freshman to remain engaged in his own learning processes. We utilize outside tutors where needed and do appreciate the teachers staying after my son for missing assignments or other deficiencies. In reality, our circumstances with just one high school student is rather easy but parents with multiple students in various elementary grades have it much tougher and throw in an educational disability with no special services being offered by the County and some would claim it is criminal for the harm being done by this institution that is funded at one of the highest tax rate in the State.

Unfortunately last week the infection rate in DeKalb County was at 341 per 100K people which is still above the metrics of  > 100 cases per 100,000 for 14-day period that DeKalb utilizes.  The transmission data from the Georgia Department of Public Health was shared at the most recent DeKalb County School Board meeting and because of the metric, no hard date or plan for return has been contemplated.  With the Atlanta Public School System, implementing a change to allow Face 2 Face learning for the must vulnerable (Youngest Students and Special Needs Students) in January - DeKalb seems to be an island of limited learning opportunities give parents no options for improvement.

The issue is that many parents are seeing that their children are struggling, not learning at the pace as expected and believe that DeKalb County School System is failing both the children and the communities they serve; doing long term damage to both. These DeKalb parents want an option for face to face learning and are upset that DeKalb seems to be the only school system holding out and sticking to these ultra conservative metrics when Fulton County Schools just blocks away from the Dunwoody border are open.  Fulton County currently has a higher infection rate of 345 per 100K vs the 341 of DeKalb; yet they have been open for Face to Face instruction for months - why not DeKalb?

 CDC recommendations are mixed as our rate is high, but DeKalb could also be fortifying the classroom operations to limit the spread so they could open and parents are not sure of what those actions are.  Here is more CDC information as to COVID School Operations.

Every family, every child and everyone in the classroom including the teachers have different medical needs that need to be accounted for in the proposal for face to face learning.  It will not be for everyone but a group of DeKalb Parents are so fed up with only the virtual on line learning that they have organized a Facebook Group entitled "DCSD Parents who want F2F option" and in doing so they are starting to write DeKalb School Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris, the District Superintendents, the School Board, State Representatives and any elected office that may have jurisdiction.  The Dunwoody City Council received a number of emails and will be meeting on Monday to discuss circumstances and possible actions the City can take even in our limited role of having no oversight.

I have received in excess of ten emails from Dunwoody residents asking us to intervene on behalf of our residents, asking that we sign a petition and lobby the DeKalb County School Board to offer Face 2 Face instruction, for them to assess the long term damage that this conservative policy is doing to our children, families, teacher morale and a thousand other perspectives. 

One virtual solution does not fit all student needs and I do agree with the concerned parents writing me that the DeKalb School System is flat out failing those children who have special needs, failing those who have little or no support at home and after having many months to make changes, are failing to provide adequate educational services to all the students they serve.  Other area County School Systems are open with protections and DeKalb hasn't evaluated their peers decision against both positive and negative aspects or if they have done so, they haven't shared that analysis.

I have taken the liberty to pull snip-its of a few emails I have received being sent to the DeKalb County School System. 

The CDC and top medical professionals recommend F2F. We have learned since March and spread is not coming from our schools. Here are some comments within the past 2-3 weeks by the CDC Director, US Surgeon General and Dr. Fauci: kids are safe or safer in school, teachers are not higher risk than the community, spread among and from children is not very big at all, CDC does not recommend school closures (nor did they in the Spring) and K-12 schools can operate safely w/ F2F learning.

If you have not seen the Fox 5 clip covering Sunday's rally at Piedmont Park, I have included a link at the bottom of the email. I was at the rally and it brought tears to my eyes meeting Philip Woody and his son. They are Dunwoody residents. Please refer to the mark from 1:10-1:20 where he talks about his son. If this does not upset people in our community, then I don't know what will.

I acknowledge the differing opinions everyone has on the pandemic. However, at a minimum, we must provide our elementary kids, special needs students and those with learning disabilities with a F2F 'option'. We must do better and I will continue to fight and advocate for our students, and I am calling on you as well.

Almost every week I send an email to the Dekalb County School Board begging from the bottom of my heart to give parents the options to send our kids to school in-person, especially the Elementary School kids. In week one it was more factual and asking politely and by week 15 the tone in my emails have gotten more frustrated. The board is literally ruining our community in Dunwoody. Teachers (it is coming in March when they sign contracts) and strong families are leaving our community to move to other districts or go to private schools. I don’t trust the School Board to make any decisions that are in the best interest of my children and at this point I have to believe they all lack common sense and strong leadership capabilities. The CDC and pediatricians all over the globe continue to say kids need to be in school and that the spread of Covid 19 is not happening or worsening due to schools being open especially for Elementary schools.

There is no review of actual science. There is no review of peer district data. There is no compassion for children with special needs. There is no compassion for working parents. There is no innovation. There is no flexibility. Things that don't bend will break. Our entire school system is on the verge of breaking. We need your help!

I need you to know that I type this email with tears running down my face, exhausted and angry and hopeless. Our children are suffering. Our GOOD teachers are suffering. Parents are suffering. You have failed us by not giving us the option to send our children to school in person. You are willing to justify the mental health toll this is taking on our kids (and parents, obviously). You are willing to overlook the plummet of women specifically, having to leave the workforce. You consider 5% of children not logged into school a success. A decrease in child abuse is not due to less child abuse, it's due to less protection. You are willing to ignore THOUSANDS of students leaving and not coming back. The good teachers smell blood in the water and are looking for other jobs. YOU are gutting our schools. All you had to do was give us the choice. No one ever said, force people back into school. I would also like to point out that DCSD has not offered any monies to pay for the IEP services that children are not able to receive, which is against the law. We shut schools down in MARCH. Why, when schools were empty for 265 days, were safety protocols not being examined, procured and put in place?

Friday, December 4, 2020

Chesnut Elementary School Community says goodbye to Principal Veronica Williams after 18 years of service - Parade Saturday at Noon


My wife Kristin & I were Chesnut Elementary School Parent's for 13 consecutive years and Ms. Veronica Williams was there for many of them as either an Assistant Principal or as the Principal. On Saturday the City of Dunwoody and the entire Chesnut community will be honoring Veronica as she prepares for retirement.  From Noon to 2 pm there will be a parade of cars moving through the car pool lower parking lot off North Peachtree Road.

 Looking back on my blog I've found a few highlights through the years regarding Chesnut (in not particular order) and the great things they do at this small diverse neighborhood school.  My three boys were blessed to have such caring and dedicated teachers where community and parental support was generous and the administrative leadership fostered a fantastic atmosphere for learning.

Veronica, thanks you for all you have done for children and this community, Kristin & I wish you great happiness in your retirement.

New Chesnut Charter & welcome Dr. Reid & Ms. Williams

John and Kristin Heneghan - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in support of Chesnut Charter Elementary in Dunwoody

Best story of the year for AJC, tells of Dunwoody High School Gates Scholar, Ashton Jordon and his long time mentor Mr. Art Collins.

Chesnut Charter Elementary School - a gem of Dunwoody - 2014 Year in Review

Various Dunwoody Updates, Monday meeting, website, animals, electronics and park design.

RIP Dr. Richard Reid - retired principal of Chesnut Charter Elementary

Chesnut Elementary children ask Dunwoody Senior's to take a walk - Saturday March 16, 2013 - 10 a.m.

Dunwoody's Chesnut Elementary walks on Wednesday and then honors Ms. Lee Ann Brunson with letter writing to Military. @TheBertShow

Thank you to the PCMS Cheerleaders for welcoming Chesnut students on GA Walk to School Day.

A hero walks among us - a Dunwoody crossing guard saved my son's life. 

Dunwoody Crossing Guard tells her story as she is honored by 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie

Governor Nathan Deal proclaims March 6, 2013 - Georgia School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Radarsign proved to reduce speeding on dangerous North Peachtree Road

Distracted driver in Dunwoody causes scare at Chesnut Elementary - new crosswalk lights will be moved to main crosswalk.

Future Dunwoody City Councilwoman Amelia touts Chesnut Charter Elementrary School

Chesnut Charter School is a great place to Learn.

Kudos to Chesnut Charter Elementary

Dunwoody Teacher, Ms. Jan Jordan's drive to help those affected by summer tornados.

Live, Work and Play but where's the Play? Kaboom! states that Play Matters

Chesnut gets a playground, KaBoom organizes project


Thursday, December 3, 2020

Dunwoody Tidbits - Village rezoning, Roberts Drive approved by Council but ZBA is next, hunting update, City Manager report, Holiday Lights at Brook Run, Christmas for Kids


Coming real soon, there will be new signage at all City Parks.

Monday evening the Dunwoody City Council approved the new Dunwoody Village zoning regulations having worked diligently with many of the surrounding neighbors to ensure buffering protections are in place, therefore we also lifted the moratorium that was put into place.   Over the weekend before the Council meeting, the City was served with a lawsuit from the Shops of Dunwoody (including the Car Wash) disputing agreements and covenants that were put into place many years ago therefore the City carved them out of the rezoning and will attempt to settle facts and a way forward to add those properties back into the Village zoning along with proper neighbor buffering protections for larger buildings that may someday be built there.

 Roberts Drive Rezoning - Monday night council approved the allowance to build thirteen new homes where three once stood across the street from the Dunwoody Nature Center.  Residents on all sides were conflicted as to wanting or not wanting the new development as to the impacts to their property could be negative or positive depending on the layout, topography and concessions from the developer.  Even the Dunwoody Homeowners Association weighed in thinking the variances and the scope of the project was too problematic for approval.   In a rare 4 to 3 vote of Council the project was approved by Mayor Deutsch, councilors Tallmadge, Riticher and Seconder with Harris, Lambert and myself voting against.  The R-50 single home development should not exceed 40% lot coverage by code and these homes don't come close at 70% lot coverage.  The next step for the developer is the Zoning Board of Appeals who is meeting tonight at 6 pm to see if the request for approval falls within their allowances to legally approve the plan?

Council was briefed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to discuss hunting in Dunwoody where we learned of the state allowance for bow hunting in any section of the state and how we as a City can not modify or limit those activities on private owned land. Hunting to me in Dunwoody is both a safety and property rights issue whereby gun hunting is already outlawed and bow and arrow hunting is allowed by the State with the hope that common sense is used as there are limited safety requirements for bow hunting.

If we had five acre tracts with little chance of hunters, or wounded deer trespassing onto neighbors property, thereby forcing neighbors to participate / witness the hunting process, arrows might be fine with bow hunting; but with ¼ acre lots an injured deer will run and drop where not intended.  We have witnessed people (hunters) with no intention of following the laws on the books as they are running around shooting guns (breaking numerous laws) for hunting.  More laws on the books can not stop that from happening again.  In the case of the shooting that was caught on video on Mount Vernon, the tags were discovered on a camera and Dunwoody PD found out that hunters actually stole the pickup truck from Gwinnett County inorder to hunt in Dunwoody with a weapon. 

I also discovered that State Law to limit bow hunting will be hard to change because of a Georgia Constitutional Amendment that was passed in 2006.,_Amendment_2_(2006)

We (the City) will be exploring options with the State but unsure where this issue will finally land, but I am guessing nothing is going to happen fast.   Long story short, gun hunting is illegal in Dunwoody and bow and arrow hunting is allowed by the State, whereby it cannot be controlled / limited by the municipality but instead would need State action (possibly another Constitutional Amendment) to change the law.

For the last couple of months, the City Manager, Mr. Eric Linton provides Council (the Community) highlights from the various city departments and the many things they are working on at Council's direction.  This week the update is 13 pages long and it is filled with numerous tidbits of information.

Save the date of December 12th at 6 pm when the City will light the Holiday Lights at Brook Run Park and playground with over 25,000 lights, complete with a 20' mega tree, reindeer barn, and 24' wooden train, perfect for photos! Please enjoy this self-guided lighted display safely by wearing masks and social distancing. The FREE lighted display will remain on until December 28 for you and your family to enjoy. 


The Dunwoody Police Department is partnering with I Care Atlanta to run the Christmas for Kids program.

Today is the deadline for dropping new, unwrapped toys and gifts for kids aged 0-15 years old. You may drop off gift donations at the Dunwoody Police Department 24/7 (ring intercom after-hours). Monday, 12/7/20, 5pm-7pm.

A fun community volunteer opportunity to help wrap gifts for our CFK registered families. Spots will be limited due to social distancing guidelines. Contact or 678-382-6919 to volunteer.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Dunwoody City Council Meeting Agenda for Monday November 30, 2020

MONDAY, November 30, 2020 6:00 PM
DUNWOODY, GA 30338 and via Zoom

Or join by phone: +1 312 626 6799 or +1 929 205 6099 or +1 301 715 8592
Webinar ID: 869 7502 3982

Agenda - City Site Agenda

To take part in public comment, please send an email to Include your name, your email address, and phone number. You will be placed on a first-come, first-served list for public comment. The first public comment section has a 30-minute time limit. Each speaker is allowed up to three minutes. If time runs out, pre-registered speakers will be called on during the second public comment section toward the end of the meeting. If you don't pre-register, you can use the "raise hand" feature on zoom during the meeting to be added to the public comment list.

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on Dunwoody Audit Committee (Reappointments - Barbara Jesup, Stuart McLemore, Robbie Moon and Charles Schneller)

Resolution Appointing Members to Serve on Dunwoody Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals (Reappointments - Monroe Brock and Charles Juray)

Resolution Appointing a Member to Discover Dunwoody Board. (New appointment - Zoe Franciscus)

SECOND READ: Emergency Face Mask Ordinance

Approval to Surplus Police Vehicles for Sale to Pickens County

Approval of Contract for the External Auditors for Fiscal Years Ending December 31, 2020 - 2024

Resolution Amending the 2020 CARES II Budget

Approval of Funding for Dunwoody Police Department On-Site Car Wash System at City Hall

FIRST READ: Public Art and Public Art Commission

RZ 20-02 Peachland Housing Group Seeks to Rezone the Properties Located at 5308, 5318, and 5328 Roberts Drive From Their Current R-100 (Single-Dwelling Residential) District Zoning Classification to an R-50 (Single-Dwelling Residential) District

Review and Consideration of New Dunwoody Village District Zoning Regulations (Chapter 27)

RZ 20-01: An Ordinance to Amend the Official City of Dunwoody Zoning Map to Rezone Multiple Parcels Within Dunwoody Village to Create Newly Adopted Dunwoody Village Districts as Contemplated in the New Dunwoody Village Zoning Regulations

Resolution to Adopt Updates to the Dunwoody Village Master Plan

Review and Consideration of the Dunwoody Village Moratorium

SECOND READ: Text Amendment to Chapter 16 of the Code of Ordinances for Post-Construction Stormwater Management

Approval of Budget Amendment for 2021 Workers' Compensation Coverage

Approval of Contract for Lobbyist Services - Updated below

  • As of 6:20 pm Friday, the agenda for the Monday, November 30 City Council meeting has been revised. Staff has moved award of the lobbyist contract to the December 14 meeting. No other information is available at this time.

Gateway and Wayfinding Plan

Facility Usage Agreement with Dunwoody Senior Baseball

Facility Usage Agreement with Rush Union Soccer

Presentation of Park Concept at Perimeter Center East

Bow Hunting in Urban Areas (Chief Billy Grogan)

PS: - Council was just notified of a special called Executive Session meeting at 5 pm for Legal Discussion