Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Map of Dunwoody includes all Property Lines.

Best Map of Dunwoody - Tax Plat Property Line Tool

Several years ago when I was assisting the Citizens for Dunwoody Committee in setting the boundaries, I created a simple yet very effective online tool so I could view any property line in the new City of Dunwoody. Today the only change in my map from that time is the fact that the line for the city goes up to 285 instead of now encompassing it. Other than that change, the map is flawless.

Click on the photo above or this link and allow the slightly over sized map to appear. Once the map is up, scroll the the map over or down if needed in order to find your house or an area that you are familiar with. Then click that location on the map.

From there a pdf tax plat map of the area will load showing what you just clicked, including possibly your house. Zoom in on the pdf and from there you can read every subdivision name, every street, every property line including the length of each line and the total acreage on large parcels.

Still to this day I find myself using this tool for various items that cross my desk and figured I would post it again (originally posted August 4, 2008). Give it a try.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

City of Dunwoody update by Councilman Robert Wittenstein

Dear Dunwoody Friends and Neighbors,

There is a lot going on in Dunwoody right now but none of it is more important than the parks master plan that was just released in draft form. This plan aims to be a blueprint for parks development in Dunwoody—which up until now has been a virtual parks desert.

The conceptual drawings can be viewed at Parks and Green Space Master Plan.

One of the most exciting elements of the plan is the proposal to build a greenway along the high tension power lines that run through Dunwoody from Sandy Springs to Gwinnett.  The greenway could connect our parks into a network of paths for walkers, runners and bicyclers.   Also outlined are potential ‘makeover’ plans for each of our parks with an emphasis on transforming Brook Run from a “diamond in the rough” to a jewel.

The plan is still in draft form. If you have feedback, please post it on the newly opened discussion board Dunwoody Parks Plan Discussion Board.

Not in the plan, but something we should all keep in mind, is that this would be an ideal time to acquire property for parks in those areas of Dunwoody where we don’t have park properties today. Buying new properties would require an investment but with land prices lower than they have been in years, it would be a shame not to take advantage of what is sure to be a limited window with depressed prices.

In other news, we have received revised proposals for 911 service from both DeKalb County and ChatComm. As an illustration of the value of competition, ChatComm has lowered their price and DeKalb has offered to improve their service level. The ChatComm proposal is now very close in cost to the DeKalb proposal and ChatComm is still offering a substantially higher level of service. I think this makes what was a difficult decision (to spend more to get more) an easier decision. DeKalb’s 911 service is our weakest link in the public safety response chain and I’m looking forward to our increasing our ability to respond more quickly and more consistently.



AJC Columnist Maureen Downey to speak at Kingsley Elem on Weds a.m. for Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council.

Maureen Downey speaks to the DCPC.
Come and Get Schooled.

Weds., Feb., 2, 2011,
9:15am-10:30am (refreshments start at 8:45am)

Maureen Downey, Reporter/Columnist, Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Role of Media in Educational Policy and School System Practices

Kingsley Charter Elementary School
2051 Brendon Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Va mos a tener interprete presente (we will have a Spanish interpreter present).

All guests are welcome!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dunwoody Park Proposals Revealed - Brook Run

Thursday night the consultant for the City of Dunwoody revealed a comprehensive layout as to what five city parks and a trail system could look like in a few years. Though the drawings are conceptual at this point, I liked at lot of what I saw of the parks at first glance but with so many changes, several questions and concerns arise as well. I believe the City Council will have a more detailed review of the these plans at the Feb 15th (Tuesday) work session therefore I will hold my personal comments until then.

Here is a really rough overview of what I see being presented at Brook Run. The park will have three entrances for vehicles, Peeler, North Peachtree & Barclay but the park will be divided into two sections by removable bollards in the park road just past the community garden. The front main part of the park will be serviced by Peeler and N Peachtree and the back "active section" of the park where ball fields will be installed will only be available via Barclay. I counted six walking / biking entrances into the park with noticeable sidewalk improvements completely surrounding the park including Peeler and Barclay. There will be multi-use trails throughout the park, including though the heavily wooded area where the dog park is now. The dog park will be moved across the street and broken into three areas to differentiate between Large and Small dogs. The community garden, skate park, playground and green house all seem to stay in place.

The big open area near the front of the park at the corner of N Peachtree and Peeler will be converted into a water feature or splash area and I see eight tennis courts with rest rooms being added into an open area past the skate park. There are a number of buildings removed in this drawing including the theater, the maintenance facility and the dormitory which are currently located off Azalea Drive (the Peeler access point). The Veterans memorial is also relocated to be surrounded by a water feature and adjacent to the great lawn and special events area (stage, bandshell?) and opposite the chapel which will remain. The back of the park where the old hospital was located now shows three large ball fields and or multi-use fields as well as a few group picnic pavilions. Brook Run is slated to handle most of the active ball playing since Dunwoody Park's ball fields will be removed to allow other recreational amenities (playground) on the far North side of town as well to allow an improved Dunwoody Nature Center.

Since the City is currently in discussions with the DeKalb County School System and Peachtree Charter Middle School to have a joint use agreement put into place to share the Peachtree amenities; this plan shows a few improvements there too. First item is that Barclay will no longer be a thru street whereby the section around the curve between the new Brook Run Entrance on Barclay (near fire station) and the back entrance to the Peachtree Middle School football field will be closed off to allow and encourage more foot traffic between the park and the school fields thereby attempting to make it a seamless park structure with new paths into the park. There are also plans for the City to possibly improve or install fields at Peachtree therefore they are part of the active layout of the park.

Please take a look at the large pdf of Brook Run Park to zoom in as well as look at the other park designs located on the City's Parks and Greenspace Master Plan page.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dunwoody Parks and Greenspace Meeting Tonight at Dunwoody City Hall

About a month and half ago, early on a Saturday morning, I attended the public meeting to specifically discuss Brook Run Park and compared to many recent community meetings, this one was quite tame. There were about 45 residents in attendance who by my rough estimation had an average age of about 55 years old and they threw out ideas as to what they desired as to the future of Brook Run Park. Besides a group of neighbors who live immediately adjacent to the dog park, I didn't notice any large contingent of special interest groups who attended the meeting en-mass. That being said, the residents who attended voiced their special concerns or favorite park ideas, what ever they may be and each one was valued and recorded.

The consultant may have bounced a few ideas off the group in attendance and some were added as possible ideas that in the end, may or may not stick. Some of the ideas broached concerned the movement of the baseball fields from Dunwoody Park to Brook Run to make for a larger Dunwoody Nature Center, possible relocation of the Dunwoody Community Garden as well as the Dog Park to sites that some may believe would be better suited.

This evening (Thursday) there will be a another parks meeting at City Hall starting at 6 pm on the Citywide Parks and Greenspace Master Plan and though I am expecting a few more targeted groups in attendance over the first meeting; my hope is that the room will be filled with a representative cross section of the community. This meeting will focus on long-range guidance to the City of Dunwoody on park redevelopment, possible land acquisitions for future park space, staffing options, operations management, revenue sources and maintenance plans. The long term master plan will include a Citywide green space and parks needs assessment to evaluate current level of service, study potential and appropriate acquisition needs, and identify existing private and public recreation opportunities.

Per the meeting announcements, only after the Citywide plan is completed will the update to the Brook Run Master Plan be completed. Long Story, short; if you are interested in the future of Dunwoody parks and the services being provided, please attend this meeting. We need to hear from you. Thanks.

Thursday, January 27th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Video of Dunwoody City Council Meeting of January 24

Recap, DeKalb County School Board Member Ms. Nancy Jester spoke briefly at the very start of the meeting stating that she has been listening to her constituents, she explained the future process as well as a few important upcoming dates.

After Ms. Jester the Dunwoody City Council approved everything put in front of them as presented except for the resolution on the DeKalb County School redistricting which was modified to remove the magnet component.  The meeting moved at a good clip and many first time visitors should be aware that by the time we vote on an item, it has been reviewed and discussed several times.

The full meeting video is above and I have taken the time to prepare two highlight clips, the first is Robert Wittenstein's announcement of his decision to modify the school resolution and the second clip is the reading - modification - discussion and approval of the school resolution.

Robert Wittenstein announces change to DeKalb Resolution

 DeKalb Resolution Change - Comment - Approval

Tuesday - Dunwoody holds meeting on the Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Dunwoody Comprehensive Transportation Plan Meeting
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Begins: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Dunwoody United Methodist Church,
1548 Mount Vernon Road, 30338

This Comprehensive Transportation Plan will:
• Identify transportation needs and appropriate strategies
• Identify specific actions to implement the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan
• Define necessary transportation priorities, policies, projects and/or programs

This plan will address travel by auto, bicycle, walking and transit. The resulting Plan will identify strategies for both the short term and long term to improve mobility and enhance the quality of life in Dunwoody. It will recommend policies, programs and specific projects.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Email the Dunwoody City Council with one click.

A week ago I posted a link to e-mail the entire DeKalb County School Board with one click and today numerous people wanted to communicate directly to the Dunwoody Council in order to voice concerns regarding the resolution drafted by Councilman Robert Wittenstein therefore I have created two email links depending if you are a Windows or Mac user.  (On a personal note, I always appreciate a telephone number associated with an e-mail since I get e-mails on my hip and can sometimes immediately return your call to answer your question.)

Mail the City Council - Win PC

Mail the City Council - Mac

In light of numerous emails received by the community the resolution was modified by Robert and resubmitted as he had no intention to submit something to council that was perceived to be so divisive.   Per my conversations with him, he was attempting to draft something that he believed the community could rally around.

The Dunwoody City Council has no vote in this matter and our two School Board representatives, Nancy Jester and Pam Speaks are currently listening to all sides of the story, as are the hired consultants who will be making the final redistricting recommendation to the Acting Superintendent.  I attended the Chamblee meeting on Thursday where I talked directly to Nancy & Pam and can attest that they are receiving many, many emails from the Dunwoody community.  Nancy Jester will also be attending Monday Night's Dunwoody City Council meeting at 7 pm to listen to residents so please take advantage of that if you are interested.  (Register for Public Comment prior to the meeting on a card inside the door and bring it to the City Attorney at the front table.)

Several weeks ago, I posted my personal thoughts on redistricting on my blog and did what I could do to facilitate communication among those affected by the possibility of being redistricted outside the Dunwoody Cluster. I intended to go no further with my personal lobbying crusade on redistricting hoping that the public vetting process would work as intended.   All this being said, I personally thought that the Council shouldn't be overly involved but now it looks as if I may have to take a side, either pro or con against the proposed resolution.

John Heneghan making the public’s business, plain for all to see - AJC Rick Badie

AJC Article on Heneghan
John Heneghan remembers the roadblocks he encountered when he’d request information from DeKalb County government. Too often, the longtime Dunwoody resident got stonewalled, ignored and met unnecessary resistance about public dealings that should have been completely in the sunshine.

Today, Heneghan is the District 3 at-large councilman in what two years ago became the city of Dunwoody. He routinely updates a blog, dunwoodynorth., about municipal meetings, issues, local happenings and so on.

When Dunwoody incorporated into a city, this tech-savvy Chicago native would capture the meetings in audio and convert them to his blog for all to hear.

Within a year, he used his own expense account to buy a webcam and laptop so he could stream meetings live and archive them, too.

When it comes to government, Heneghan believes the public should be able to access every fact he has regarding whatever issue. That includes city e-mails and documents. With him, an open records query isn’t necessary to learn what’s going on with proposal A or issue B. He’s the conduit.

It’s fair to say the behavior of this 43-year-old regional director for the federal Department of Transportation is atypical of political behavior we witness across the metropolis. (Think the Atlanta Public Schools’ testing scandal). Some locales have come to expect stonewalls, grandstands and arrows shot at the pesky media for attempts to simply divulge the facts.

Then in walks Heneghan.

“Dunwoody grew up under the auspices of DeKalb County, where I have had to file so many open records requests,” he told me. “We need to be the opposite of what we have broken away from. Now, everybody is used to me doing what I do in Dunwoody. It’s natural.”

Now it appears that Heneghan’s council colleagues, and officials in Alpharetta, Dunwoody and Milton, are just as intrigued with live and streaming government; with bringing municipal meetings to residents, in their living rooms. They’ve invested in the technology. Some systems allow time-stamp recordings so residents can call meetings up online and navigate to a specific agenda item.

Many folks can’t attend meetings. Some, frankly, are disinterested unless directly affected. With such technology, though, it’s even harder to say you’ve been kept in the dark on purpose. You can tap the computer and watch anytime.

Heneghan posts in his blog any e-mails and documents he receives on city-related matters. That practice propels the idea of transparency to a whole other sphere. He wants residents to help run the city.

“I am not a politician,” he told me. “I am a public servant.”

Maybe that’s the stark difference between him and other officials. This servant has an explanatory statement stripped across the top of his blog:

“First is that when I have the ability to make a difference, I have a responsibility to do so. Transparency in government breeds self-corrective behavior.”


Agenda Changes to the Jan 24th Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Revised resolution on DeKalb Redistricting

The City Manager has released several updated documents for Monday's Dunwoody City Council Meeting.  The main one of interest is Councilman Robert Wittenstein's revision to to his original resolution regarding DeKalb County School System's redistricting.    The new resolution is shown above & found here, for comparison here is the original

The following items have been removed from New Business

L1. Resolution to Adopt a Government Landscaping Policy
L5. Enhanced 911 Communication Services Update

The following items have been added/revised/replaced under New Business:

L3. Consulting Services for Vendor Selection Process - Backup documentation added

L4. A Resolution to the DeKalb County School System Supporting the General Concepts of Allowing Current Dunwoody Cluster Students to Remain in the Dunwoody Cluster and Supporting the Availability of Magnet Programs Throughout the County

Georgia Sunshine Laws, your guides to Open Records and Transparent Government

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at table with a couple of bloggers, another politician and a bunch of fed up taxpayers whereby we discussed transparency in government for over an hour. We discussed our personal experiences, how it works, the benefits to the community as well as ways to improve the various governments that were at one time or another were actually put in place to best serve us the citizens.  It was awesome.

I explained that as a sitting Dunwoody City Councilman, almost every piece of paper I touch that is City related and every Dunwoody related e-mail I send and receive, is a public record and therefore subject to Georgia's open records law. I explained open meetings law, quorum requirements and the laws surrounding the recording (and publishing) of such meetings to the group.

I told them that I would post a copy of a booklet entitled "Georgia's Sunshine Laws, a Citizen's Guide to Open Government" which covers most non-law enforcement governmental agencies as well as the booklet entitled "Georgia Public Schools and the Open Records Act", a citizens Guide to Accessing School Records.  Finally for your reading pleasure, I have included the Blue document entitled "Georgia Law Enforcement And The Open Records Act; A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide To Open Records in Georgia".

In having the privilege of setting up a government from scratch, I have pushed transparency first by example and then with the assistance of my fellow council members through policies and procedures in order to have long term impact on the City well after we are off the council. Audio recordings and then video recordings of every Dunwoody meeting have been personally archived by myself and published to the web. Recently a contract was let by the City to install a state of the art video recording and publishing system that will greatly improve what I started. Every document packet that has ever been produced by the City for me to review prior to City Council meetings has been pushed to the web electronically for review of the citizens and now through set policies, procedures and capital investments; the city will forever be doing the same.

I had a fun evening spending time with like minded, passionate individuals who are willing do what they can to affect positive change, some of us now working from inside the establishment while others operate through what are quickly becoming defacto mass media outlets (Atlanta Unfiltered, Peach Pundit, DeKalb School Watch Blog, DeKalb Officers and many, many others) to affect policy though the spread of information.

If you are not familiar with open records and open meetings law please do take a look because believe it or not the Government is actually in place to serve you.

Agenda for Jan 24th Dunwoody City Council meeting with update by Ms. Nancy Jester, DeKalb School Board

Monday, January 24th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m. work session for preliminary council issues. (No Video)
Main Meeting at 7:00 p.m. - Watch Live

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dunwoody setting a trend as access to meeting video grows among city councils.

Full AJC Article

Dunwoody council member John Heneghan has been recording city council meetings on his own since the city incorporated two years ago. He began by capturing the meetings in audio and downloading them to his webpage. Within a year, he used his own expense account to buy a webcam and laptop so he could stream meetings live and archive them.

Heneghan, seated at the far right of the dais during meetings, often can be seen adjusting the camera and panning to whomever is speaking. Other council members seem to have accepted the setup.

Video of Jan 18th Dunwoody City Council Work Session

Kudos to Dan Weber who received a key to the City of Dunwoody.
Meeting Video

Agenda and Documents

Recap, uneventful work session with lots of discussion on agenda items that will be voted on Jan 24th. The proposed park regulations was an interesting topic with Dunwoody proposing a "No Smoking Rule" for all Dunwoody parks, as well as other items that may be prohibited (model rockets, weapons, skateboards, alcohol, etc). Massage parlor regulations were reviewed and I wanted to be assured that the Atlanta School of Massage was not unduly wrapped up into the ordinance. Discussions with DeKalb 911 are ongoing with positive sounding concessions being offered but nothing is in writing nor been decided therefore we are still in negotiations with Chattcom (Sandy Springs) for services also. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suggestions for making Perimeter Center more livable? Meeting schedule, Yellow River Game Ranch for only $1 and Legislative Update.

What improvements could make Perimeter Center Livable?

Perimeter Community Improvement District is about to complete the 2010 Perimeter LCI (Livable Center Initiative) Update Study and will be holding a "Visioning Meeting" on Tuesday at City Hall at 6 pm just before the Dunwoody City Council Work Session.  This is your opportunity to provide feedback as to what needs to be done to make the Perimeter Center more "Livable".   This report was mentioned as part of the Dunwoody Comprehensive Land Use Plan and was discussed on the blog at least twice before, here and here.

Tues at 8 pm, City Council Work Session at City Hall.  (Impact fee discussion has been postponed due to contractor illness.)

Wed at 7 pm, Final Georgetown Master Plan Meeting at Peachtree Middle School followed by an additional Dunwoody Village Update.

Thurs at 7 pm, Final Dunwoody Village Master Plan Meeting at Dunwoody United Methodist Church.

Cheap Dad Alert - Yellow River Game Ranch is only $1.00 per Person, Today Only.




Gold Dome 2011: No vouchers, no money, less HOPE

Representative Tom Taylor was assigned the following committees in the Georgia Legislature, Economic Development and Tourism, Regulated Industries and MARTOC (Marta).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Email the entire DeKalb County School Board with one click.

The DeKalb School Board is scheduled to have six public input workshops with the one at Chamblee HS taking place on Thursday January 20th at 6:30 pm and then the Interim Superintendent's proposal will be presented to the Board on February 7th.   As a local elected official, I have voiced my opinion, attended several meetings, received numerous e-mails and read many, many comments on the blogs.  I am fearful this divisive issue will tear our community apart and I would like to share the opinion of the Dunwoody School Daze blog that "we are a community....we are all in this not let this redistricting effort tear us apart".

That being said, I know that now is the time to write the DeKalb School Board and express your opinion to affect change, therefore I have created the link below the photo and again down below to make voicing your opinion a little bit easier.

Here are the email addresses that I used:

Mr. Thomas Bowen, Chair -
Mr. Paul Womack, Vice Chair -
Ms. Sarah Copelin-Wood, Board Member -
Mr. Jay Cunningham, Board Member -
Ms. Donna Edler, Board Member -
Ms. Nancy Jester, Board Member -
Mr. Don McChesney, Board Member -
Dr. Pam Speaks, Board Member -
Dr. Eugene Walker, Board Member -

Ms. Ramona Tyson, Interim Superintendent -

Please Click Here to email all Board Members and Ms. Tyson.

City Council Meeting moved to Tuesday, 8 pm

The City of Dunwoody Administrative Offices are open today until 5:00 p.m.City Hall will be open tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The two previously scheduled meetings for today, the City Council Work Session and Community Council meeting have been canceled. They have been rescheduled for next Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

City Council Work Session
Begins: 8:00 p.m.
Dunwoody City Hall Council Chamber Suite 102

Community Council Meeting
Begins: 7:00 p.m.
City Manager Conference Room Suite 250

Monday, January 10, 2011

City of Dunwoody City Council Work Session rescheduled for Thursday

City of Dunwoody will be closed on Monday, January 10, 2011, with the exception of emergency services

Due to the treacherous road conditions the City of Dunwoody will be closed on Monday, January 10, 2011, with the exception of emergency services.  The City Council work session has been canceled and will be rescheduled for Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dunwoody to discuss Impact Fees, Massage Regulations, Animal Control, Park Rules and DeKalb 911 negotiations on Monday.

Monday, January 10th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 p.m. - Watch Live

The vigil in memory of Rusty Sneiderman is being postponed.

Update: In light of the new development in the case, the vigil in memory of Rusty Sneiderman is being postponed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DeKalb school rezoning maps released with one option rezoning City of Dunwoody residents out of Dunwoody HS Cluster.

The DeKalb County School Redistricting Plan was released with one option having City of Dunwoody residents now crossing I-285 to attend Chamblee High, Chamblee Middle, Montgomery and Nancy Creek (shown as Kittredge on map). Redistricting is a hotbed issue where people either love or hate where the lines are drawn, but looking at this option through the eyes of a Dunwoody City Councilman who would like to foster a cohesive sense of community for our city, I was hoping that this option wouldn't be on the table.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dunwoody PD announce arrest in the murder of Rusty Sneiderman.

The Dunwoody Police have arrested 48 year old Hemy Zvi Neuman for the Murder of Russell (Rusty) Sneiderman. The Buckhead resident has been charged with Murder (F), and is being held at the DeKalb County Jail without bond. On November 18th, Rusty Sneiderman was shot multiple times in the parking lot of his child’s daycare located at 5493 Chamblee Dunwoody Road. The investigation of this case is still ongoing. Additional information will be given at a later time.

Candlelight Vigil to remember Rusty Sneiderman on Thursday at 6 p.m. in Dunwoody Village

Legislative Forum and Dunwoody Homeowners Association annual meeting are both scheduled for Sunday, January 9, 2011 at Dunwoody United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall

Dunwoody United Methodist Church will host two separate annual events on Sunday. First is the 10th Annual legislative forum with our local state representatives. The invited guests include: State Senators Fran Millar and John Albers; and State House Representatives: Wendell Willard; Mike Jacobs; Tom Taylor; and Elena Parent.  There are two, one hour forums scheduled, the first begins at 9:00 am and the second starts at 10:30 am.  More information can be found by calling 770-394-0675 or at  An article can also be found on DeKalb Neighbors website.

The second community event at Dunwoody United Methodist Church is the Annual Meeting of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association which starts at 2:00 pm.  I haven't seen the agenda but I plan on being in attendance as the Annual meeting is usually quite informative.

Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall is on the 2nd floor
1548 Mt. Vernon Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Hon. Judge Sherry Boston of Dunwoody becomes the new solicitor-general for DeKalb County

Sherry Boston
Judge Sherry Boston will be stepping down from the Dunwoody Municipal Bench to serve all the residents of DeKalb County. Governor Sonny Perdue announced on Friday the appointment of Sherry Boston as the solicitor-general for DeKalb County as she fills the vacancy left by Mr. Robert James who was just elected to the DeKalb District Attorney position.

Sherry is a true professional and a wonderful person, we were blessed to have her on our bench. All the best Judge Boston!!

I remember ...

Very early in the City of Dunwoody a big decision needed to be made regarding how we were going to provide services. I remember various proposals being presented, studying the numbers and wanting to do things a little differently then our neighbors who had a sole source contractor. I also remember the informal lobbying that took place by various community members hoping that I (we) would go along, to get along. I remember the withdrawn bid which made our decision for us and then the process that followed to get the best services available at the best price.

Dan Weber and Don Boyken, the City of Dunwoody owes you our gratitude and with hindsight being 20/20; we did pretty well.

Thank You.