Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays Season 3 starts this week - April 2, 2015

4.2.15  from 5 PM till Dark in Brook Run Park and every Thursday till 10/29/15
April 2 Sponsor:   The Dunwoody Crier
Musical Entertainment: Kara Claudy                                
Scheduled Promotion:      Braves batting cage and freebies on the music field
Adult Drinks: Moondog Growlers
Dinner Vendors:
Blaxican Food Truck  
Tasting Maine                  
Incrediball Falafel          
MIX’d UP                     
Gotta have it                    
Pressed for Time          
WOW! Food Truck             
Dessert Vendors:
King of Pops                          
Tracy's Tasties            
Chay J's New Orleans Candies

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

City of Dunwoody releases bid for 2015 Street Paving

Mayor and Council,

The 2015 paving list is going out to bid this week and is available under Invitation to Bid 15-02 2015 Street Resurfacing.  I want to make you aware of a few minor changes to the approved paving list in case you get questions from residents. 

We continue to work with DeKalb County to coordinate the paving list with their pipe replacement program.  Last fall our understanding was that the county would work to replace pipes on a number of roads on this year’s paving list.  In recent months we have learned that the county does not currently have contracts in place that would allow for the work to be completed by this summer.  Rather than defer paving on a number of roads, we asked the county to evaluate the roads on our list for this year and indicate the priorities for pipe replacement. 

Based on the age, pipe material and past history of breaks the county is requesting that we defer Valley View Road and Pine Bark Lane (Branches) for one year so that the pipes can be replaced.   The bid that is being issued removes these two roads and adds Winding Branch Court, and Old Branch Court in the Branches, and Dunkerrin Lane, and Ledgewood Drive in Dunwoody North.  Winding Branch Court was already on this year’s list for major patching,  Old Branch Court was on the list of poorly rated supplemental streets presented to Council in December.  Dunkerrin and Ledgewood have been moved up from the 2016 list.  The bid also includes a list of 12 additional  roads from the supplemental list and from future years that could be added to the contract should funds be available. Work is expected to begin on May 18th and be completed within 75 calendar days.

·      Vermack Road from Parliament Drive to Dunwoody Square
·      Independence Square from Chamblee Dunwoody Road to Peeler Road
·      Vanderlyn Drive from Vermack Road to End
·      Hidden Branches Drive from Mount Vernon Road to Winding Branch Circle
·      Pine Bark Court from Hidden Branches Drive to End
·      Hidden Branches Close from Hidden Branches Drive to End
·      Hunters Branch Drive from Hidden Branches Drive to 375 feet west
·      Pine Branch Point from Pine Bark Circle to End
·      Winding Branch Court from Winding Branch Drive to End
·      Old Branch Court from Twin Branches Way to End
·      Wellshire Lane from Wellshire Place to End
·      Equestrian Court from Equestrian Way to End
·      The Woodsong from Woodsong Drive to End
·      Woodsong Trail from Dunwoody Club Drive to Dunwoody Club Drive
·      Woodsong Drive from Woodsong Trail to End
·      Holly Oak Place from Chamblee Dunwoody Road to End
·      Sirron Court from Holly Oak Place to End
·      Shadow Court from End to End
·      Pine Acres Court from Chamblee Dunwoody Road to End
·      Corners Cove from Vermack Road to End
·      Brandywine Court from Vermack Road to End
·      Manget Way from Chamblee Dunwoody Road to End
·      Vermack Ridge from Vermack Road to End
·      Dunkerrin Lane from Tilly Mill Road to Dunover Circle
·      Ledgewood Drive from Riverglenn Circle to Dunover Circle
·      Pine Branches Close from Pine Bark Circle to End
·      Pine Bark Circle from Hidden Branches Drive to Hidden Branches Drive
·      Claridge Court from Sudbury Road to End
·      Woodsong Court from Woodsong Trail to End
·      Withmere Court from Withmere Way to End
·      Reston Court from Withmere Way to End  
·      Shadow Bend from Chamblee Dunwoody Road to Shadow Court
·      Corners Drive from Vermack Road to Mount Vernon Road
·      Corners Court from Corners Drive to End 

The following roads will be crack sealed as needed:
·      Perimeter Center West from Ashford Dunwoody Road to Crown Pointe Parkway
·      Peeler Road from Tilly Mill Road to Winters Chapel Road

The neighborhood streets listed below could be added to the contract at the same unit prices as budget allows.   

·      Kings Down Court from Kings Down Circle to End
·      Santa Fe Station from Mile Post Drive to End
·      Topeka Court from Atcheson Lane to End
·      Amberly Way from Sudbury Road to Amberly Court North
·      Amberly Court South from Amberly Way to End
·      Trailridge Place from Trailridge Drive to End
·      Trailridge Pass from Trailridge Place to Trailridge Lane
·      Trailridge Lane from Hidden Branches Drive to End
·      Wickliffe Court from Kings Point Drive to End
·      Haverstraw Drive from Huntington Circle to Brookhurst Drive
·      Dunhaven Court from Dunhaven Road to End
·      Dunhaven Road from Brookhurst Drive East Kings Point Circle

Michael Smith, P.E.
Director of Public Works