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Fall Photos at the Dunwoody Nature Center with Alan Mothner - Saturday Oct 29

[Rain Date: November 6th]

The Dunwoody Nature Center invites you to register for an exclusive portrait Session with photographer and new DNC Executive Director, Alan Mothner. A thirty minute outdoor portrait session may be reserved in advance with your payment of $100.00 by calling the main office phone line at 770.394.3322.

Each sitting includes both family and individual portraits, and you will receive a CD of digital images for your personal use as you like.

First come, first served space is limited.  

Not sure if you’re a member? Call us to renew your membership today!   You must have a current annual membership in order to participate in this special offer.

Alan Mothner
Executive Director
Dunwoody Nature Center
(770) 394-3322

Dunwoody's vote on park expansion makes a little news.


Dunwoody's Best Neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating, Briers North off Tilly Mill

Once upon a time, a family in the Briers North Subdivision decided to add some larger-than-life decorations to their home for Halloween. A number of people stopped by to admire them and began trick-or-treating in our quiet neighborhood.

The next year, encouraged by the positive response, more families decorated their homes and wore costumes to give candy to trick-or-treaters. Even more visitors came by to trick-or-treat that Halloween.  And so the tradition grew until the number of visitors in 2004 was estimated in excess of 5,000. Halloween @ Briers North continues to bring visitors from around Georgia, as well as from outside of the state.  The community's households all contribute to the celebration: whether it is distributing candy, adding decorations, or paying for the cost of Dunwoody Police to direct traffic and keep everyone safe. You may even find a haunted house or two!

Trick-or-treating will be welcomed in Briers North Subdivision
from 6 pm to 8:30 pm on Monday, October 31, 2011.

Parking For 2011:

We have learned that North Peachtree Baptist Church at the corner of Tilly Mill and North Peachtree will not be holding a fall festival this year. The church has donated the use of the parking lot to their Explorer Scouts.  The Scouts will be raising funds by accepting donations for parking at the church parking lot. Help out the Explorer Scouts when you come to see us at Halloween.

  • TRICK-OR-TREATING IN BRIERS NORTH AT HALLOWEEN IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is a public event on public streets and is NOT sponsored by any association or group. Briers North assumes no liability or responsibility for visitors.

    The size of the crowds prohibits vehicle traffic. Only emergencies will be accommodated. If you must park nearby, be sure to do so legally; residents of nearby subdivisions can and will have cars towed if left on their property!

  • NO PETS ALLOWED during trick-or-treating.

  • PLEASE RESPECT THE RESIDENTS' PROPERTY. Yards are usually roped off, both for their protection and the safety of our visitors. Please do not enter fenced-off areas or enter private property without permission. Most residents do not permit trick-or-treat visitors in their homes.

  • DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED at the entrance of Briers North Subdivision to offset the substantial cost of police and safety equipment. If you enjoy the festivities, please help us continue the tradition of keeping it safe. Resident Safety Patrols will be working with Dunwoody Police to help out with any issues. Look for the blue and yellow vests for help with lost children, etc.

  • LAST CALL: 8:30 PM Dunwoody Police and Resident Safety Patrols will start clearing the streets at this time. No additional visitors will be let into the subdivision.  Residents will stop distributing candy by 9:00 pm and all non-residents will be asked to leave. The celebration will be over at 9:30 pm so our residents can rest.
Most of all, HAVE FUN!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dunwoody Kids Bike Rodeo, Sat Oct 29 at Brook Run

Opperation Pill Drop - Dunwoody Police Department - Sat Oct 29th 10 am - 2 pm

Operation Pill Drop
Date: 10-29-11
Location: City of Dunwoody

The Dunwoody Police Department is teaming up with the Drug Enforcement Agency and Safe Kids Georgia to conduct Operation Pill Drop again. This is a prescription drug take-back event where the public can dispose of expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications to keep them out of the wrong hands. “Prescription drug abuse is the Nation’s fastest-growing drug problem, and take-back events like this one are an indispensable tool for reducing the threat that the diversion and abuse of these drugs pose to public health,” said Director of National Drug Control Policy Gil Kerlikowske. “The Federal/state/and local collaboration represented in this initiative is key in our national efforts to reduce pharmaceutical drug diversion and abuse.”

On October 29th, we invite Dunwoody resident’s to bring their unwanted medication to the front lobby of our police department from 10AM-2PM, 41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 100. We cannot accept needles/sharps, syringes with needles, thermometers, IV bags, bloody or infectious waste, personal care products, empty containers, inhalers, medical equipment and hydrogen peroxide. Unintentional poisoning from prescription medications is on the rise. Every year, over 2 million poison exposures are reported in the United States. In 2009, over 51% of reported poisonings in Georgia involved children ages 5 and under. Operation Pill Drop offers the public a free and convenient option for disposing of their prescription and over-the-counter medications to protect their families and the environment.

Video of Oct 13, 2011 Dunwoody Candidate Forum for Mayor and 2 City Council Positions.

I missed the Dunwoody Candidate Forum (held on October 13, 2011 at Dunwoody High School) but kudos to the Dunwoody Homeowners Association who had the wonderful idea and the wherewithal to video the forum in order to make it available to the entire community, for all to see.  There are three video segments (Mayor, City Council Post 4, and City Council Post 5) and remember that every registered voter will have the opportunity to vote for one candidate in each of the three races below.   Please take some time to listen to the candidates so that when you enter the ballot booth you can make an educated decision.

Thank you to Dick Williams of the  (Dunwoody Crier Newspaper) and Peter Cox of the (Dunwoody Patch) for moderating the event.

Last Meeting on Dunwoody Park Bonds - Tonight at City Hall 7 p.m.


City Hall, 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27

The presentation shown above was one of the earlier versions that was created by the Citizens for Dunwoody group and I posted it on October 3rd. The presentation being given tonight may be tweaked in light of recent events.

Dunwoody Candidate Sustainability Forum Video

Kudos to Mr. Joe Seconder and Dunwoody High School Student, Danny Kanso who along with other members of the community made the Dunwoody Candidate Sustainability Forum a reality.  There are three video segments and a recap of the event as it was live tweeted by a member of the audience knowledgeable on sustainability.

Part I (first 57 minutes):
Part II (next 27 minutes):
Closing Comments:

Blog with reference to a live tweet diary from Beth Bond of Southeast Green who was in the audience:

Dunwoody Reporter article

Dr. Cheryl Atkinson to speak to the Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council at Dunwoody HS on Wednesday November 2nd at 9:15 am

Dr. Atkinson

November 2, 2011 (Wednesday, 9:15 am)
Meeting Location: Dunwoody High School Auditorium

Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Atkinson, New DCSS Superintendent

DCPC meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month (unless noted otherwise), starting with refreshments at 8:45 am. The meeting starts at 9:15 am. and ends by 10:30 A.M. Meetings are held at various public venues within the Dunwoody Chamblee area. Meetings are open and topics are geared toward the interests of parents and guardians with children in Dunwoody and Chamblee schools in the Dekalb County School System.

There is no charge for attendance. All Parents are encouraged to attend. For more information

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking for improved Lane Markings within the City of Dunwoody

I placed a call into Public Works on this and they will review the issue on Perimeter Center East.

Though the video above is not related to new paving, the high quality - reflective thremoplastic striping that is suppose to be laid down after the city paving project is complete is taking too much longer than I or many residents anticipated.  As several residents are well aware, I have already had numerous conversations with Dunwoody Public Works Director, Mr. Michael Smith about the subject and he assures me that the striping sub-contractor to the paving company will be doing a quality job in the very near future.  Adding to the confusion, what you already see in some places is the temporary faded striping that goes down prior to the good stuff.

This restriping will include the replacement of all crosswalks previously in place.

Question: would you see value in using these reflective lane and side line markers on our dark two lane roads?  I know on rainy nights I value having them available but I am unsure of the initial cost and on going maintenance expenses.  Might be worth looking into getting a price quote?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

City of Dunwoody moves forward with proposed sports field complex on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard - contingent on parks bond passage.

Dunwoody, Ga. – October 24, 2011 - The City of Dunwoody has concluded negotiations with Cortland Partners, LLC and plans to acquire 42 acres of land for $19,000,000 on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard for the development of a consolidated sports complex. The new sports complex would replace the existing 519 unit Dunwoody Glen apartment complex. In addition to the new sports complex, in the Letter of Intent, Cortland Partners agrees to demolish and redevelop the adjacent 266 unit Lacota Apartments Complex into owner occupied housing in concert with the development of the sports complex. The total site includes 63 acres and over 785 existing apartment units.

 “This purchase sets in motion the accomplishment of many of the goals in our adopted Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan,” said Mayor Ken Wright. “It provides us with adequate space for a much needed sports complex to meet the needs of our youth as well as freeing up Dunwoody Park for the expansion of the Dunwoody Nature Center.”

Mayor Wright continued, saying, “The City regrets the need to displace residents (785 apartment units), however, in a built out environment like Dunwoody, we have found it challenging to locate a sufficient amount of vacant land for the athletic facilities desired by the community. The City will work with Cortland Partners on a transition plan for the current residents, which includes 560 school age children who are in the Dunwoody cluster; all current leases will be honored without the threat of early cancellation.”

This purchase is contingent upon the passage of the Parks Bond for Acquisition (Nov. 2011). If the referendum fails, the City will drop the contract without financial penalty. 

City Manager Warren Hutmacher explained, “Combined with the 19 acres under contract on North Shallowford Road, with this purchase the City has identified for the voters 61 acres of property that will be purchased if the Parks Bond Acquisition referendum passes. This deal provides an assurance to the voters for how over 75% of the bond funds ($25,000,000 out of $33,000,000) will be spent.”

Mr. Hutmacher continued, saying, “The remaining bond funds will likely be spent on some smaller neighborhood parks and the acquisition of land for a ’Town Green’ in Dunwoody Village. This purchase provides transparency for the citizens of Dunwoody; when the voters go to the polls, they will now know what properties will be purchased if they approve the Parks Bond Acquisition referendum.”

For more information please contact City Manager Warren Hutmacher, at 678-382-6700 

Total Project:
  • City Purchase: The price negotiated is $19,000,000 for the 42-acre property (Dunwoody Glen Apartment Complex); approximately $450,000 per acre. 
  • Private Sector Involvement: Convert adjacent existing 21-acre parcel (Lacota Apartments Complex) into owner occupied housing. Total Project: The total site includes 63 acres and over 785 existing apartment units.
  • Bond Vote Transparency: The City has secured 61 acres to be acquired if the bond referendum passes. This purchase identifies how 75% of the bond funds will be spent in advance of the vote. Remaining funds likely will be spent on a Town Green for Dunwoody Village and smaller neighborhood parks.

City Purchase: 42-Acre Property
  • Current: The 519-unit apartment complex is currently over 94% occupied and is not in fiscal distress. The property recently appraised for refinancing for over $22,000,000.
  • Purpose: Development of a sports complex, which may include walking trails, playgrounds, pavilions and restrooms and at a minimum, fields suitable for baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and football. This acquisition sets in motion plans to relocate the baseball fields from Dunwoody Park (on Roberts Drive) to this new complex. Dunwoody Park would then be converted to a neighborhood park and allow for the expansion of the Dunwoody Nature Center.
  • Financing: On November 8, 2011, voters will consider a Parks Bond for Acquisition.  This purchase is contingent upon the passage of the Parks Bond for Acquisition. If the referendum fails, the City will drop the contract without financial penalty.
  • City Council Authorization: The City Council authorized the City Manager to execute a Letter of Intent for the property and schedule a Public Hearing for November 14, 2011.
  • Due Diligence: Upon execution of a sales contract the City will commence its due diligence to include at a minimum an environmental assessment, two appraisals, a survey and a title search.
  • Planning: A final site plan for the sports complex will be completed with significant public input in early 2012.
Private Sector Involvement: 21-Acre Property
  • Plan: Cortland Partners, LLC owns a 21-acre parcel adjacent to the Dunwoody Glen site, which includes 266 apartment units. They have agreed to work in partnership with the City of Dunwoody to develop this site into owner occupied housing (# of units not determined at this point) as the 42 acre site is converted into a sports complex.
I have already seen a few news stories on this proposed purchase but most just quote the text above therefore I won't link to them but below are two citizen views on the subject, both of whom give a unique perspective and therefore worth reading.

Game Changer for Parks Bond? - Rick Callihan

It Is About Fairness, Responsibility and Transparency - Bob Lundsten

Videos of the October 24th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

This evenings 7 pm meeting started a little late due to executive session running long and then I had to set up my computer and camera therefore I missed recording a little of the beginning of the meeting but I believe I have the public comment section.  The 2012 budget was passed without additional police officers being added, ice (imitation ice made of plastic) skating in Dunwoody Village failed, rezoning for new Starbucks at Ravinia passed, private street frontage passed as did the resolution to limit one of the bonds to only development, as was the intention.

The big surprise of the evening was the proposal to enter into a letter of intent to purchase park land on Peachtree Industrial and I will post what I know on that item separately. The item was discussed in executive session and approved in order to further explore to see if mutual agreeable contract terms can be made.

Video 1 starts at Public comment and runs about half way into the new park discussion.

Video 2 continues the park discussion and goes to the end.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a link to the police discussion on the budget and here is where in video 1 that the park discussion starts.

Dunwoody Candidate Forum on Sustainability - Tuesday 6:30 at Peachtree Charter Middle School

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
6:00 pm (6 - 6:45 Meet & Greet, 6:45 - 9 Forum)
Peachtree Charter Middle School
4664 North Peachtree Road

Moderated by
The Honorable Stacey Hydrick
Judge, State Court of DeKalb County
Belinda Pedroso
President, League of Women Voters DeKalb
Peter Cox
Editor, Dunwoody Patch (with live internet video & audio streaming to be recorded and available for on-demand viewing)
This is an opportunity for you to hear from the candidates for Mayor and City Council and their positions on such topics as:

• Economic Development, Clean/Green Technology and Sustainable Business Practices
• Sustainable funding and planning strategies for Parks, Trails and Green Space
• Land use and city planning as it relates to development
• Multi-Modal Transportation
• Energy
• Solid Waste Management
• Social Impact on Sustainability: Aging Population, Demographic shift from Single family to multi-family, Attracting & Retaining Young Professionals
• Locally-Sourced Food Access
• Air & Water Quality
• Dunwoody Sustainability Plan / Sustainable Vision for Dunwoody
Sponsored by

Dunwoody Student Volunteer Organization
&  League of Women Voters

Coffee during the Meet & Greet provided by Starbucks

Below are a few links that may add to the conversations.

City of Dunwoody Reference Information - Sustainability

1.       City of Dunwoody Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Search for the term “Sustainability” & Sustainability Plan (yet to be conducted).
2.       ARC Green Communities Program, Dunwoody’s Green Communities Initiatives & Dunwoody’s Sustainability Commission (Dunwoody was awarded Bronze level, and is a key focus of the Sustainability Commission)

Green Building

Energy Efficiency

Green Power

Water Use Reduction and Efficiency

Trees and Greenspace

Transportation and Air Quality

Recycling and Waste Reduction



Monday, October 24, 2011

Help Peachtree Charter Middle School Win a $50,000 Grant For the Track!

text clorox8514 to 44144

Earlier this year, PCMS was nominated by a PCMS parent for a Power a Bright Future grant from the Clorox Company in hopes of securing up to $50,000 in funding for a new track. Coach Gartner and her staff and volunteers have been raising money through the CV Classic to raise money for a new track. We are proud to tell you there has been a little over $40,000 raised for the track through the 2 CV Classic events, a gift from the PTCC, and money from the PE Department. 

You can help PCMS receive a $50,000 grant simply by voting for the grant. After a competitive national nomination period, now it is time for our school community to show its support. Help PCMS win the grant by casting votes starting October 24 through December 9, 2011. Adults and students age 13 and up are eligible to vote online at for the Peachtree Charter Middle School Track! You can search by the name of the school or search by city and state Atlanta, GA. The competition is going to allow text voting so if you would like to vote that way, text clorox8514 to 44144. It is the first year they have allowed text voting. The program that receives the MOST VOTES in the entire country will win the $50,000 grant. The next top vote getters will receive a $25,000 grant in the areas of play, explore, and art. THE PCMS TRACK IS IN THE "PLAY" category. PCMS has also been selected as one of Clorox's Judge Picks. Clorox judges selected some schools in which they feel best fits what they want the grant to accomplish. PCMS has been selected for that as well. The judges will take into account how the community gets behind the VOTE.

We need you to VOTE as often as you can. The voting begins October 24 and you are allowed to vote one time a day. When the text voting is available we will get you that information. Please get your friends and family to vote- every vote counts.

Click here to view PCMS’ Nomination.

Dunwoody resident Anthony Delgado feeds the hungry seven days a week.

Anthony Delgado, My Brother’s Keeper Reaching Out

In observance of Food Day, I re-offer this piece on Antony Delgado who I had the pleasure of meeting again last week.

Written by Tyler Goforth for the Dunwoody Neighbor

When Dunwoody resident Anthony Delgado parks his rusted Dodge Prospector van in downtown Atlanta the city’s homeless know what to expect. They form a single file line behind the van while Delgado unloads boxes of sliced cake and fresh fruit to give away.

“It helps us out so much,” said Mitzi Hines, who said she has lived on Atlanta’s streets with her husband for two years, going through the line on a Saturday morning in Hurt Park near Georgia State University. Behind her in line was Kurt Jones. “He’s a good guy, a good guy,” he said of Delgado.

Every day since last September, Delgado leaves his Dunwoody apartment around 5 a.m. and visits metro Atlanta Kroger and Fresh Market grocery stores. He collects the food that is about to be thrown away, but is still fit for human consumption, and takes it to his apartment. There the 52-year-old cuts the cakes and puts the slices into plastic containers. Then he loads everything back into the van and takes it downtown.

“People say, ‘A piece of cake and some fruit? What’s that going to do for somebody?’ When we pull up in the van watch the people. They love what they’re getting,” Delgado said. “They say, ‘Thank you and God bless you.’ Half the people you meet every day don’t say that.”

Delgado does it all with no financial assistance and little volunteer help. The operation is called My Brother’s Keeper Reaching Out Inc. The idea came from Delgado’s friend and partner Quan Fogle — though recent sickness and work requirements have left Ms. Fogle unable to devote as much time to the project as Delgado.

The operation costs him about $2,000 a month. Delgado said he had gone through his life savings to fund the project. To support himself, Delgado works as a subcontractor for Comcast. With all donated food his biggest expense is the gas to make his collections. Delgado said he sometimes fuels up three times a day. “It’s been really rough,” he said. “This van doesn’t get the best gas mileage.” However, he is not just helping the homeless because he feels sorry for them. He knows what they are going through — six years ago he was among Atlanta’s homeless. The Massachusetts native moved to Atlanta to live with his cousin. After a falling out he moved out but had nowhere else to go.

Delgado said he lived on the corner of Peachtree and Pine streets in downtown for several weeks. A Marine Corps veteran, Delgado was able to turn his life around through assistance programs from the VA Hospital in Decatur. “I lived on the street for a long time,” he said. “I can relate to those people; I was an alcoholic and a drug addict. All these people want is someone to love them.”

Delgado travels downtown seven days a week. He said he feeds between 150 and 300 people a day. After the line is gone downtown, the rest of the food is donated to homeless shelters and rehab centers around the city, such as Mary Hall Freedom House, Atlanta Baptist Rescue Mission and the Atlanta Union Mission. Pastor Jerry Myers of St. Mark Early Church of God in Christ in Atlanta called Delgado an “inspiration to us all.”

Myers, a Lithonia resident, and his congregation occasionally assist Delgado with his mission. “It’s good to see someone take their personal time and resources to give food and hope to people who thought all hope was lost,” Myers said.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A week of Dunwoody Crime - 1 armed robbery, 2 muggings, 2 assaults, 3 home burglaries, 4 stolen cars, 13 shopliftings, plus a whole lot more.

Yes, Dunwoody does have crime.

Below is a reprint from the Dunwoody Patch outlining the weekly crime stats from the City of Dunwoody for the period of October 9 - 15.  Please take a look at the list and imagine if that it was you who was robbed at gunpoint, or mugged for $20.00 which required you to be taken to the hospital, or that someone entered your home and took your possessions. 

We know that crime happens, in other "neighborhoods", to other people and rarely does it happen to someone you know; or at least that seems to be the case for most of the residents of Dunwoody.  That being said, my position on the Dunwoody City Council requires me to worry about all 46,000 residents, all parts of town to assure that everyone is properly protected.  It requires me to think about the 100,000 people who flood into our city during the day and the out of town visitors to our fine city whose vehicles were broken into, never to stay in Dunwoody again. 

Chief Grogan asked for four more officers to specifically target the crimes listed below as he believes that based on the needs of the community, we need these officersI support that expenditure but we will see on Monday if the other members of the Dunwoody City Council agree with me.

Armed robbery
• A masked gunman entered the Dunwoody Pines Senior Living home, 4355 Georgetown Sq., last Saturday evening, stole money and fled the scene. Four employees at the location were uninjured.

• A strong-arm robbery was reported on the 6700 block of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard on the night of Oct. 11. The victim was taken to Northside Hospital. The robber stole $20 in cash.
• A robbery by knife was reported on the afternoon of Oct. 14 at a bus stop on the 5000 block of Winters Chapel Road. The robber stole ID cards, a medical card, a $50 cell phone and $20 in cash from the victim, a 25-year-old female.

• An aggravated assault with a weapon was reported on the morning of Oct. 14 on the 4000 block of Dunwoody Park. No arrest has been made in the case yet.
• An aggravated assault with a knife was reported on the evening of Oct. 13 on the 4600 block of Peachtree Place Parkway.  A 20-year-old Doraville woman was arrested on charges of felony aggravated assault.

• A 20-year-old Lithonia woman, a 21-year-old Stone Mountain woman and a 24-year-old Stone Mountain woman were arrested on the night of Oct. 13 for allegedly trying to steal $552 worth of clothing from Macy’s at the Perimeter Mall.
• Two 17-year-old Atlanta males were arrested on the afternoon of Oct. 10 for allegedly trying to steal a $145 long sleeve Polo shirt from Dillard’s at the Perimeter Mall.
• Two 17-year-old Marietta males were arrested on the night of Oct. 11 for allegedly trying to steal two jackets worth a total of $180 from Dillard’s at the Perimeter Mall.
• A 34-year-old Tucker man was arrested on the night of Oct. 11 for allegedly trying to steal a baseball cap, a visor and a jacket from Dillard’s at the Perimeter Mall. The stolen items, in total, were valued at $99.
• Two juvenile females were detained and charged on the night of Oct. 11 for allegedly trying to steal four pairs of jeans worth a total of $414 and a t-shirt worth $35 from Macy’s at the Perimeter Mall.
• An 18-year-old Atlanta man was arrested on the afternoon of Oct. 12 for allegedly trying to steal a Polo shirt worth $85 from Dillard’s at the Perimeter Mall.
• A 49-year-old Atlanta man was arrested on the afternoon of Oct. 12 for allegedly trying to steal an MP3 player, headphones and a shirt, worth a total of $94, from Wal-Mart, 4725 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.
• Two 20-year-old Atlanta men were arrested on the afternoon of Oct. 13 for allegedly trying to steal a pair of Levi’s jeans and a Levi’s jacket from Marshalls, 1131 Hammond Dr.
• A 30-year-old Atlanta man was arrested on for allegedly trying to steal $25 in food from The Cheesecake Factory at the Perimeter Mall on the night of Oct. 13.
• Two juveniles were arrested for allegedly trying to steal jeans, jackets, shirts and shorts worth a total of $240 from Dillard’s at the Perimeter Mall on the afternoon of Oct. 13.
• A juvenile was charged for allegedly trying to steal a pair of UGG boots valued at $149.95 from Nordstrom at the Perimeter Mall on the night of Oct. 14. The juvenile was charged with charges of shoplifting and felony terroristic threats.
• A 26-year-old Dunwoody man was arrested on the afternoon of Oct. 15 for allegedly trying to steal a shirt and pair of blue jeans worth a total of $23 from TJ Maxx, 134 Perimeter Center W.
• A 20-year-old Norcross woman was arrested on shoplifting charges on the evening of Oct. 15 at Target, 100 Perimeter Center Pkwy.

Terroristic threats
• A 30-year-old Dunwoody man was arrested on the night of Oct. 10 on charges of felony terroristic threats and acts and family battery on the 300 block of Perimeter Center North.

• $200 worth of vehicle accessories were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 4700 block of Ashford Dunwoody Road on the morning of Oct. 11.
• An Apple iPhone worth $400 was reported stolen at the Perimeter Mall on the night of Oct. 12.
• Goodman air conditioners worth a total of $10,000 were reported stolen from the Gables Metropolitan apartment complex, 300 Perimeter Center N. on the afternoon of Oct. 15.

• A 2.5-carat diamond ring worth $12,000 was reported stolen from a residence on the 4500 block of Barclay Drive on the afternoon of Oct. 12.
• A burglary was reported on the 2600 block of Fontainebleau Drive on the afternoon of Oct. 11. Two televisions worth a total of $700 and $75 in cash were reported stolen.
• A Toshiba TV worth $400 and a diamond worth $10,000 were reported stolen from a residence on the 2400 block of Dunwoody Crossing on the morning of Oct. 14.
• An attempted burglary was reported at a residence on the 1800 block of Cottillion Drive on the morning of Oct. 15.

Car theft
• A silver 2003 Ford Econoline Van was reported stolen from the 6600 block of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard on the morning of Oct. 12.
• A gray 2002 Toyota Camry was reported stolen in the early hours of Oct. 13 on the 4700 block of Ashford Dunwoody Road.
• A green 1998 Nissan Frontier was reported stolen from the 1500 block of Kings Down Circle on the morning of Oct. 14.
• A silver 1999 Toyota Camry was reported stolen on the afternoon of Oct. 14 from the 5200 block of Seaton Drive.

Car break-ins
• A leather briefcase, an ASUS laptop and an Apple iPad were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 1000 block of Crown Pointe Parkway on the night of Oct. 11. The stolen items were valued at $2,200.
• A Magellan GPS and a scan code were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 4600 block of Ridgeview Road on the morning of Oct. 13. The stolen items were valued at $180.
• A GPS mount and sunglasses were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 4600 block of Ridgeview Road on the morning of Oct. 13. The stolen items were worth $10.
• A Magellan GPS worth $100 was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 4600 block of Ridgeview Road on the morning of Oct. 13.
• Three laptop computers – two Lenovio laptops and one Dell laptop – and an external hard drive worth a total of $5,300 were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 1200 block of Ashford Crossing on the night of Oct. 13.
• A license plate was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 4600 block of Peachtree Place Parkway on the evening of Oct. 14.
• A Samsung camera, an LG flip phone, a Michael Kors purse, $700 in cash, makeup, a Louis Vuitton bag, and Chanel sunglasses were among the items stolen from a vehicle parked on the 4800 block of Ashford Dunwoody Road on the afternoon of Oct. 15. The total value of the stolen items was $4,152.
• An HP laptop worth $2,000 was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 1500 block of Mount Vernon Road on the afternoon of Oct. 15.
• A purse worth $100 was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on the 1500 block of Mount Vernon Road on the afternoon of Oct. 15.

• A 26-year-old McDonough man was arrested on charges of loitering and prowling in the early morning hours of Oct. 12 on the 200 block of Perimeter Center Parkway.
• A 19-year-old Atlanta man was arrested on the morning of Oct. 12 on charges of possession of burglary tools, loitering and obstruction. The arrest occurred on the 4700 block of Ashford Dunwoody Road.

Dunwoody City Council nixes request for more police officers - Dunwoody Reporter (May be added back into the budget on Monday)

 Dunwoody City Council
  Courtesy of Melissa Weinman of the Dunwoody Reporter

A divided Dunwoody City Council decided to remove a new police unit from the city’s proposed 2012 budget.

The council debated the merits of adding four new officers during a discussion about Dunwoody’s budget at a meeting Oct. 10. The council will vote on the final 2012 budget Oct. 24.

Police Chief Billy Grogan asked the council for funding to create a new crime response unit that would be concentrated in problem areas to address high rates of crime and traffic. The annual cost of the unit was estimated to be about $270,000.

Grogan said the unit would use data to work proactively to devise plans to reduce incidents around the city.
“They would not be tied to answering calls for service,” Grogan said.

Grogan said the four officers would work together as a unit and their shift would rotate depending on needs in the city.

Council members had different views on adding additional officers. Some, like Denis Shortal, said they felt comfortable with the city’s current number of police officers.

“As of this time, I’m satisfied with what we’re doing,” Shortal said. “Prudent fiscal responsibility says we’ve spent (additional funds) for enhanced 911 service. I think that’s an adequate increase in police services for the year 2012.”

The city council voted last year to use a private 911 operating center. On Oct. 3, the 911 authority known as ChatComm took over answering emergency calls for the city of Dunwoody. ChatComm, which also serves Sandy Springs and Johns Creek, will cost a little more than $1 million per year.

Others, like John Heneghan, feel the additional officers are needed to keep the city safe.

Heneghan asked Grogan if Dunwoody qualifies as the “bank robbery capital of Georgia” following the six bank robberies that have occurred in the city this year.

“I’m not satisfied,” Heneghan said. “You’re asking for these additional resources and I believe you need them. I’m looking for a group of officers that … can be proactive, look at statistics, look at the needs of the city of Dunwoody and meet those needs. I think that’s a reasonable request.”

Councilman Robert Wittenstein, who served on the city’s budget committee, said this was a contentious issue during the budgeting process.

“The budget committee met for many hours and there were very few things we couldn’t reach a consensus on and this was one of them,” Wittenstein said.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dunwoody City Council Meeting agenda for Monday October 24th

Monday, October 24th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m. - Work Session
7:00 p.m. - Voting
Watch Live @ 7 pm

Work Session Agenda & full city packet
  • Discussion of Community Council. (Mayor Wright)
  • Review of October 24, 2011 City Council Meeting Agenda.
Voting Meeting Agenda & full city packet

Friends of the Dunwoody Library present "We Love Our Library Day" with lots of great activities this Saturday

5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

The Friends of the Dunwoody Library thank the community for making our recent book sale a great success. Thanks to those who shopped with us and those who made donations of books and other materials. The sale raised over $20,000 which will be used for library materials and programs

We Love Our Library Day
Saturday, October 22
Dunwoody Library

October 16-22 is National Friends of the Library Week. The Dunwoody Friends will have an information table at the library during the week and will celebrate our appreciation for our library with We Love Our Library Day on Saturday, 10/22. There will be a wide range of educational and fun activities for all ages. There are no charges for any of the day's activities. Please save the date (10/22) and come to the library.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dunwoody Music Festival this Saturday & Sunday at Brook Run Park

Dunwoody Music Fest is this weekend at Brook Run Park and if you check out the video or website it appears to have something for everyone. The Main Stage will have numerous entertainers, there will be a Kids area, Vendor's Market, Good Food, a Beer Garden, and a Young Adult Stage with a Battle of the Bands.

I really enjoyed last years event and Kristin and I already have a date night set. I hope to see you there.

FAQ  Printable Map  Marketplace listing

Check out CBS News Story Preview of the Weekend.

Wanted : Dunwoody Police Service Representative

Police Service Representative
Dunwoody, Georgia 
Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2011
End Date: Friday, November 11, 2011

The City of Dunwoody Police Department is currently accepting applications for a Police Service Representative position.

This position performs responsible clerical functions within the Administrative Division of the Police Department. This position is responsible for retrieving police reports; processing citations; verifying, retrieving, entering and changing information stored on GCIC; dispersing information to police personnel and citizens; and entering and retrieving information on the in-house computer system.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Processes citations, checks computer records, and files records generated by the department
• Teletypes police messages to and from other agencies
• Performs duties at the front desk including operating the telephone switchboard, assisting citizens, and bonding people out of jail
• Assists general public in obtaining reports and information and collects money for various services
• Answers phones and takes messages for officers
• Verifies all information stored on GCIC by monitoring validation reports from GCIC, completes form letters on each entry, and writes supplemental report to upgrade information
• Verifies GCIC/NCIC entries
• Runs suspended and revoked licenses taken by officers through GCIC for status, completes forms and makes copies of reports and licenses, mails original to state and files copies
• Conducts criminal history checks as needed to process case files and other requests
• Monitors internal security system

Minimum Requirements:
• High School graduate or GED
• Minimum of two (2) years experience in an office clerical position preferably in a police environment
• An equivalent combination of education and experience may be acceptable
• Knowledge of state laws, practices and procedures relating to municipal police departments
• Ability to pass the Georgia Crime Information Center certification test
• Required to work shift work (open 24 hours a day) on a rotating 12-hour schedule

• $29,500 - $42,100

• Vacation Leave
• Holidays
• Sick Leave
• Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
• Life/AD&D Insurance
• Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance
• Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
• Retirement Savings Plans
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
• Education Assistance

For consideration, please send your completed application to or mail it to:

City of Dunwoody
Human Resources Department
41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 250
Dunwoody, GA 30346

The application can be found within the job posting on the Career Opportunities page of the City of Dunwoody website (

Only candidates that meet all the minimum requirements above will be considered. The City of Dunwoody has been certified as a Drug-Free Workplace by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. All job applicants for the City must undergo testing for the presence of illegal drugs as a condition of employment.

Dunwoody Rotary presents the RunDunwoody race on Sunday October 23rd

Race Details

What: 5K Peachtree Road Race qualifier – 1 Mile Family Fun Run – Tot Trot (ages 2-5)
When: Sunday, October 23, 2011
5K – 8:00 AM
1 Mile Fun Run – 8:45 AM
Tot Trot – 9:00 AM
Where: Perimeter Place Center, Perimeter Center West, Atlanta, GA 30346
Cost: 5K and 1M - $25.00 until Race Day.  Race Day Registration - $30.00. Tot Trot free.

Awards and More…Music…Door Prizes…Tastes of Dunwoody…Health Screenings…Fire and Police Exhibits…Fun for All! Registered 5K and 1M participants will receive a techno T-shirt. Family Race Party and Awards Ceremony will be held at the Finish Line. 5K awards for M/F Overall, Masters, Grandmasters and top 3 place awards in 14 age groups from 10 yrs & under to 70 yrs and over. Award ribbons will be presented to all Tot Trot and 1M Fun Run participants.

Race Route

Certified as a Peachtree qualifying 5K route, this race begins and ends in the Perimeter Place shopping Center across from Perimeter Mall - conveniently located near two MARTA stations. The course is designed for runners—a fast and challenging course spanning the spectacular Perimeter Flyover Bridge and looping around Perimeter Summit. Fast times in a fabulous setting await the runner.

Our Story

Starting from scratch but with an intense desire to create an event for the community to rally behind, The Rotary Club of Dunwoody developed and launched RunDunwoody – Rotary Race to Serve. The vision is simple: create an event enhancing a Club-Community partnership to reach around the corner and around the world to help improve people’s lives, and then grow the event and partnership into a philanthropic and service Powerhouse.

To establish a foundation for that vision was no small task, but the results of RunDunwoody 2010 bear witness to that vision. RunDunwoody 2010 drew 450 runners from such far flung places as Acworth, Covington, and Savannah. More than 100 volunteers from across the community were assembled. Under the Club’s direction, a gorgeous October morning witnessed execution of an event drawing rave after rave from participants and sponsors. The morning was more than a race. Accompanying it was a Family Festival of interactive entertainment and education. In the process, the Club raised more than $30,000 used to promote and enhance public safety in the community.

Of great significance for future growth, RunDunwoody 2010 brought together in support a collection of the community’s premier players – City and County government, including the City of Dunwoody Police Department and DeKalb County Fire and Rescue; the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce; the Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau; the Perimeter Center Improvement District; the Dunwoody Homeowners Association; and the community’s local news source, The Dunwoody Crier. An outstanding collection of sponsors, large and small, was assembled in support of the event. Our sponsors committed to support the effort without benefit of seeing a final product. Just knowing who we are, what we do, and what we can do was enough!
We invite you to join us in our journey to greatness.

Kingsley Charter School - Fall Festival on Saturday

Saturday, October 22
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
- Rockin' Bowl
- Cake Walk
- Pumpkin Patch
- Face Painting
- Dangling Donuts
- Sand Art
- Bouncy Inflatables
- Dunk-a-Dad
- Crazy Hair
- And much more!
For more information, visit the Fall Festival Web Page.

Dunwoody Elementary Family Bike Ride - Saturday Oct 22nd

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My long term goal for the City of Dunwoody is to be named a Money Magazine Best Place to Live - education and crime rates holding us slightly back.

My long term goal for the new City of Dunwoody has been to distinguish ourselves from surrounding municipalities by offering better services, better amenities and over all better quality of living than everywhere else in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.  I decided many years ago that the only way to qualify for that distinction was for City of Dunwoody to be recognized by Money Magazine as one of the 100 Best Places to Live.

This ranking is judged on seven criteria including Financial Data, Housing, Education, Quality of Life, Leisure & Culture, Weather and Meet the Neighbors. In looking at the numbers of the other top ranked places, Dunwoody is running a deficit in only two places, Schools & Crime.


Dunwoody is educationally served by the DeKalb County School System and as far as I could tell there are no separate rankings for just the City of Dunwoody, but we are blessed with relatively small neighborhood schools all of whom do well when compared against the state rankings. We have a number of charter schools with heavy parental involvement which feed into a single High School system.  These factors are good bellwethers as to the public educational system within the Dunwoody city limits and as a public school parent, I am happy with the education my children receive. As a sitting member of the Dunwoody City Council, I have little direct impact on improving the scores that this item is measured upon therefore we need to keep working with our own children and within the governance of the DeKalb School System to make improvements.


In 2006, Dunwoody was listed in the Georgia rankings of Money Magazine as having both a very high “personal crime risk” as well as a high “property crime risk” and I personally made inquiries to the DeKalb County Police Department who was servicing our area in regards to the proper crime stats vs what was published. The high crime statistics were based on DeKalb County as a whole and therefore had no direct relationship to the Dunwoody area. The Crier wrote a nice article and the DHA followed up as well when the stats in Money Magazine were amended.  This one example of crime rates and crime statistics was just one of my many reasons that I personally wanted to break away from DeKalb County.  I believed that if we were able to start our own police department we would be able to actively attack any crime issues that we had within the City, head on.

Looking at the 2011 Money Magazine data on Dunwoody, I noted that our crime rates were still being based on DeKalb County data thereby making us look worse than it should be and that the crime statistics were being measured a little differently than the data the Dunwoody PD was providing. I sent an email to Chief Grogan asking for an explanation of the data as well as the 2010 Dunwoody statistics to compare against the statistics quoted in Money Magazine.   I have taken the liberty of attaching his response here for your reading pleasure.

Based on the statistics provided by Chief Grogan, Dunwoody’s personal crime rate (crimes against people) in 2010 was at 2.25 crimes per 1,000 people whereby many of the Top Rates Places, as well as a few of our neighbors, were rated at, or below 1 per 1,000. Dunwoody’s property crime rate (crimes against property) was at 36.53 per 1,000 whereby the Best Places average was around 16 per 1,000.

Aside from silly comparisons of idyllic locations far away from the bustle of a major metropolitan area, the crimes against people rating is way too high for my liking and I truly believe it is the Council’s duty to work in partnership with the Police Department in lowering this number.  Citizens personal safety comes before all else in the budgeting process and I intend to offer an amendment to the proposed 2012 Budget by reverting to the original document that was offered at the work session thereby replacing the Crime Reduction Unit back into the 2012 budget as originally proposed. 

Feel free to weigh in on this subject where you see fit, be it in the comments section of the blog (the previous post on the budget and the removal of the crime reduction unit has over 30 comments), an email to the entire council or in person at the budget public hearing scheduled this Monday night before the vote.

Thanks and as always, it my pleasure to serve.