Saturday, January 19, 2008

HB968 - Speed Enforcement Legislation proposed for Parks.

Thank you to Representative Mike Jacobs, an avid reader of this blog, for proposing the change in the speed enforcement laws allowing strict enforcement in parks which contain a playground.

At the moment state law requires law enforcement to wait until speed is exceeded by more then 10 miles over the posted speed limit before a citation can be written. For example, the posted speed limit in Brook Run Park is 15 mph but the police can not write a ticket until 26 mph. This proposal would correct this issue and also eliminate the exclusion of radar devices on hills over 7 percent grade.

I would like to thank Representatives Chambers, Millar, Levitas, Watson & Willard for co-sponsoring this important bill.

I would also like to note that the Governors Office of Highway Safety has recommended even tougher enforcement measures including eliminating the 10 mph rule completely as well as allowing double fines for speeding in school zones.

Maybe this proposal by Representative Jacobs is only the first step in making our streets safer and other safety proposals will be introduced?

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Trackboy1 said...

Good stuff Hene...this all comes from you. Nice to have some state rep's and senators who listen. This legislation may save a life or two.