Friday, April 25, 2008

Has Brook Run been properly cleaned up or was it just buried? Show me proof & test results.

Brook Run the 102 acre park in Dunwoody has had its share of problems through the years but it has so much potential to be a spectacular park. The county just tacked on $500,000 change order to a $1.3 million dollar demolition contract to do asbestos abatement and the citizens of area want to make sure the work was done properly.

A thorough review of previous documentation shows that building materials were allowed to be buried on site even though initially that was not suppose to happen. What is troubling is the fact that those buildings were completely destroyed inside & out prior to demolition and asbestos was strewn everywhere including outside the buildings.

I have filed what I hope to be the final open records request on the Brook Run demolition so that the county and their contractors can prove that they did the proper abatement and removal of the asbestos.

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Trackboy1 said...

A City of Dunwoody would have never allowed to happen what the county allowed to happen at Brook Run.

And remember Vernon and other park officials are on the record that the county would spend over $10 mil on Brook Run Park.

How come you never hear liane Levetan say anything about the park that was naemd after her? She has no problem with this mess?