Sunday, April 27, 2008

Michael Rothenberg of Dunwoody North runs for DeKalb Superior Court Judge

Dunwoody North resident Attorney Michael Rothenberg will seek the Superior Court seat currently held by Gail Flake. Lawyer, part time judge, advocate and counselor, Michael Rothenberg has dedicated his career to the legal profession and to the principle that all people deserve equal justice under the law. Rothenberg currently serves the citizens of Dekalb County as a part time judge in the Dekalb County Recorder's Court.

“I know that judicial elections do not get the attention others do, but judges affect the lives of ordinary DeKalb citizens maybe more than any other elected official. They have the power of life and death; the power to take away your freedom, your property, your children. I know my opponent has said and will say that she has so much experience and has been there so long she deserves to continue. However, when things just are not working, and decisions are getting overturned because they miss the mark, it costs taxpayers money and is just wrong for the county.“

“The incumbent Judge Flake, she is one of the most reversed judges in Georgia, meaning that the appellate courts overturn her decisions more often than most anyone. Judge Flake was appointed by Zell Miller and has not been seriously challenged since 1996. "

"This election is, amongst other things, about bringing real change to the court, improving how my division will be run from an efficiency standpoint as well as a technological standpoint, with the intention of making the division better for the lawyers and litigants before me" Rothenberg said.

“I want to be a candidate and a judicial officer that is accessible to people. I am just a regular guy who cares deeply about our county and I am willing to humbly put myself forward for the challenge. What I am really asking for is a chance to make a difference and I ask that we citizens hold our publicly elected officials accountable for the job they do.

Michael Rothenberg is a founding partner of Rothenberg & Barnes, LLC, a full service law firm based in Atlanta. Rothenberg practices in the areas of criminal defense, family law, catastrophic injury, complex civil litigation and real estate. Rothenberg has tried cases throughout the State of Georgia covering a wide array of areas of law.

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karma said...

This judge says he wants to make a difference and Dekalb County sure could use this change. I say let's make the switch.