Thursday, May 29, 2008

Video: Barnes hired to Fight Dunwoody Cityhood

The City of Dunwoody legislation was approved by both the Georgia State Legislature and the U.S. Department of Justice in order to move forward with a referendum vote on July 15.

Because of a recent open records request made by the Dunwoody Crier, it was discovered that in April of 2007, Vernon Jones hired former Gov. Roy Barnes to contest the state legislation allowing a referendum on a city of Dunwoody and the apportionment of Homestead Option Sales Tax funds. The DeKalb Board of Commissioners who just learned of this were shocked that the expenditures have been taking place for over a year without their knowledge, but under the CEO form of government the BOC are helpless besides not approving further expenditures above the $100,000 CEO spending limit.

The lawsuit if filed by DeKalb County will be against the State of Georgia not the against the city or citizens of Dunwoody.

All residents of DeKalb County need to fight to change the current form of government in DeKalb County. The first step happens on July 15th with the election for our next CEO and then in November there is the SB 52 referendum which will limit the CEO's powers.

I am hoping that a reasonable candidate for CEO emerges who understands that Dunwoody will always be part of DeKalb, as will the businesses in the community. Lawsuits are just a waste of money.


Trackboy1 said...

Watch the video. Interesting how Ann Kimbrough is pretty much running the county these days.

dunwoodydad said...

Lawsuits are not a waste of money - ask any lawyer.