Monday, December 1, 2008

City Manager Warren Hutmacher announces today that William “Billy” Grogan has been named as the sole finalist in the search for Dunwoody’s first Chief

City Manager Warren Hutmacher announces today that William “Billy” Grogan has been named as the sole finalist in the search for Dunwoody’s first Chief of Police.

Over 100 resumes were received by City Manager Warren Hutmacher for the Chief of Police position since it was advertised in October, 2008. Eight interviews were held and William “Billy” Grogan has been named as the sole finalist for the position.

William “Billy” Grogan currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Police in Marietta, GA. Marietta employs 138 sworn police officers and Grogan has overseen every department of the Agency over his career. He has over 27 years of experience in law enforcement, the last 13 years in command positions. Grogan earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and will be awarded a Masters Degree in Public Administration in December, 2008. Both degrees are from Kennesaw State University. Grogan is a graduate of the 193rd session of the FBI National Academy.

City Manager Hutmacher said, “Deputy Chief Grogan will bring to Dunwoody an understanding of forming partnerships with neighborhoods and businesses while keeping the community safe and secure. Grogan is well versed in all areas of law enforcement and will use best practices and an extensive knowledge of technology to create Georgia’s newest police force. I interviewed some of the finest law enforcement executives in Georgia and it was clear to me that Deputy Chief Grogan was the best fit for Dunwoody. His proven commitment to professional law enforcement, his extensive command experience and his capacity for bringing new and fresh ideas for public safety distinguished him from an impressive field of candidates.”

Chief Dan Flynn of the Marietta Police Department said, “We proudly commend the new City of Dunwoody for selecting Billy Grogan as its first Chief of Police. In his years of personal and professional development in the law enforcement community, Chief Grogan has proven to be an individual of exceptionally high integrity, dignity, and vision. While he is a seasoned reliable police leader, he is also modern and progressive in his views and actions; and he will undoubtedly become a key member of the team of leaders that will build the City of Dunwoody to meet its citizens’ highest expectations.”

Grogan is excited to be the first Chief of Police for Dunwoody. He said, “I am very honored and humbled by my selection as the first ever Police Chief for the City of Dunwoody. I am energized by the opportunity to work with the Mayor, City Council and City Manager to establish the police department as soon as possible. The Dunwoody Police Department will operate transparently and work in partnership with the residents and businesses of Dunwoody to provide a safe and secure environment to live, work and play. My door will always be open and I look forward to getting to know everyone in the community."

With a great deal of work to be accomplished in advance of the City’s expected start date of April to put the first officer s on the street, Grogan will begin employment on December 16th, 2008.


Ilovemykids said...

Congratulations! I just did a quick google on Deputy Chief Grogan and read a few of the things he had written - seems like a good choice.

Bob Fiscella said...

Congratulations to Chief Grogan! As I expressed to the city manager, I was not pleased with the process of hiring a police chief, but hopefully we've got the right man for the job. Billy - welcome to Dunwoody!

Steve Barton said...

Billy Grogan and Dan Flynn! Hurrah for traditions.