Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dunwoody City Budget Discussion on Video

I decided to test video taping the budget segment of the Dunwoody City Council meeting for uploading to the internet and though it worked, the processing time on the back end would make this very difficult to do on a regular basis. The entire budget discussion takes place over an hour, therefore I only processed a few clips.

The first video starts out with our City Manager, Mr. Warren Hutmacher reading the budget memo found here and then he starts explaining the finer points of the budget. The next two videos are Warren and Police Chief Billy Grogan discussing the police department. The first is a discussion on general police department information (tasers & take home cars) and the second is a police recruitment discussion (retirement). The audio of the entire 3 hour and 14 minute meeting is available here and I need to remember to break these audio files up into smaller segments in the future (79 MB).

General Budget Discussion


General Police Discussion


Police Recruitment Discussion


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