Monday, December 1, 2008

Dunwoody ribbon cutting and decision to take over a number of County services.

The Dunwoody City Council held back to back meetings to formalize much of what have been covered by the Council over the last several months. Nothing controversial happened in the first meeting but the second meeting held several items of interest.

The midnight hour had every major TV news station in the room for the ribbon cutting of the City.

Denny Shortal was nominated by Ken Wright to be the Mayor Pro Tempore to act in his place when the Mayor is absent. Congrats Denny !!

On January 1st the City plans to take over the following items from DeKalb County.
  • Road and street construction or maintenance, including curbs, sidewalks, street lights, traffic engineering and devices to control the flow of traffic on streets;
  • Stormwater infrastructure maintenance, collection and disposal;
  • Enforcement of construction, building, housing, plumbing, and electrical codes and other similar codes;
  • Planning, code enforcement, zoning and land use subject to the County providing to the City all the Zoning files for properties located within the City limits;
  • Arts and cultural arts programs and facilities;
  • Park operations, park maintenance, recreational areas, programs, and facilities; and
  • Courts and court services.
I had a number of questions regarding the proposal that Dunwoody operate and maintain the parks while DeKalb County still owns the property but I voted for the proposal since I believed it was in the long term best interests of the City and its citizens. Since I have been passionate regarding the operation of Brook Run in the past, tonight's vote on taking them over was no different in a public forum. I have copied the snippet of discussion on the parks and made them available here.

The full audio from the 11302008 meeting is here.

The full audio from the 12012008 meeting is here.

The discussion on parks and Brook Run is here.

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Ilovemykids said...

I'm having problems listening to the audio, but I have to agree that having Dunwoody operate and maintain the parks is in our best interests. I can just imagine the state of our parks if left to the devices of Dekalb County at this point.

What are the council's feelings, if any, on the skate park? Is it still losing money as Dekalb County claims? While I have never had a problem with the skate area, it seems never to have "taken off" and the few times I was at Brook Run this summer, there were few people using the park. Does its cost justify its existence? Or maybe it should just be an area that is accessible in the park without a charge?