Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Local Blogs all the Rage

As a reader of many online local news sources I enjoy the personalities that are expressed by the stories they tell. When I find a local blog of note, I promote their good works by either a separate entry or I add them to my blogroll located at the bottom right of this page and encourage others to read.

Today "Griftdrift" a respected writer and political pundit in Atlanta who writes the "Drifting through the Grift" blog listed the 5th biggest blog story of the year, the rise of the local blog.

Besides the DecaturMetro and inDecatur blogs that were honored by Atlanta Magazine this year as the best neighborhood news, Griftdrift named my little Dunwoody Blog as an example worth noting. He also named several of my favorites, including DeKalb Officers and the newly created DeKalb County School Watch as standouts in the category.

The point is don't listen or watch just one stream of media news, look for the opinionated quirky blog that stretches the imagination and questions the establishment. My blogroll is a snapshot of what I read and I encourage you to explore the blogosphere outside your comfort zone.

My last suggestion, is to read the comments. The DeKalb County School Watch has a post that says basically nothing yet there are 45 comments going back and forth regarding the new Dunwoody 4/5th grade elementary school roof and the arrogance of the the DCSS. Check it out.

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