Monday, December 15, 2008

Meeting audio from Monday Night & check out the Crier for the new Signs being proposed.


At Monday's work session we reviewed and worked though the details of several proposed ordinances and then went over the budget which shows a surplus of about 1 Million dollars.

The AJC noted that we have made a huge financial turnaround from September when we were entertaining the idea of contracting out to one master contractor. Saving the peoples money is a good thing but the service level being purchased with those dollars should be at an acceptable level for those same citizens who are paying the bills. That point is still yet to be seen.

Trees were a big topic of discussion and it appears to me that we may need to carefully review the tree policy being discussed as a community or at least discuss an effective enforcement strategy on preserving as many trees that we can. To do this we may want to start working towards the Tree City USA Certification and I will be discussing this with other members of the council.

I also discovered that Dunwoody's Comprehensive Land use plan will be fast tracked with heavy resident participation with the RFP interviews taking place very soon. Here is DeKalb's Comprehensive plan (Large File 30 MB) for a preview of what we have in strore.

The final big news of the evening came from the City Attorney notifying the Council that DeKalb County has received NINE more applications for large scale signs to be placed through out Dunwoody. Check out "The Crier" on Tuesday since Dick Williams stated that he is running the story in tomorrow's edition. I will repost the article as soon as I get it.


Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell said...

Do you have any source you can recommend to find the location of these signs? Are these really placed throughout Dunwoody or just around the edges where there is higher traffic?


DunwoodyParent said...


According to the Crier the new billboards are in the 'heart' of Dunwoody. (Publix, Farmhouse, etc)

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how can Dekalb approve signs located in Dunwoody?