Friday, December 19, 2008

Recap of the 12/18 Dunwoody City Council Meeting

It was a late night meeting for the Dunwoody City Council working for about 3 and a half hours, so I am going to cut this recap short.

Take a look at the agenda and everything passed except for the Public Works contract for Lowe Engineering which was tabled until our next meeting of December 29th because the City Council wasn't given the proper notice to properly review the $700,000 contract.

We passed the Sign & Zoning ordinances, the police IGA was passed (AJC Article here), the Sexually Oriented Business ordinance was passed and we approved the Ethics ordinance for the final time.

Finally a Sustainability Board was created and if you want a preview of what they will be working on, just look here.

There were a number of breaks during the meeting therefore there are three separate audio files. Take a look at the agenda, Audio 1 is start until the end of Signs, Audio 2 is Sexually Oriented Businesses until the end of the discussion of our Tax Anticipation Note and Audio 3 is New Business until the end. No meeting on the 22nd & our first budget meeting is December 29th.

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