Saturday, January 10, 2009

Atlanta gets tough on crime by arresting innocent news crew in City Hall.

Mayor Shirley Franklin started the week by saying that crime in Atlanta is going down yet it was proven that many aspects of crime is clearly on the upswing. I am guessing that she got the idea from Terrell Bolton who also said that crime was going down in DeKalb County while at the same time having the record breaking year for the number of murders.

Come on people lets give the public a little credit for not believing the B.S. your trying to feed us and get the stories straight. The public wants to be able to trust our civic leaders and when it comes to public safety we hope and pray that you are doing everything in your power to protect us.

The Citizens of Atlanta have now had enough of the escalating crime along with drastic cutbacks in police services, and are finally doing something about it; unfortunately it took the execution of a young man to wake up the community. Sadly enough this same scenario played out over 100 times in DeKalb County and it is only a matter of time before DeKalb's citizens get just as riled.

Atlantans Together Against Crime and Cutbacks (ATACC) from Grayson Daughters on Vimeo.

If Atlanta because of the escalated press coverage told their officers to get tough on crime in order to get regain the faith of the people, they need to stop making bonehead mistakes like this.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Thanks for the embed of the video, John. As shown in the video, the city-wide org to inform people about news, meetings, rallies, etc. regarding rising crime in metro Atlanta is Atlantans Together Against Crime and Cutbacks (ATACC):

Please sign-up to ATACC on Facebook and Twitter too.

Dunwoody Police Watch Group said...

I dont know if crime is really up or if the media is using tactics to manipulate said statistics.

The residents of Dunwoody we have spoken with have important concerns about the Dunwoody PD as to what approach they will take.

See our blog for additional commentary, please feel free to comment on our blog.

Will the Dunwoody PD be a revenue generating machine or here to really PROTECT our community....time will tell.

Rich Ideas said...

If there is not much crime in Dunwoody than how about our police force does enforce the traffic laws to afford a more pedestrian friendly, bicycle friendly and children playing in the streets friendly community. If you break the law, you pay the fine. If you drink anything over the limit of alcohol than you go to jail. I personally would be the first to lock the cell. Who are you people? I worry much more about you than the police.

Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell said...

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there are state laws in place that limit the ability of local police to use fines, particularly traffic fines, for 'revenue generation'. Drug related seizure are separate. To eliminate the 10 MPH speeding cushion it needs to be a school zone or have the magic 'strictly enforced' signage. I think the cut-through speeders are still safe in Dunwoody.

The city certainly smacks of "ole times here are not forgotten" and is coming out the chute conservative if not downright prudish. That said, I haven't seen a compelling argument to either not enforce, or not have drunk driving laws as a matter of public safety. In fact, given current, credible research I'd like to see the City Council show enough courage to ban all cell phone use while driving. Maybe the welcome to dunwoody signs could say "pull over and talk" or "hang up and drive".

Ellen Fix said...

How about: "Hang up, button up, shut up." This would cover the elimination of cell phone usage, adult businesses, excessive commercial signage AND speaking your mind to the City Council.