Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dunwoody City Council Meeting Agenda- Boyken Update, Employee Benefits, City Hall, Signs, Alcohol in Glass, and City Boards.

Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Public Hearing at Dunwoody United Methodist Church (1548 Mt. Vernon Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338).
Date: 1/26/2009
Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Agenda_Jan 26 09

E1 DUNWOODY COUNCIL Meeting Minutes from 01-06-09_Jan 26 09

J2 Chapter 21 - Signs Final_Jan 26 09
J2 Ordinance to Chapter 21 2009-01-09_Jan 26 09

K1 Boyken Services to Dunwoody in 2008_Final_Jan 26 09
K1 January Boyken Update_Jan 26 09
K2 Comcast Agreement Memo_Jan 26 09

L1 Comprehensive Benefits Plan_Jan 26 09
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Flex Spending, Life & Disability
  • Retirement 457, 401(K) of 10% plus another 6.2 %
  • Tuition Reimbursement - $2,000
  • Housing Stipend - $300 for 36 months
  • Gym Membership
  • Signing Bonus - $2,000
L2 Creation of a Dunwoody Development Authority_Jan 26 09
  • Bill Robinson and others to be named
L3 By-Laws of Development Authority_Jan 26 09

L4 IGA with the Dunwoody Development Authority for a City Hall and PD lease agreeement_Jan 26 09
  • City Hall and Police Department - getting close to being selected.
L5 Resolution to lift Moratorium - Final 2009-01-07_Jan 26 09
  • Lifts the sign moratorium
L6 City Council Rules and Procedures Resolution_Jan 26 09
  • Beginning Public Comment is moved after Agenda Approval
  • One person deferral to only times when 5 council members are present.
L7 Atlanta Gas Light Company franchise agreement_Jan 26 09

L8 Fee and Criteria for the Issuance of Permits_Jan 26 09
  • Allows glass containers of alcohol in parks, not near playgrounds / sports venues.
  • Sets permit fees of $25 & $100
L9 Resolution for Community Council_Jan 26 09
  • Brian Cosgrove, 3 years
  • Dennis Crean, 3 years
  • Al Albergini, 3 years
  • Tom Dwyer, 3 years
  • Robin Burch, 3 years
  • Page Olsen, 3 years
  • Austin Kearney, 3 years
L10 Resolution for Planning Commission_Jan 26 09
  • Bob Lundsten, 2 years
  • Bob Dallas, 2 years
  • Paul Player, 2 years
  • Bill Grossman, 2 years
  • Lynn Deutsch, 4 years
  • Kirk Anders, 4 years
  • Don Converse, 4 years
L11 Annual Schedule for Planning Commission_Jan 26 09
  • Monthly - Dates have been set for entire year.
L12 Resolution for Board of Zoning Appeals_Jan 26 09
  • Arty Bastien, 2 years
  • Joe Tuttle, 2 years
  • Ed Godshall, 2 years
  • Richard Ottness, 2 years
  • Geri Penn, 4 years
  • Dale Wartluft, 4 years
  • Susan Mitchell, 4 years
L14 Resolution for Construction Board of Appeals_Jan 26 09
  • Janet Webb, 2 years
  • Wade Wright, 2 years
  • John Francis, 4 years
  • Steven A. Blaske, 4 years
  • Wade McGuffey, 4 years
L13 Resolution for Ethics Board_Jan 26 09
  • Janet Webb, 1 year
  • Wade Wright, 1 year
  • John Francis, 3 years
  • Steven A. Blaske, 3 years
  • Wade McGuffey, 3 years
L15 Resolution for Alcohol Board of Appeals_Jan 26 09
  • Janet Webb, 2 years
  • Wade Wright, 2 years
  • John Francis, 4 years
  • Steven A. Blaske, 4 years
  • Wade McGuffey, 4 years
EXECUTIVE SESSION for the purposes of legal, real estate, and personnel discussions.


Kcaj said...

100% health coverage... dental and vision... gym memberships... and 2K in tuition reimbursement. Is the UAW in charge? Is that the gravy-train coming down the tracks? Honestly CoD, people/employees need to understand and share in the true costs of benefits (both those that are necessary [health-care] and certainly those that are questionable at best [gyms?]). If people have to spend some of their own money, then they tend to spend it "smarter". Jack

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm just astounded at some of the things I'm reading here.

"In order to remain competitive the city will cover 100% of the cost of employee coverage for medical benefits"...

I do not know of any employer that pays 100% of employee coverage for medical benefits. Most companies, for many years now, require employees to pay a portion of their benefits and this portion has risen every year. Same with dental.

A housing stipend? Gym memberships?

What world is the City Council living in?

Dunwoody Police Watch Group said...

It really is crazy what the CoD council and Police chief has done to our budget. We were presented with a figure of 2.8M for the police, now we are looking at double the amount. When will people question this?

Sign on bonuses?- looks like the Chief is having problem recruiting

Take home cars, every officer has their OWN car? The city manager gets a car allowance of $600!!!!

Gym memberships? Do you know how many people I know that have paid for a gym for years and could count on one hand how many times they have visited!

A housing stipend? I guess this is to encourage the officers to live in the city? I know in Johns Creek, they get this, but is not applicable towards a mortgage! Who comes up with this stuff? Oh, that is right, Chief Grogan who does not live in Dunwoody, to the best of my knowledge.

Typical government! SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND.

Dunwoody Police Watch Group said...

Recruiting problems for Dunwoody Police or just creating the best?
What is going on with this police department? Are they having trouble recruiting officers or are they just trying to create the best benefits package they can?

Are these items really necessary?

Take home cars?- The city will be leasing 40+ vehicles so each officers gets THEIR own car? How about pool cars for the first year or 2, maybe get an idea of ACTUAL expenses before we go handing out cars to everyone.

Sign on bonus?- I am no HR pro, but when I see "sign on bonus" I think of 2 things; problems getting candidates hired -or- using this as a means to meet salary requirements although this would not affect coming years. I would guess it is the first.

Gym memberships?- Is this a good use of the city's funds? Is healthiness, getting cardio exercise and weight training a part of the individuals duty to perform their job? What if they sign up and do not use the facility? WE all know a few people that have gym memberships, but have not darkened that doorway in a LONG time! What is the auditing process for this stipend?

Medical- the days of employer paid 100% coverage is LONG gone.

Can the council, the mayor and Chief of Police be a little conservative in the first year of the police?

They will spend it faster than we can pay it folks!

Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell said...

"They will spend it faster than we can pay it folks!"

Who we, DPWG? The great thing about these quaint li'l cities ain't the Beige and Brick, it is that they get to tax everybody in the entire state. 'Course they call it Franchise Fees.

Now for a real milk-snortin' laugh, get this: the primal scream of the cityhood movement was "No Taxation w/o Representation". And they have the chutzpah to conduct this business in a church---probably the only church in Dunwoody needin' lightning rods!

If you ain't laughin' you ain't payin' attention.

Ellen Fix said...

Does the brash benefits package being offered to Dunwoody City employees make sense in these challenging economic times? With so many people allegedly being laid off and now looking for work, are all those 'sweeteners' really necessary? And is it reasonable to penalize the citizens with what will obviously by a hefty tax increase in order to foot the ever-rising bill?