Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dunwoody City Hall and Police Station site chosen near Perimeter Mall.

Warren Hutmacher announces City Hall & Police Station
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The Monday Night Dunwoody City Council meeting covered a wide range of items on the agenda and most items were approved as presented. Including glass containers of alcohol (bottled wine, ect) are now allowed in parks when an event is permitted by the city. Employee benefits were discussed at length and approved by the Council as presented except for the health club membership portion which was removed. A new public comment period was added just prior to city council votes when amendments are added from the floor. The Construction & Alcohol Appeals boards were deferred until a future meeting in order to obtain a different set of volunteers since there is no reason to have one group sit on three various boards. The other boards were seated as proposed with the Mayor completing the slate for the Development Authority.

The big news of the night was the decision to enter into an agreement with the newly created Development Authority for the City of Dunwoody to sign a ten year lease for a co-mingled City Hall and Police Station at 41 Perimeter Center East, Dunwoody, Georgia 30346. This location is near the mall, off Ashford Dunwoody and located directly behind the Ravinia Building Complex. The City will lease almost two full floors (1st & 2nd floors) whereby the Police Station and the Court Room / City Council Chambers will be located on the First Floor and the Second Floor will be the administrative offices of City Hall.

I am not allowed to speak about what is said in executive session but believe I can state that the City Hall decision was a difficult one for all members of the Council (it was for me) since I like many were hoping for an ideal location in a different part of the City, but it just did not make financial and logistical sense to do so.

The almost four hours of audio from the meeting is now available as shown below.

01262009_audio1.mp3 Beginning up to benefits.
01262009_audio2.mp3 Start of benefits.
01262009_audio3.mp3 Chief Grogan on benefits up to Exec Session.
01262009_audio4.mp3 Return from Exec Session - announce City Hall.


Dunwoody Mom said...

What happens to the current Dekalb County Police North precient building?

DunwoodyParent said...

I recall reading that that building can be used only for a police department. It will probably revert back to the trust (was it Carnegie?) that 'gave' to to DeKalb police.