Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dunwoody Homeowners Association annual meeting - Sunday, January 11th

You are cordially invited to attend the
Dunwoody Homeowners Association
2009 Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 11th at 2:30 PM
Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall
1548 Mount Vernon Road


Platos Republic said...

I've contacted a lawyer regarding the DHA's and the CofD working relation. I guess I will present my findings to Mayor and council soon. Case law will show The DHA has no legal authority over me or anyone else not paying dues.

John, what is your stance on the DHA going forward? Are they doing the work of the Mayor and council?

Bob Fiscella said...


I recently was asked to join the DHA board. Prior to last year, I was NOT a member of the DHA. I was NOT a member of Citizens for Dunwoody or Dunwoody Yes. I even ran opposite one of the council members.

I can only speak for myself - I promise you I do not do the work of the mayor or the council. I ask and expect the mayor and council to do what's right for ALL the citizens of Dunwoody and not just an inner circle. I do support much of what they have done, but not everything that they have done.


Bob Fiscella

Platos Republic said...


John seems to want to stay out of my DHA question so perhaps you can answer it. Does DHA and any of its policies have any legal authority? In other words, does DHA have power to approve, decline any zoning, signage, etc?

Bob Fiscella said...


I can't answer that question with certainty, but to my knowledge the DHA has no power to approve or decline. However, with that said, developers knew, at least when we were unincorporated DeKalb County, to go to the DHA for it's stamp of approval. That will likely be the case with the new city of Dunwoody as well.

I've gotten to know a few members of the DHA, and believe me their intent is to make Dunwoody a better place to live. I applaud all the volunteer time and sacrifices that many DHA members make. I invite you to come to Sunday's meeting and find out what goes on first hand. You may have a different perspective. I know I did when I attended my first meeting.


Platos Republic said...

Thanks for the honesty, Bob. I too want what I feel is best for Dunwoody yet no one bows at my feet for a blessing on a back-lit sign or a zoning change. I guess the question is, "Who died and made DHA boss?"

themommy said...

No one did.

Platos when DeKalb County reviews zoning changes for example, there are ample opportunities for public input. DHA is just one voice, albeit an important one. If you disagree with their recommendations just say so. Attend a public hearing and express your views.

DHA has represented a large number of Dunwoody homeowners for many years -- very well, many people might think. It is often viewed as one of the best of its' kind organizations in the state.

The question moving forward is what is their role going to be now that we are a city. Because I suspect that the mindset of the current leadership of the City and DHA will be similar, I am not sure they are needed.

I do believe that individual neighborhoods need to beef up their own associations to be able to advocate on their own.

Anonymous said...

My disgust with the DHA hit its height with their ridiculous and bullying behavior with regards to the car wash at Mount Vernon and Chamblee-Dunwoody. The DHA even went so far as to publish a letter telling people not to patronize them!!! A carwash would hurt Dunwoody's "image". Well, as we've seen this car wash has been a successful business and a good and quiet neighbor.

I'm sure there are good, well-meaning people involved in the DHA, but this organization does at times give off a snobbish, entitled aura.

Bob Fiscella said...

Dunwoody Mom,

In that particular instance (and I was not a member of the DHA at the time), I agree! At least that was my feeling from the outside looking in. But then, I didn't get involved in the process, so I don't know all the details.

That's why more people need to get involved in the process and have their voices heard.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bob, it's a little disconcerting when that particular letter from the DHA was signed by Ken Wright and Danny Ross, our current Mayor and City Council person. I hope that have "grown up" since writing that letter.