Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dunwoody Homestead Exemption - NEW FORM without Social Security Number

The City of Dunwoody has modified the form for email submittal whereby the new form does not include social security numbers. The City included some additional information below due to the questions that were received and since I have been receiving a number of questions regarding the Tax District whereby I and I believe most live in Tax District 50 which is Dunwoody.

You will still have to make sure you have filled out your homestead exemption for DeKalb County. When you click on the link below to look up your parcel id and pin number, you can see if it says you have the exemption. You will only have to complete this form 1 time as well. If you have problems opening the form you may need to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is a free upgrade and you can get it here.

To look up your property address to see your parcel id and pin number click on this link:

Click on the link below for the revised form:

2009 Homestead Exemption Application

2009 Supplemental Exemption Application

(For citizens over the age of 65 who have a household income less than $15,000/year):

For more information please visit


Mitch said...

If we used the original form, are we OK?

John Heneghan said...

Yes, if you already sent the original form you are now covered.