Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dunwoody is still part of the County and today was a good day for All the Citizens of DeKalb County

DeKalb County CEO
Burrell Ellis

Today was Inauguration Day in DeKalb County with 41 DeKalb County elected officials being sworn in to their respective posts. Some were being sworn in for the first time and for others, this day as happened previously many times. As far as I am concerned, no matter how many times it has occurred each time is significant and a very special privilege that should not be taken lightly.

Burrell Ellis took over the reins of DeKalb County CEO and is looking to unify the County which has been divided by the divisive politics of the past. Mr. Ellis held a Unity Inauguration so that all the elected officials of DeKalb could be sworn in as a group, not as politicians but as public servants who serve for the greater good of others. Burrell reached out to every elected official within DeKalb County, including the Dunwoody City Council to join him in an Inaugural Breakfast for Elected Officials. Mayor Ken Wright and all six of the Dunwoody City Council members arrived en mass to congratulate Burrell and enjoy the company of our fellow elected officials.

Later in the evening, I returned to the Official Decatur Inaugural Reception in order to meet up with a few people who I knew who were going to be in attendance and missed out on the morning event. It was a great day in DeKalb County and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I proudly wore this shiny new name badge that told the world that I was a Member of the Dunwoody City Council.

I talked to…

Keith Barker, Burrell’s Executive Assistant about our future negotiations of the parks and property transfers and we both expressed a mutual desire to come to an amenable decision on the transfer of properties between the County and the City.

Fran Millar on the upcoming legislative session and that he will be hosting a Legislative Forum at Dunwoody United Methodist Church on Sunday.

Doraville Council Members, Donna Pittman & Bob Roach
on the Doraville Annexation and a possible revote.

DeKalb School Board Member Jim Redovian
on the need for the county and the board to align on future development within the county. Jim in our discussion was unaware of the DeKalb County School Watch blog and I informed him that it was must read for himself and the other members of the school board (not to mention all parents and taxpayers).

School Board Member Pam Speaks about the expectations of being a first time elected official.

Yvonne Williams
of the Perimeter Community Improvement District about transportation funding which lead to an invitation for me to meet GA DOT Commissioner Gena Evans later this month.

Representative Mike Jacobs
on the fact that he should blog more now that his political season was about to get under way.

DeKalb Commissioner Jeff Rader
regarding future negotiations over the parks in Dunwoody and the need for all citizens of DeKalb to be able to use the facilities in Dunwoody.

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd on the benefits and pitfalls of political blogging as a politician.

Decatur City Commissioner Fred Boykin on their cities volunteer coordinator which coordinates 1000’s of hours of volunteer assistance to various non-profit and city related projects.

Dunwoody Nature Center Executive Director, Claire Hayes; Decatur Parks Director Dan Magee and Deputy Director of DeKalb County Parks, Marvin Billups about the opportunities and challenges of Dunwoody someday running its own park system.

Sheriff Tom Brown on future interactions between the Dunwoody PD and the Jail.

Monsignor Donald Kiernan
from All Saints Catholic Church where I attend on a regular basis.

Besides those little tidbits of conversation, you should know that Dunwoody was well represented at CEO Burrell Ellis’s Inauguration and in turn CEO Ellis represented the County with Class and Distinction. I look forward to working with him and his administration.


Platos Republic said...

Of course Jim Redovian would be ignorant regarding the DeKalb school blog. Jim's role on the BOE is 'Mission Accomplished' since he saved Vanderlyn from integration.

pscexb said...

Great information John! I am also attempting to create greater awareness of blogs such as this and the DeKalb School Watch. Due to many obligations we are not able to get together 'physically' as much as we like. Using vehicles such as this is very helpful however I believe we need to get more perspectives in the dialog.

Best wishes!