Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dunwoody may feel like Mayberry to some, but Barney Fife need not apply to our Police Department.

The Thursday AJC has a nice little article discussing the fact that the Dunwoody Police Department will be hiring 38 experienced police officers and that the City will be offering a different kind of job opportunity. If you are an experienced officer looking for a change, all are encouraged to apply.
“You have to offer something that would encourage them to leave their agency, and come to your agency,” said Billy Grogan, the new chief of police in Dunwoody, which is preparing to hire 38 sworn officers by March.

Along with a competitive salary and benefits, Grogan said, “You do that by offering a different kind of a job opportunity.” The recession has tightened spending in the smaller suburban cities but hasn’t resulted in layoffs. And a few departments plan to add more positions.

Openings for firefighters remain rare. Police jobs are more plentiful. In Dunwoody, preparing for a relative hiring binge, police applications are arriving from several communities, including Atlanta. Grogan said the salary range hasn’t been set yet, but he is seeking a range of $38,000 to $57,000 for patrol officers, depending on experience. Initially, the new city plans to hire only seasoned officers. Among other things, he plans to recruit officers by allowing them to take their patrol cars home.
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Dunwoody Police Watch Group said...


In reviewing the revenue for the new city, it shows $430,000 in fines and forfeitures. What is this based off? Does the DKPD provide you with historical data?


Dunwoody Police Watch Group said...

How are these salaries compared with other departments? Take home cars? Should the residents of Dunwoody be supplying these officers with transportation to/from their homes? Are these distance limitations?

It seems to me and others that the PD has gotten larger and larger as time goes on! It went from a budget of $2.8M, from CVI (the tool used to get people to vote for cityhood), to $3.8 and now to over $5 million! 5 officers per shift, plus a large management structure to cover a city of 12 sq miles?

Are people just 'OK' with this because it is recommended by those 'in the know'?

Come on folks......lets act before this gets out of hand.

Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell said...

It seems to clear a back of the envelope analysis. $430,000 is approximately $1,200 per day. With 5 officers per shift, 3 shifts per day, that's $80 per officer. Given the current structure for speeding fines, that's less than a ticket per day per officer. Doesn't sound draconian.

In fact, you could rake in that much just pulling speeders on the relatively small section of Chamblee-Dunwoody between Roberts and Spalding. I'm sure there are many other areas equally as bad. If the new PD writes $1,200/day in traffic fines alone they will be letting a vast majority of offenders skate. I don't see a clear and present danger to traffic violators in my neck of the (dun)woods.