Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full audio of Mayor Shirley Franklin's speech at the Atlanta Press Club

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Press Club for lunch to listen to Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin speak on a number of topics but the big item was her announcement that she wants to add 400 officers to the Atlanta Police Department.

I have posted the entire 30 minute speech and question and answer session on line for your listening pleasure and my notes are below.
  • Governing for Today vs. Planning for the Future
  • Clean Water Atlanta - Can do attitude of Atlanta
  • 11 months to go - still lot to do - many projects moving forward
  • Started in a recession - ending in a recession, trying to be fiscally sound
  • Wants President Obama to be a partner with Cities and America needs an urban policy director
  • Proudest issue in politics, tackling Atlanta's water & sewer issue
  • Surprising issue of being an elected official - people want to interact with you, no matter where
  • Crime in Atlanta - what's the plan? 2,000 police officers needed 20 years ago and still today. 400 new officers needed.
  • Increase investment in public safety needed possibly up to 2,400 officers
  • Homelessness - Public / Private Partnership - United Way
  • Working families need help - need a living wage - State Law Prohibited
  • Facebook and the internet has rallied the community about crime.
  • Transit and infrastructure, lobbying for stimulus for projects
  • Hartsfield projects could be jump started, Clean Water could be expanded and bridges need repair.
  • Coordinated intermodal transportation improvements needed across the region.
  • Water sharing between three states, GA AL & FL - middle ground must be found.
  • Media hasn't covered State and Regional stories - stop focusing on crime in Atlanta or DeKalb specifically when the problems are regional in scope.
  • Media is not covering the fact that the airport and aviation infrastructure is an economic engine for the region.
  • What's next after office? Life will continue - passion for students between 16 to 18, probably education.

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