Friday, April 10, 2009

Bike Ride Around Dunwoody - register the entire family today for Saturday Event.

Can you imagine seeing this sign posted on Dunwoody Streets?

Sign up today.

On 18th, 2009 Dunwoody Preservation Trust (DPT) will sponsor the first annual Bike Ride Around Dunwoody (BRAD) for individual riders and families who want to support making Dunwoody a more bike-friendly place. Profits from this low-cost event will be donated to the City of Dunwoody and held in a special fund that will be used to designate bike lanes here in the City. We do this in honor of Jim Benson, who was a long-time Dunwoody resident who lost his life recently in a biking accident in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

9:00 AM: Bicycle Safety Training Class, conducted by Performance Bicycle.

9:30 AM: Comments about Jim Benson from family and friends. Jim grew up in Dunwoody, and attended Dunwoody High School and the University of Georgia where he was a member of the Swim Team. This first BRAD is conducted in his memory.

10:00 AM: The Bike Ride begins. The course will exit the back gate of Brook Run onto Peeler Road (left), proceed on to Chamblee Dunwoody Road (right), Vermack Road (right). Pass by Dunwoody High School. Proceed to Mt. Vernon Road (left) to Dunwoody Village where the route will go left onto Chamblee Dunwoody Road. Then a left onto Womack, to Village Mill (right) to Peeler Road (left) to North Peachtree Road (right) to the front entrance of Brook Run. The riders will be met there by the Peachtree Middle School marching band, who will escort the riders down the main street of Brook Run to the carnival area. The entire route is approximately 7 miles.

We will also have a shorter route that will exit the park at Peeler Road and proceed to Village Mill and return to the park. This route will be approximately 2 miles.

Before and after the ride, we will have representatives from Performance Bicycle on-site to help with minor bicycle issues, pump up tires, etc, etc.

Please click on the following link to register for the event. We are asking for $10 per rider to cover the cost of a commemorative Lemonade Days t-shirt and the donation to bike lanes in Dunwoody, $15 if you register on the day of the ride. If you'd like to donate more, please indicate as such in the entry form. Any additional amounts donated will go directly to the special fund. We are also raffling 2 bicycles that have been generously donated by REI and Performance Bicycles. One is a children's bike, and one is an adult model. A $5 donation will purchase 5 chances to win your choice of bikes, and all proceeds from this raffle will go to the special bike lane fund.

This event is generously sponsored by Portis Building & Interiors. Sam & Molly Portis are dedicated members of our community who actively support the concept of making Dunwoody more bike-friendly. We thank them for their support.

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