Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dunwoody Police motto "serving with distinction", I hope I can live up to expectations.

As I sat on the stage at the Dunwoody Police swearing-in ceremony listening to the names and the impressive credentials of the 40 newly hired Dunwoody Police Officers, I couldn't have been prouder that we the City decided to incorporate and that I was given the honor to assist us in getting to this point. Thank you.

The speeches at the ceremony were good & I especially enjoyed Senator Dan Weber's speech directed at the officers about service & trust. At the 11:30 pm roll call Chief Grogan reiterated the importance of making a good first impression with the community and he then put the bad guys on notice that they need to go somewhere else. At Midnight, I was allowed to ride out in procession with a young officer who is about to move within the City Limits of Dunwoody to take advantage of the city residency benefit item that I pushed for from the very beginning with my candidacy for office.

Chief Grogan instituted the motto of "serving with distinction" for the department and I know that they will do so under his leadership. Now I just hope that I can continue to serve with just as much distinction on the City Council.

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