Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The GoDeKalb Show - Dunwoody Edition featuring Dick Williams, Mudcatz & the Chamber of Commerce the online county news source which I have touted in the past has a new video feature and this weeks episode features the City of Dunwoody. It is hosted by Randy Barnes and includes conversations with Dick Williams, the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce and the owner of Mudcatz among others.

Dick Williams, editor of the Dunwoody Crier gives a city hood update, talks about Burrell Ellis and environmental issues. Finally he poses a question to CEO Ellis and the other DeKalb County officials asking if they are serious about negotiating with the city for a transfer of properties?

Randy Barnes then asks a few Dunwoody ladies about social networking and they seem a little lost? What is twitter?

Shari O'Halloran, the owner of Mudcatz Baytou Bar & Grill (my personal favorite socializing establishment, non-smoking, no cover, great Blues music, outstanding food) in Dunwoody is interviewed and discusses the high quality blues artists that play in their fine establishment. The restaurant will soon be moving next door to the much bigger Pavilion and when that happens expect to see some of the biggest names in music play on this stage. (Yes, I know the names and I'm not telling.)

Randy hears from Ms. Debbie Fuse of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce that the DeKalb Convention & Visitors Bureau is doing a fine job.

Finally Randy looks directly into the camera and says that public officials, including those running the new City of Dunwoody should get into social networking in order to get the word out.

You know what Randy, I think I just might take you up on that suggestion?


joggerdavew said...

JOHN: In the interest of aesthetics, if not fairness in journalism, would you kindly take DW's face off your blog page? Thanks.

John Heneghan said...

Mudcatz owner Shari O’Halloran is working to book classic music acts like rock bands Molly Hatchet and Atlanta Rhythm Section, soul singer Clarence Carter and rhythm and blues singer Dobie Gray.