Saturday, April 11, 2009

My blog is getting a little press and earning me big bucks.

My little neighborhood blog is featured on the front page of the DeKalb Champion Newspaper and it also received the quarterly contributor award from the Community Radar website. I never intended for my little blog to make me rich nor bring me personal recognition but I guess it is nice to be recognized for submitting quality items of interest. Even if it is just for sharing information on low cost Georgia Aquarium tickets that a Dunwoody reader was able to take advantage of, I was just glad I could just pass the information along.

Champion Newspaper Article by Jonathan Cribbs
"You could say John Heneghan’s city council campaign began when he started Heneghan’s Dunwoody Blog. The site, hosted on Blogger, launched in 2005 with the headline: “DHA – Dunwoody Mom and Dad Crowned.” It was a simple piece of community news lifted from The Dunwoody Crier, the local paper. (It was my Wife Kristin who was named Dunwoody Mom of the Year.)

Cut to March 2009. Heneghan sits on the City of Dunwoody’s newly created city council, representing Post 6. He won more than 4,000 votes, more than 60 percent of the vote in the city’s first elections in September. And he did it bypassing a good number of tried-and-true campaigning methods, including campaign signs and advertising."
Community Radar - Awards Cash for quality blogging.
"This time around the most popular item published was the work of a community leader familiar to many of you. John Heneghan has long made a difference for his own neighborhood using the power of blogging. As a leader in the newly formed city of Dunwoody, John has continued to use the awesome power of the Web to promote civic awareness among his constituents.

This is the type of information sharing Community Radar is tailored to support and amplify through its one-of-a -kind civic information network. Join me in thanking John for his contributions to our community and in offering appreciation to all contributors to our site."
I was awarded $50.00 from Mr. Kim Gokce of Community Radar and will be donating the prize money to the Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk taking place October 23 - 25, 2009. Thank you Kim for the honor of the award and I would also like to thank you for offering a website where community members can post & read local items of interest on a daily basis; I read it every day.


Mark said...

Good Morning John,

Given the amounts of energy and time you put into all that you do to benefit your family and our community, you deserve positive attention and accolades. If you make a few bucks, all the better. That you chose to put it to charitable use reflects all the better upon you.

Kim Gokce said...

John was one of the first civic leaders to "get it" when it comes to information sharing via blogging in the Information Age. I hope he has also set a precedent by the fact that he is redirecting the award to the 3-Day Walk.

I would love nothing better than to see local, civic-minded bloggers vie for the privilege of doing the same with future awards. The award amount is driven by the community so $1, $2, or $20 individual contribution could make this a substantial award over time.

Leveraging the power of the community is how to get positive things done and John has shown us all how to do that via a combination of hard work and information sharing. I was happy to see John's item appear at the top of the 1st quarter list and expect his work will be in the running for the annual award, too. Kudos more than earned!