Friday, April 10, 2009

Radar Speed Limit Sign - to be tested in Dunwoody on North Peachtree Road

It doesn't happen often but I stepped away from the internet for about a week (except for a work Blackberry which was reviewed mostly after hours). The family & I had the pleasure of getting out of town for Spring Break visiting St. Simon's Island and had a very nice time.

Speeding in school zones and neighborhoods is a serious and pervasive problem. Speed humps, one of the cheapest traffic calming devices, are also the crudest and most controversial. Most jurisdictions prohibit them on collector streets, where speeding cut-through traffic is rampant. Radar speed signs are effective and affordable and are being used in more and more metro Atlanta jurisdictions. Come see why.

I am very proud to announce that on April 30th at 11:30 am at Chestnut Charter Elementary School south parking lot, there will be a public demonstration and media event announcing the results of a two-week demonstration project aimed at reducing school zone speeding and discuss the tool used to deter speeders.

A sign like the one above will be installed in the coming weeks on North Peachtree Road and if the project is successful other signs may be ordered by the city. Sponsored by PEDS, the City of Dunwoody, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Radarsign.


Mark said...

This is a pleasing development. I hope that testing is successful beyond expectation. Since I began relying on a 49cc scooter as primary transportation, I am increasingly aware of speed since I can barely muster 45mph on declines. I am often followed too closely when I am observing the common 25 and 35 speed limits found through most of Dunwoody. This is especially a problem on inclines when my scooter may slow down due to my outweighing the poor thing by 70 pounds. As an aside, many drivers have been very polite and accommodating, and I've only been cut off by vehicles sporting out of state tags... thus far. Please keep us abreast of news regarding this project, John.

installerone said...

We use a sign similar to this one -seen on - and it has made a big difference in slowing traffic to the speed limit. There are grants for these signs on also

Anonymous said...

If the city decides to go ahead with this project, I'd like to suggest Peeler Road as a destination.