Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recap of 29 minute long meeting, City Council members getting stoned and Tomatofest on Wednesday reminder.

Monday's City Council meeting was quick and to the point, lasting only 29 minutes yet we were able to move the cities required business. Since I am currently between houses and without the ability to process audio, this will be the first city council meeting not recorded and posted by me.

Basically as a recap, everything passed as presented with both the City Council Comment and the Lighting Ordinance items being deferred for another time.

After viewing a few recent items on the internet, I think the new City of Dunwoody is operating pretty smoothly, not perfect, but pretty smoothly. If you don't believe me and you are in the mood for a few giggles take a few seconds to click the next couple of links. Thankfully this guy isn't our City Manager, our City Council isn't getting Stoned, and our residents in favor of farmer's markets actually do make relevant public comments.

Talking of Farmer's Markets, I am looking forward to visiting the Dunwoody Farmers Market for the first time this Wednesday located in Dunwoody Village next to the Post Office. I was invited to judge the Dunwoody Tomatofest but my full time job takes priority and I will only be able to stop by enroute.

Finally, Dunwoody boy and girl scouts are needed to help build/set up new community garden at Brook Run Park! Troop leaders and anyone else who is interested, please email Rebecca at dunwoodygarden@gmail.com

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John Heneghan said...

Rick Callighan, the newest voice on the Dunwoody blogosphere not only cracks me up with his opinions of Dunwoody events, he is also quite talented behind the keyboard.

Check out this cool little movie he made, very impresive.