Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twitter told a live account of this shoplifting sting a month ago if you were looking.

Today's News - Official Mainstream

WSBTV News Story

AJC article on Perimeter Mall professional shoplifters

Last month - Twitter Feed searching on the word Dunwoody.

As I am always looking for stories on the City of Dunwoody and looking for ways to better serve the citizens living here; I run Tweetdeck software looking for the word Dunwoody so that whenever anyone types the word in Twitter, I am instantly notified. Most messages are mundane, but I have witnessed live tweets on car accidents, police calls, unexpected fireworks, and even pot hole complaints.

Below is a set of tweets from May 20th where someone witnessed and documented live as it happened, a large scale arrest of a shoplifting ring at Perimeter Mall. As with any e-mail string, read from the bottom up.

Congrats to the City of Dunwoody Police Department! Chief Grogan, you sir are making the city proud and as a man of your word you are most definitely putting the bad guys on notice. Thank you.

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