Saturday, August 22, 2009

Agenda for Monday's Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Monday, August 24th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346

PROCLAMATION: “Recognition of Dunwoody Municipal Court Volunteer Bailiffs”.
Mr. Ron Silvers, Mr. Larry Echikson, Mr. Jim Sturgis, Mr. Jim Beattie, and Mr. Stanley Bernstein

Ordinance to amend Chapter 4: Alcohol Beverages to change various distance requirements.
Changing one distance from feet to yards and will not affect any current vendors.

Approval of Contract 09-189 (Auditing Services).
Mauldin & Jenkins Certified Public Accountants, LLP

Ordinance amendment to Chapter 27: Zoning Ordinance to revise the text of §3C, the Dunwoody Village Overlay District.
Design Review Committee - Must be vetted through all committees and hold another public hearing prior to final decision.

Discussion of Dunwoody CVB funding.
Disposition of the restricted hotel/motel funds that were collected from Dec. 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009; estimated to be about $240,000.00

Resolution to revise fee schedule for building permit fees.
25% reduction in residential construction fees


Rick Callihan said...

since the city is losing money on permits we want to reduce the fees? Usually you increase fees (or reduce costs)so that you do not lose money. Interesting concept.

Ken Thompson said...

Is the legislative intent to preclude (m)any new "hard liquor" retail sales establishments in Dunwoody?