Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dr. Adrian Bonser to seek re-election for Dunwoody District 2

Councilwoman Adrian Bonser announced her candidacy for re-election to Dunwoody City Council.

Prior to her election to the city council Dr. Bonser was an early proponent of cityhood, engaging in organization, fundraising, and legislative meetings in support of the effort. Dr. Bonser joined the Board of “Dunwoody Yes!” at its inception in March 2008 and has been helping to lead Dunwoody forward since then.

“Serving on the inaugural council for our city is a great honor” said Bonser. “We are practicing what we preached - providing an exemplary police force, keeping costs low while providing better city services, and taking control of zoning issues. I am implementing the skills I learned as a small business owner every day and working hard to be sure our customers, the citizens, are happy” added Bonser.

Dr. Bonser has eight years experience as a registered nurse working in critical care and 18 years of experience working as a general and cosmetic dentist. She started a private dental practice in Dunwoody in 1992. After building a thriving business, she sold it in 2001. Dr. Bonser then worked for more than five years for the DeKalb County Board of Health and is currently working in the private sector as both a consultant and general dentist. She has served on the Dunwoody City Council since her election a year ago.

“We have a plan and we’re governing with open ears. My door is always open and I want to be around to continue making our vision a success,” said Bonser.

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