Saturday, August 22, 2009

Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody to receive $2.2 Million to design new academic building.

You didn't think the Dekalb High School Of Technology (now vacant property) which was swapped for the new Dunwoody Elementary School on Womack Road would be idle forever did you?

Get ready for more students.

Passed the $2.2 million for a set of drawings (big building?) by the Board Regents in 2008

Architectural Firm hired for a new Academic Building on August 12th, 2009

My Suggestion
I would like to suggest that the State Board of Regents purchases the old Emory Hospital on Shallowford and convert it into Atlanta's premier nursing school. The building is available, the access is better that the Womack location and the students could gain experience on Pill Hill (Northside, St, Joe's & Children's) as well as the numerous doctors offices in the area.


happy said...

I like the idea of the nursing school on Shallowford, but about also a parking deck for GPC with a shuttle? This would help keep traffic off North Peachtree, Tilly Mill, Chamblee Dunwoody and Womack.

Rick Callihan said...


AM I right to assume the State does not need permission from Dunwoody to do any of this?

Steve Barton said...

A couple three years ago (before Dunwoody Elementary was a gleam in anyone's eye) there was some negotiation going on for GPC to get the DeKalb High School of Technology-North property. The plan was that GPC would build a nursing school -- and word was that a natatorium would be included and that it would be shared with the Dunwoody High School swim team, so that they would not have to travel to Chamblee HS for practices and "home" meets.

Something is going to go on that property (and add to the traffic outside my back door), but John's idea to point the nursing school to the Emory Dunwoody Med Ctr property is a great re-use possibility.

I have not talked to any of y'all about that walk/bike trail route I shared several weeks ago before the master plan meeting when I was going out of town. Y'know, that path that follows the sewer line access line starts at the DHST-North property and goes right past the old hospital. Drive distance between the properties is 2.1 miles; a current walking route using existing roads is 2.0 miles; but that walk/bike path alongside the creek is 1.4 miles between the properties. A very short bike ride or ~25 mins walking for a student. FWIW. -- skb

Kate Lee said...

John: great idea about Shallowford. Re-use is much better than tearing it down. And think of the potential for free care for senior citizens in our community!

Also, GPC absolutely should build a natatorium on the property and share with DHS. Putting more classrooms at the site is going to overburden our streets and cause huge costs to the City. And god forbid they should tear down even more trees to make more parking. Let's encourage shuttles. Hey... maybe the First Baptist Church would rent their parking lot during the week for shuttles to GPC!