Friday, August 28, 2009

Hit and Run leaves mirror image in bumper.


Rick Callihan said...


Any Tweets about a local reporter getting a speeding ticket from DPD?

John Heneghan said...


I check this page everyday and will be looking for your mug on there in the morning.

I hope you smiled pretty for the camera because a very high percentage of DeKalb mugshots show up on The Smoking Gun weekly recap of offbeat mugshots from around the nation. I guess we are just lucky that way to have so many photogenic citizens here in DeKalb.

Rick Callihan said...

Oh John, not me. I am not a reporter, just a guy with a keyboard and too much free time.

Plus, a speeding ticket won't get you locked up (unless you were going 50 mph over the limit).

I also get those DeKalb mugs - good reading on there.