Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spreading the word on the scheduled Georgetown land use meeting - Tuesday January 5th

I received the following message from Ms. Susan Harper, a resident of the Georgetown area informing her neighbors of the importance of the upcoming Georgetown planning meeting on Jan 5th.  I thought Susan's concise and clearly written message which gets the point across that the residents of the area need to be involved; needed to be shared as wide as possible.  Please mark your calenders today.

Dear neighbors,

There will be an important meeting about future land-use decisions in the Georgetown area.

On Tuesday, January 5, at 7pm, a meeting will be held at the Atrium in Georgetown Park--4355 Georgetown Square. At that meeting, Dunwoody residents will be given time to voice their opinions and suggestions as to the future of the Dunwoody/Shallowford/North Peachtree corridor.

If you are concerned about future zoning decisions in this area, you should make every effort to be present at this meeting. A comprehensive land-use plan is being developed that will dictate what type of development--residential? commercial? institutional? industrial?--can be built throughout the city. The Georgetown area has been identified by city officials as an area ripe for redevelopment. What type of redevelopment, however, has not been completely defined.

To be clear about the purpose of this meeting...we can't go in and request specific businesses to occupy specific spaces. For example, suggesting a Whole Foods to replace a Kroger is not within the scope of a land-use plan. However, suggesting that zoning be amended to allow a 10-story office building to replace the Williamsburg office buildings surrounding the Atrium, would be a possibility. (No, that would MOST CERTAINLY not be a suggestion of mine!)

What type of development would you like to see over the next 20 years in this corridor--more live/work/play space? Are you comfortable with the idea of much higher density living spaces along the I-285 access roads? Would you prefer that heights of buildings be capped at 3 stories? 5 stories? 10 stories?  Or more R-100 (single family housing) residential designations? Do we need more greenspace designations in these areas? How about transportation--more pedestrian friendly? More bike lanes in this area? Or should there be more direct access to the Perimeter Mall area? These are the questions that we as residents need to consider and respond to at this meeting.

***As far as the "Revive I-285" issues are concerned...I believe that future zoning plans can be made with or without definite decisions on those I-285 plans. In any case, I would not plan on DOT representatives being present at this meeting to answer questions. The focus of this particular meeting is on future zoning designations for the city of Dunwoody rather than on interstate improvements for the top-end as a whole.

Please join me to listen and offer suggestions to our city officials!

Tuesday, January 5th at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Atrium at Georgetown Park,  4355 Georgetown Square

Best regards,
Susan Harper

ps...please pass this along to other neighbors both in and out of the Georgetown/Chateau Woods/North Springs/Heathwood/Village Springs areas...Thanks!

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