Monday, December 14, 2009

Video of Monday Dec 14th - Dunwoody City Council

Video of December 14, 2009 - City Council Meeting

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Gordon J. elkins said...

Morning John, really enjoy the blog, and as a busy guy, it lets me keep up with what is going on in our city.
Just a thought, as business owner our bonus structure isn't a guaranteed end of year promise, nor should it be given for someone excelling at the their postion, we pay folks to do just that, do what they are paid to do and do it well.
I think it sets a bad precedent and message to all our other city employees, that come end of year this type of yearly payment becomes a given. I know Mr. Hunmacher has done a good job, but that was expected. Also the economic climate is such that, of all years, this isn't the year to bonus... put that money to work for the citizens of Dunwoody and let it become an investment fo future city growth..
Warmest regards to you and the family for a joyous Christmas...
Best, Gordon J. Elkins