Thursday, December 24, 2009

What future safety improvements should the city be investing in? Do you have suggestions?

Now that we have all of the radar speed limit signs installed near our schools, what are your suggestions for future safety improvements that can be implemented sooner rather then later. Sidewalk and street improvement dollars will be coming but what else can we do now to make the city safer?

Improved cross walks, bike & pedestrian safety training for our children, police enforcement, reflective lane markers, improved street lighting standards?  These items will probably be discussed in the Transportation master plan but I figured there was no reason to wait. 


SRTS Traffic Safety First Report Final


Ken Thompson said...

I can only speak for myself and the area I frequent in Dunwoody...

Fix the crosswalk switches/lights in lovely downtown Dunwoody.

Ban left turns onto and from Nandina.

Ban left turns into and out of the Publix Parking lot entrance on C-D Rd.

25MPH speed limit throughout the overlay district.

Rumble strips at oft ignored stop signs -- Dunwoody Rd is my favorite.

Use data from the radar signs to allocate enforcement resources. Proactively publish those data and enforcement data for public review.

And for real fun, convert the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody and Spalding into a roundabout.

Rick Callihan said...


We seem to agree on every issue here. The left-turning Publix folks are the worst. Nandina should be a one-way street.

Pattie Baker said...

If we're getting specific--here's an easy one that costs nothing. Make sure all pedestrian crosswalk signal lengths are enough for all ages and physical conditions (case in point: the pedestrian cross time at Mt. Vernon and Tilly Mill is about 4 seconds--I make it about 2/3 of the way across and then have to jog).

John Heneghan said...

Great start on the specific suggestions. Thank you, Ken, Rick and Pattie.

If anyone has suggestions please do offer them as I know they are being read by myself and others who can recommend changes. Thanks.