Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will DeKalb County appove another 4 am nightclub in our backyard?

The El Reventon @ Fridays Plaza is a nightclub restaurant establishment requesting extended hours of operation (until 4 am) to serve alcoholic beverages.  This unincorporated island of DeKalb County between the cities of Dunwoody & Doraville directly affect our property values and quality of life.  Both cities wish they could do more in the area as far as Community Development and Police Enforcement but this area is completely controlled by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners and the DeKalb PD.

The next public hearings for consideration of this Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) will be December 22nd 6:30pm at the Chamblee Library, January 5th Dekalb Planning Commission 6:30pm 1300 Commerce Dr. Decatur in the auditorium and lastly it will come before the Board of Commissioners on January 26th 10:00am 1300 Commerce Dr. Decatur.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend to oppose this SLUP.


DeKalb Officers said...

4 am? Are you joking? 4 am may be on the county ordinance books for the closing time, but DeKalb police officers routinely work clubs in uniform until 6 am and beyond.

Any doubt, just listen to the officers logging on over the air blatantly saying "I'll be on duty until 6 or 6:30 am" any Friday and Saturday night in any precinct.

Rick Callihan said...
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Rick Callihan said...

The 4 AM club on Savoy Drive, Mist Lounge, is open until 4 AM with drinks. But as DeKalb Officers says, the place is open way past then.

John, set up 'MistLungeAtl'on your twitter feed for some late night entertainment.

Here's a taste of some of the latest tweets:

# all of our followers know we gets it in! 8:56 PM Dec 17th from HootSuite

# @akadanni that's what it is we'll see u then follow

# @akadanni we goin until 7am...sweet dreams its gettin packed hennessy black promo miss black GA, ya neve know who u run into @mistloungeatl 11:24 PM Dec 12th from mobile web

# @akadanni saturday pops off wit @djakdaceleb saturday nights 7am we have it goin...lets go! 10:34 PM Dec 12th from mobile web

# @ladysickstyles are u serious asking that?? I goes down each & every saturday night!

@djakdaceleb crushin we goin until 7am. jumps about 2am 10:31 PM Dec 12th from mobile web

# go in saturday night @mistloungatl Hennessey Black in the bLdg wit the promo ladies...WOW its goin down u know until 7am

Dunwoody Mom said...
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dunwoodydad said...

wens ladies night yo?

Bob said...

The City Council of Doraville has already sent a letter of opposition as has the Mayor of Dunwoody.

Even though you live in Dunwoody, you are still residents of DeKalb and have every right to attend and object.

Why do I know this, because I live in Dunwoody and serve on the Planning Commission in DeKalb County.

This club is in the Friday's Plaza, in the old Friday's location. ACROSS the drive from the Oasis. ( family enterntainment at its best)
They plan to serve food as a family restaurant till 10 then push back the chairs and table to dance the night away.

While I can't say how I will vote on this blog, I can encourage your attendance or letters.
Bob Lundsten

TwoDogsTrucking said...

Can you provide at least one verifiable example (date, time, location and officer) who “routinely work clubs in uniform until 6 am and beyond” and I'm confident you notified a supervisor. The twitter post look like clever and virtually free advertisement not verification of an illegal after hours club but I’ll probably call DKPD Vice anyway tomorrow.

DeKalb Officers said...

Sure, for one, "The Gate" on Covington Drive on any given Friday or Saturday night, and another is "Club Miami" of Buford Hwy.

As for their names; they log on by badge number, not names. That is as far as we will go.

If you want the names, we refer you to our Internal Affairs section who has each officers extra job approval on record.

DeKalb Officers said...

Oh, and yes, the supervisors are aware of it, as well as Vice. It's tolerated by the department.

It's not limited to any precinct. It happens in all the precincts.

Seek and you shall find!