Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrate Calm workshop Wed Feb 24 at Chesnut Charter - Open to the entire Community

Celebrate Calm
Wed Feb 24th @ 7 p.m.
Chesnut Charter Elementary School
  • Create a calm home—eliminate yelling and arguing.
  • Improve focus, attention and behavior in school.
  • Create stress-free mornings and homework time.
  • Relieve anxiety, meltdowns and sensory issues.
  • Eliminate defiance and disrespect.
Join us for a humorous, practical workshop with nationally-recognized expert Kirk Martin, who has trained over 75,000 parents and teachers. Celebrate Calm is helpful in reducing anxiety and stress in all families, including those with special needs.

The Workshop is FREE to the community thanks to gracious sponsorship by Chesnut Charter Elementary School PTA. There is no need to register. Just bring friends and neighbors—we’ll have a great time, have several “Ah-hah” moments and leave with a dozen practical tools that will help immediately.

Visit to learn more.

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